Should I consider myself a virgin?

>be me
>From ages 13-16 I had two girls in my school that had a crush on me and we're very cute/attractive
>Didn't do anything about it.
> Age 16 came along
> From 16-19 (I'm 19 right now) I've dated about 10 girls had blowjobs, fingering,oral , and a slight vaginal sex (inserted it one or two times )
>My mine problem is that I have an anxiety buying condoms for some reason.

I dunno if I am a virgin or not and it kills me desu,I have a 14 yrold cousin that started having sex at 13 and he always brags about it and it kinda fucks my self esteem up .

Should I consider myself a virgin ?

And for some reason I have a huge problem seeing my friends getting laid and all that.

It seriously keeps me up at night, I feel so ashamed to consider myself a 19 yrold virgin

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I'm a dude btw

>slight vaginal sex (inserted it one or two times )
Congratulations, you're not a virgin anymore and you wasted your first time. Yes, it's that pointless of a concept. And no, you shouldn't feel bad.
Consider having real sex though if that would make you feel any better.

It doesn't feel like I did.

Also I don't know why but currently I can't even talk to girls.

Probably my weight problem

Slightly overweight

In my opinion it's penetration that counts. It's understandable that you don't feel like you did because you didn't have sex but consider the two separate matters if you must.
Read the sticky.

I prefer to stay away from fit as much as I can , those are MF incels with body dysmorphia.

But I will start working out and dieting with a private trainer (just somebody for guidelines) a friend of mine used him and he saw great results.

Although even now I think my faces alright maybe

I do need to lose weight and get a hair transplant tho

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Also yeah I guess that's it.

Though why am I scared to buy a condom

And why do I always rush everything with girls

>why am I scared to buy a condom
Because you've never done it before user, it's perfectly normal and it's part and parcel of having a sex life, which most people do.
>why do I always rush everything with girls
Because you've never tried going slow? You have a lot of sexual achievements but never actually went all the way with anyone and had sex, that's definitely weird but understandable because you had 10 partners in 3 years. If you want to take things slow then drop the fuckboy act, go find yourself a girl that you actually want to have something lasting with and take it from there without being an horny motherfucker.
With that said, don't go fucking some virgin and then dropping her a few months later because you wanted to fuck someone else; monogamy and commitment is part of not rushing things.

Ok I'll try to buy some tomorrow.

In all honesty bro, idrc what I'll have serious or not I just want to fuck, have sex just so I can say I'm not a virgin.

Like three times I knew I could've surely nails the girls if I brought a condom.

Fucking hate myself for that, was so stupid man.

I don't want to get into my twenties considering myself a virgin.

And for some reason it fucking annoys me to see my best friend who was a kissless virgin getting it rn with a fine girl, while I'm alone for 4 months.

And my lil annoying cousin bragging about his body count.

I sound like an incel,I hope I'm not one

>I sound like an incel,I hope I'm not one
Made me chuckle. You're fine dude.

>I don't want to get into my twenties considering myself a virgin.
I don't think that that's a reason to feel insecure about yourself. I'd tell you not to rush into it just because of muh virginity but you'll probably be fine user. Go buy those condoms.

What about my friend n cousin, how should I feel about it.

I seriously feel troubled about it, somewhat lost even.

You should be happy for your friend.
Your cousin sounds very insecure about his manhood if he has to announce his body count. My cousin did something similar when he got his first girlfriend and had sex, bragged about getting the goods and shit. Now that they've broke up he's suddenly not talking about how good getting some fuck is.
Some people have a tendency to do this, just let them be.

I personally don't consider it that great of an achievement or something to be proud of; neither is virginity to be honest. You should feel comfortable with who you are instead of making bad decisions due to peer pressure. If sex is what you want then go for it, just don't do it because other people are doing it too.

No. Even if you were I wouldn't advise anyone to define themselves by what they haven't done.

But in my environment that's how I feel.

I proyread too much incel bs online,shit fucked me up

It's hard dude, I feel like less of a man y'know, like I'm lesser cause he got a hot girl n I'm a lone loser
I know I shouldn't be jealous, but I hate being left behind.

Seriously it's 4 am I got work tomorrow n I'm depressed

Go to sleep user, you're not going to overcome your insecurities in one night.
Good luck.

You're buying condoms to have sex with women, not anal lube for yourself. Get over yourself.

Couldn't sleep, pulled an all nighter.

Omw to work

>r*ddit spacing
>phone posting
Kys yourself


I’m 26 and haven’t gotten further than holding hands and kissing. So no, you’re not a virgin and you shouldn’t feel bad in your situation.

If you have to ask, the answer is almost guaranteed to be "no".
You're more delusional than Catholics with anal sex.

Ty I guess

Still feel kinda behind.

You're right