Is helium suicide really the best (least painful and most effective) method when you don't have a firearm access...

Is helium suicide really the best (least painful and most effective) method when you don't have a firearm access? Is it better than jumping off a skyscrapper?

Everyone who is about to say "NOOOO DONT DO IT LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL NOOO" - shove that comment up your ass and go waste someone else's time, i will decide if i want to take my life myself

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It's not as messy as jumping and there's no chance to survive as a vegetable stuck in a hospital forever. You also inconvenience nobody in the process
Of all the times I've succesfully suicided, helium was easily my favourite.

I heard that if someone cuts off your helium before you actually die you become a vegetable, i just have to just make sure nobody enters my room for an hour tho

What's wrong with a bullet in the brain? Or seppuku if you can't find a gun? I mean sure it would hurt, but you'd probably go into shock pretty quickly, just make sure the sword is sharp enough. Helium seems so unnecessarily complicated

I think i'm too much of a pussy to commit sudoku, but i have to say, you got me interested

I'd love a shotgun to head as it's gory and brutal yet painless but guns are strictly prohibited here in Poland, i think it would be very hard to get one, also i don't want to risk going to jail

Pentobarbital and maybe gun suicide are good too. You can also throw yourself off a high building, but it's scary.

who knows if it's the least painful and most effective. it would certainly be the most hilarious. just before you die, say "goodbye cruel world"

Bullets have a huge failure rate in suicides. Seppuku is definitely a flashy alternative but also incredibly painful, which would likely lead OP to pussing out.
Helium is a good choice OP, another good option is shotgun to the head

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Why are you kyssing yourself?

For me, it's the skyscraper. Freefalling would be pretty fun even if it's for like 5 seconds.

When I go I want to leave maximum mess and damage. I can totally understand where the Vegas country music shoot's coming from

Mostly because i still live with my parents and they're assholes to me, i can't stand them, they don't know me, get angry over everything, hate me and compare me to others, when i told them i've been depressed for four years because of this they shrugged it off and said i was lying.

The worst is the lack of privacy and property - they treat me like their dog and enter my room when they feel like it. Recently they made a "makeover" by throwing away my childhood stuff and fucking up the style of the room. They also try to take my computer away as if i was a kid

Suicide would be my last resort, i wil stop eating or try to make a suicidal gesture first to let them know they fucked up, then move out somewhere and ghost them later if things will get better

I think i'll go with freefalling too, i'd like it to be gory. I just need to wait for the local high-rise to be completed, go to the terrace on top, smash a table through the window and jump. Is 130m and asphalt ok?

prescription pills overdose suicide is not a very succesfull method, use it as a cry for help
helium tank seems like a nice way to go, but there's no turning back from it
yeah height jumping has a high mortality rate: the higher the better
just remember: head first!

Pretty ironic statement, considering you waste our time with these threads every day. We all know you're not going to kill yourself. You'll be back tomorrow making more excuses like you always do.

Yeah, you're honestly probably right

Why not divert you anger outwards instead of inwards? It could save your life.

I quickly calculated that your free-fall is gonna last 3.6 seconds, I think.

I'm not good at math, just tried calculating it using f(x) = 9.8x2.

In your case suicide would be kind of retarded.
You won't be there to enjoy making them suffer plus you could fix your current problems easy just by moving out and either make constant fun of them when they contact you or just ghosting them completely.
You'd be amazed how much life improves if you just stay away from shitty people and don't allow them any mental space in your head. Like they never existed.

You're not gonna make them suffer retard, if they treat you this way it's because they're bad people, they lack empathy and are abusing you. If you try kill yourself and end up in vegetative state you'll be abused like crazy.
Just be strong, get out when you can and cut contact with them.

Szczerze? Pierdol ich. Mam bardzo podobnie. Zbieraj kase, i sie wyprowadź. Jeśli na prawde nie masz pieniędzy to wyprowadź sie do kuzynów czy dalszej rodziny aż ją uzbierasz.

fill de puta escriu en anglès. No m'estranya que els alemanys us follessin el cul de mala manera i desprès els russos us caguèssin l'ànima.

OP is Polish, I am Polish. Jow Forums doesnt have any rules regarding posting in any language other than English. Therefore, Fuck off

How the fuck are we supposed to know retard, is not like anyone alive has personal experience. You can look at the science and conclude from there but science isn’t always right.

Llavors no t'importarà que em corri a la boca de ta germana mentre ta mare em prepara unes bon estofat. Oi?

Just fucking kill yourself you pussy. Wtf who cares if its painful or not? The result is the same. So you got balls to kys, but only if its painless? God plz just die

Just jump infront of a train or lay your head on the tracks