So how bad of an idea is it to fly to a random city and start life over? How worried do you think my parents would be?

So how bad of an idea is it to fly to a random city and start life over? How worried do you think my parents would be?
t. Depressed and miserable person for years

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Ive done it, it felt great, but if you get lonely easily oryou're not very sociable it can be hard at first

Location won’t change much unless you’re getting away from specific toxic people or things where you currently live. I used to live in bumfuck nowhere and all my friends became tweakers so I dipped out to the city and that helped a lot. Still had to overcome my own depressive shit and PTSD once I got there though.

If you really want to start over from nothing
>No friends family or anything
Then go ahead but it's hard and you would probably be happier just not socializing with people that make you miserable. Also if you just left without a trace your family would be worried sick, at least tell them you're leaving and then cut off contact if you really want to.

Well, im not sociable but I have no friends or anyone i talk to right now so it wouldn't make a difference
Did you tell your family? I dont want to since they wouldn't approve since im in university.

I'm currently considering doing this ,i'm actually terrified.

What city may i ask ? And i would look into waiting till graduation to do that, so job prospects would be easier.

I was in uni too, I told them I was going on vacation and would return in time for the start of uni, I just never came back but I honestly don't give a fuck about what my parents think so yeah, if you have a good relationship with your parents you should definitely let them know

Not getting away from toxic people, the only reason im depressed is because I've been so lonely so long, also i would probably move in with an online friend so not completely alone

Also do you really think telling my family that im leaving then cutting contact is the best way to do it? I want to just leave without a trace

Yeah, but they'll still remember you and maybe try to see you. Why tho user?

Tell them, they'll get extremely worried if you just disappear one day, if I was your mother I'd like you to tell me at least where you're going in case something happens to you or you need money.

Im actually really excited just thinking about it, not as terrifying since I would move in with a friend though. You should look for someone online that you can move in with.
Cant wait any longer im going insane, also idk which city somewhere cheap to live though and probably in the northeast since I like it there
Thats inspiring user, im glad it worked out for you. Did they ever attempt to contact you or call the police or something?

I just have no feelings for them and they wouldn't let me do it anyways

God that would seriously make me so happy if i could just drop it all and go , i graduated already and have a job it's just i'm not happy. I feel really alone and i just want to go.

I feel you, just be careful out there.

Kids do it every year by going to college

My mother texted me a lot but I understood it was because she was worried, it's understandable I mean I moved to a different continent. Tbh just be brave and do it, it's your life. How old are you by the way?

Whats stopping you? I think you should do it
Im 19, considering telling my parents that im going on vacation and dont come back, thats a good idea thanks

user think about it first,
>Take a hot shower
>Eat some good warm food
>Sleep at 9pm
>Wake up drink some coffee and go on a walk with some music
>Do something that you enjoy (personally I like lifting or fishing)
>talk to your family and see how it would make them feel
It just seems strange to me that someone would leave a family because
>I have no feelings for them
Btw how old are you? You sound like an edgy 15 year old.

I left when I was 20 so it'll all be ok, good luck

Because i'm probably unstable because i just got out of a relationship that rocked me to my core. But the idea of finding someone else in a new place is honestly what i've been dreaming about. I just wanna go to sleep happy for once, not scared that i'm just wasting away

It's a great idea, you can't get new life while holding on to your old one.

I said my age above, also I've been thinking about this for years so its not just a spontaneous idea. Family would never let me do this so i cant really talk to them about it. Not gonna leave for a week or so anyways since I have to get ready, so ill have more time to contemplate on it
Thanks for the good luck, this is the first time in so long im actually looking forward to the future, it feels amazing

We're all going to make it , i believe in you OP.

I'm probably going to do something similar soon, there's a good chance it won't help. But it can't hurt to try if you've got nothing else. Good luck with your life OP.