I just saw a pic of this couple in this board and for some reason all I wanted to do is fuck his girlfriend while he...

I just saw a pic of this couple in this board and for some reason all I wanted to do is fuck his girlfriend while he watches me with his retarded eyes. Yes I am kinky and I don't think guys like him should get laid. All I want is to make him feel like a cuck. His gf is also hot. Why do I have these thoughts?

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>Why do I have these thoughts?
Probably because you're too much of a loser to get your own girlfriend so you have to make up these fantasies where someone would fuck you.

What are the names of these two people?

Probably his sister

Man if you think for a single second that she really gets with this fucking dude, you are fucking crazy. It's about the shekels for these two. She is of course fucking other guys and getting her ass toned up at the gym. Look at the clickbait videos she has with him.

"Should we have a baby"
"First time we had sex"
"Getting married"

It's all about making shekels by all the guys. You know he works as a pimp for her. She probably looks through some guy's IG and tells her cripple, "Hey let me fuck that guy and I'll let you eat the creampie afterwards". That is couple they are.

She looks like the corporate person from the office though

They're a couple. They have a youtube series about their relationship.

I love this

Hahah of course they did. Miss lady just couldn't pass up the opportunity of free attention because she's so strong and caring for taking care of retard boy

Even if she loves the validation from social media, caring for someone with that condition is no picnic. She could easily be living her life with a "normal" guy.

But she wouldn't get free shit from a normal guy (other than what his paycheck provides, obviously). With retard boy she had endless help from professionals, random other normies who watch their channel, free money, free attention, free validation, and so on. A normal guy wouldn't get her all that, even if she has to clean a butt in exchange. Such a hard life

Lmao my thoughts exactly. For women, men are just fashion accessories to be shown off.

Cope and jealousy

Again, she could be spending her life with a normal guy who isn't disabled. It doesn't matter if she gets free shit and brownie points, she's still devoting her best years to a cripple.

basically this. If she really loved him she wouldn't have made a series. But any guy wanting to cuck this successful potato is a coping retard. I hope he has fun with her. And I don't want her, because a girl who can fit a potato inside her vagoo isn't fit for me

That, or wallets to be used whenever she wants something

Again, the effort she spends dealing with his retard stunts is worth way less than the free shit she gets. Cleaning a tard in the bathtub isn't that bad, and I'm sorry you think it is

>implying she has sex with it
Oh man that's good

she'll dump him once she's ready for kids and got enough money. Seriously these kinds of relationships almost never work, the 'normal' folks tend to figure out after years that they're miserable having to take care of someone less capable than them and in the end only sorrow and sadness remains. Also cheating. I'm not saying it never works, but if she's also posting it as a vlog on YouTube, you can be sure that as soon as their vlog tanks, they'll break up.

At least this wheelchair person is having a really great time for a while. So that’s cool. Who gives a shit what her intentions are.

Well thats a rather easy answer:

Your sexuality is seeing that guy as a weakling that you want to dominate, because a huge role in sexuality is domination.

And you also think that if this guy is giving her cripple babies, thats bad for society.

Im in the same boat as you in that regard and its perfectly normal for a man to think like that in a world where he competes with other men like this for offspring.

It would just be dumb to blindly follow such a lust or lay down the law for this guy, because for guys like us, there are still mike tysons and the rocks on this planet that would, if society allowed it, lay down their law on us.

Indeed. It is not our place to judge their relationship.

Squirmy and grubs

This is a normal person reaction but alas, this couple’s very existence is proof to the incel that their celibacy is due to their shitty personality and not becase they’re not 6ft tall, rich, good looking, etc., a truth which must stay hidden in order to protect their fragile egos.

Everyone ignores the obvious. Ever seen my 600 lb life? There are dudes called feeders that fatten up these normal girls into behemoths for the sexual gratification of their dependence. My guess is this woman has a similar deviance and luckily hers is healthier since the dude was already born fucked up.

Does anyone knows the names of these people.
Can someone send a link to where that image came from? much appreciated.

How new are you? Pro Tip: It has that little arrow and Image search