Wasting my youth

Hey I'm a 19 yo femanon who has had a boyfriend for about 8 months. Recently I went to work in another country and cheated on him twice while drunk. The terrible thing is that I felt no guilt, and I would probably do it again, which scares me. I haven't told him yet because I still love him and don't want to hurt him, but at the same time I have this overwhelming feeling that I'm wasting my youth being with one person and the right thing to do would be to break up.

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I swear all the posts here about people in relationships cheating make me feel so insecure, like whoever I date in the future will cheat on me. Why are people so shitty and disgusting

You love him but also feel like he is wasting your time? You owe it to him to break up with him.

Alternatively, ask him if he's into threesomes or open relationship.

Imo never tell him that you cheated.


Do it, it's better to leave him so both of you can find happiness.

>wasting my youth
you already fell for the meme might as well break it off so you can be a degenerate without burden he probably deserves better

This. You are the one wasting his time.

If you truly love him then who the fuck cares about your youth? If you want to be a thot that's fine but don't lie to yourself, it will only make the decision harder.

She doesn't owe him shit, nobody owes anything to anyone especially without a contract. If you are not married you are legally considered single. That's the point of dating, try before you buy.

Not everyone is like this user, don't actually get into a relationship with a stranger you don't trust and then be surprised when they break your fragile bond for sexual satisfaction with a new stranger.
>I have this overwhelming feeling that I'm wasting my youth being with one person and the right thing to do would be to break up.
The relationship is so great that you felt like cheating on him twice when you were drunk. You must truly love him deep down, alcohol even brings out your love for him he's not around.
Break up.

I have a female normie/Stacy friend who fucks guys in relationships all the time. She straight up just adds them on Insta and likes their photos and they fuck soon after. People aren't even trying to be subtle about cheating anymore. Zero fear of getting caught.

Unironically kill yourself worthless slut. Cheaters should be murdered you're the lowest of low.

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That makes me so fucking sad like I already have trust issues and I've been cheated on before and this fucks me up so bad.
I just want an honest guy who won't break my heart

They're out there but you need to swim through the river of shit until you stumble upon one.

The key word here is "normie".
Real people won't cheat on you unless they have some kind of issue.

>Actually enjoyed drunken hookup
Wow can't relate. Did they at least have bigger cocks user?

You are an awful human being.

Change that and break up with your poor boyfriend immediately.

right? at this point i just laugh and shake my head simultaneously

>using such mental gymnastics to cope with being a scumbag

Smells like falseflagging

What advice do you want?

I think half of these at least are incels roleplaying to justify their lack of contact with the opposite sex

You're damn right to think about breaking up with him you worthless wench
Good job at making yourself yet another worthless woman and proving my point that women are not worth committing to

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You don't love him.
This is what cracks me up about chicks like you. You take, take, and take, you choose the fuck out of your boyfriend, have this laundry list of things he has to do before he should have the audacity of to approach you, and then when you get this put-together individual, he bores the fuck out of you and you don't care about him. You don't give anything back, love, loyalty, or even a monetary take home. If he knocked you up right now you'd fucking murder it in your womb and feel about as much remorse as a rat eating her babies.

The only thing wasted by anyone in this scenario was probably him wasting his affection. Young guys like that get so over the moon over girls like you. He probably thinks you're just the most lovely little doll that God ever put frills on, probably thinks you're busy feeding starving, foreign orphan kids instead of having a conga line of banana hammocks pass over your face like a bunch of beaded curtains.

Do the two of you a favor. Break up with him. Don't tell him why, just tell him you want him to enjoy life instead of keeping him waiting, and then go on your merry, cum-guzzling way. When you see him years later with a cute wife and family, and you're nursing some foreign love child all on your lonesome, remember that this was necessary to keep you from wasting your youth.

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>wasting my youth
OP everyone thinks in different ways everyone has different values and morals. Figure out what yours are either by observing yourself or by observing others and make your own decisions

>Wasting my youth
You're wasting your youth by sleeping with as many men as possible instead of settling down with one in all honesty. You're mistaking temptation for youth. Not the same thing.

>I still love him
No bitch, you're just afraid of being alone.

There’s a great article about a woman who broke up with her to be married husband to go around and fuck. She’s 43 now and regrets ever leaving him.

No shit, dating is not a legally binding contract. The "owe" people are talking about here is just the basic respect one shows for another person and most people think that you should have some respect for the person you are dating. This girl is 19 and feels like she is wasting her youth dating her bf and has already cheated on him. It's time she breaks it off. She "owes" it to herself, why should she continue wasting time?

There's nothing to feel bad about, life is too short to not get what you want and besides if he never finds out there's nothing to apologize for doing.

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As a non-incel in my honest opinion you should break up with him then kill yourself slut. You’re wasting his time you selfish bitch.

If this post is even real, you need to break up with him. You really can't bounce back from something like this, especially in an 8 month old relationship.

Quit lying to yourself. You don’t love him. If you have any shade of dignity in you you will break up with him so he won’t lose more of his life dedicated to someone who does not love or respect him.

Some good bait tonight boyos.

You are practically still a child in age and mentality — you only care about yourself and have no clue about what love or a relationship actually is. Leave the guy and go and fuck people mindlessly I guess.


>I'm wasting my youth being with one person
He'd dump you in a second if he knew the truth. You aren't "being with one person," you already cheated. You are the one wasting his youth, the only reason he's still your boyfriend is because you're lying to him.

kys roastie

Shut the fuck up retard. Play on a highway

I wished someone had warned me against being in a relationship during my teens and early 20's. Male or female should not be in a serious relationship but out their having fun and meeting people and having guilt free sex with no commitment and it hurts no one.

So OP do not waste your life right now nor your bf's.

you haven't told him because you don't want to deal with the fallout of your actions. you said it yourself you would do it again. coward

I sympathize op
I had undiagnosed sex addiction and cheated on all my gfs until I got treatment when I was 24.
i am now with the same girl for nearly 6 years and even though we only fuck like twice a month I still want to marry her

Yeah. Break up, you’re not ready for anything monogamous. And you’re being straight up evil right now.

you are destined for a life of misery

Never get into a relationship with someone from Jow Forums. Despite all the "muh trad" virtue signalling that goes on, 90% of the people here are mentally damaged in some way and will hurt you

I would wager 100. Some of us work around it better.

Sorry bro but its like that and it always been like that. The ideas you had about relationships was wrong, this is reality! Maybe to young, innocent, naive or just inexperienced.
Welcome in disillusion!
I was like you 1 year ago, gnawed by frustrations, now i'm in peace, i'm fine with all this bullshit in this chaotic world.

>normies don't cheat
Top kek

Break up, don't tell him you cheated. Do him a favor and move on without giving him baggage