$1,000 rent

>$1,000 rent
>$200 utilities
>$300 groceries
>$170 hygeine, household hygeine essentials, monthly haircut
>$150 auto insurance
>$200 car payment
>$100 gas
>$60 phone
total approximately $2,200

full time 40hr/ week job after taxes: $1,500
-$700/month, bare minimum living

add part time job $10/hr 15 hours a week
~$2,000/mo after taxes
-$200/month, bare minimum living

conventional solutions: pile on ~$80-150,000+ (maybe $40 / 50k if you go to community college and you're lucky) in debt and working for literally $0 for nearly 5 years, maybe minimum wage or slightly above for $3,400/mo after taxes position which you most likely will not get, and now congratulations the new salary you spent half a decade on your life for and working so hard for is taken away in differentiation because you have to pay so much fucking money in student loan payments and it just keeps getting higher since interest accumulates, meaning you have literally made 0 difference in your life

explain how employment, college, school or getting a job is supposed to be the answer to absolutely anything? you would be better off being homeless while you wait for section 8 and living on social security

even if you go to med school and become a doctor, spend 10+ years of your life trying to keep good grades you'll be over a quarter million dollars if you're VERY lucky, usually around a half a million dollars in student loan debt for a low-6 figure position that will work you til you can't even wake up in the mornings and have no will to live, and you will give up almost all of your earnings in student loan repayment

all so you can live in a shitty apartment, drive a shitty old car and eat rice and beans

the only light in sight seems to be committing crime and scamming people

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You took on too many expenses for your income

Eat cheaper food. Cut your own hair. Ditch the car and take public transport. Find a cheaper apartment.
Honestly wtf.

The average worker in the USA makes around 4000$ a month. Your bullshit list of expenses is also dependent on where you live and is utterly bullshit.
>$60 phone
>$200 car payment
>$200 utilities
>$170 hygeine, household hygeine essentials, monthly haircut
>>$1,000 rent
Yah, no. Maybe stop buying shit that your salary can't afford you entitled spoiled retard or move to a city that's not retardedly expensive to live in like NY or LA or SF.

A person that gets a college degree in a non-meme field and gets a job is much better off then someone who's homeless and living off of handouts.

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Don't ditch the car. use it to find a better job. Oatmeal mixed with dried fruits and nuts is pretty cheap. Hell I've lived in my car a few times, it's gravy unless there is a smell. You can shower at a gym. Make pasta, you can get mint mobile for $25 bucks a month if you buy in bulk or freedompop free if you just need an emergency phone.

Inherited 3 million, own a house, going to uni because it's expected of me. I'm sorry bro I feel really privileged reading your post. We live in a clown world, best of luck user

I guess I’m 89-150k in debt for going to college, good to know.

Thanks for knowing my finances better than I do!

You baiting? You live in a cunt world, you big cunt

what expenses? cheaper food like what, RICE AND BEANS AND BANANAS? wow what an amazing living dude. Rice and beans and bananas you're not a looser at all ok. your groceries are now $100 instead of $300 so you can eat eggs bacon chicken rice vegetables like a normal person nono you have to eat rice beans and bananas for every meal of your waking life

you know you can't get most jobs or do almost any fucking thing in life if you don't have a car right? guess you're flipping burgers in mommy's basement, and spending 2 hours walking miles to and waiting at the bus stop just so you can go to the grocery store and carry bags around with you everywhere like a retard

cut your own hair, congratulations you saved $30 and look like a fucking skinhead idiot

find a cheaper apartment? well done, now you live in a crime-infested roach-infected crack-addcit shithole so you can save $100 a month, but guess what you now have your apartment broken into and all your shit stolen all the time, you also get stabbed on the regular but hey that extra $100 bro lolloolol just suture your own stab wounds and buy your own blood transfusions bro XD honestly wtf is wrong with you you entitled faggot?

move to an area outside a big city, congratulations you now don't even make $8/hr but your rent's cut in half hah gottem! stupid kids!

you're still $400 negative after your shitty budget cuts by the way, eating rice and beans still negative, if you work 55+ hours a week you might just have $100 extra every month! haha wow what a wonderful living isn't it?
i guarantee you live with your parents you LARPing entitled spoiled stupid manchild, this is bare minimum living for anyone who doesn't live in their mommy's little basement with free handouts from grandma's trust fund

go back to loony toons faggot
eat oatmeal with nuts everyday for every meal the rest of your life and live in your car, your residential address so you can even have a bank account? oh you forgot

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Nah I just had really hardworking parents who had good careers and saved everything. 1 suicided and the other went back to her home country. People with money still have problems bro

>what expenses?
The $170 haircut. The $200 car payment. The $60 phone.

Cut your own hair. Sell your car, by a used one with cash. Cancel your phone plan, get a tracphone.

>1 suicided
Follow their example



you don't understand anything, i absolutely guarantee you live with your fucking whore mother you spoiled little brat get the fuck off the fucking internet you don't know anything about what you're talking about you're so stupid

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No way brah. I'm gonna learn from their mistakes and enjoy my 80 years on this earth.

What household and personal hygiene essentials? Do you really use $150 worth of deodorant a month?

Tracphone is way cheaper than a phone with a monthly plan. You would save a ton if you ditched your phone plan.

Minimum wage in some cities in the USA is only 15$ an hour and they survive somehow, someone with a degree not only can comfortably afford your lavish bullshit lifestyle of entitlement in your bullshit metropolis teehee city complete with your above average utility costs, food expenses for 1.5 people because you're a faggot who doesn't know how to cook, all your expensive make-up and 100$ of toilet paper a month for all the shit you spew out of your mouth, oh, and let's not forget that 60$ phone plan lmao.

I'm not American but you're definitely overpricing most of this bullshit, not to mention that you could live with a roommate worst case scenario or just get a girlfriend to pay for half of some of this stuff.

Get a roommate, share expenses.
People are not being paid what they are worth and haven't been for 40 years, so you need to treat your wages like starvation wages

Why do you ask for advice if you're going to be so defensive mate

Get a roommate and pay rent collectively. Preferably friends or family so you know you won't hate them.

>The average worker in the USA makes around 4000$ a month
That’s some nonsense. Average is 30k.

>$1,000 rent
Solitude is not worth $12K/yr.

>$300 groceries
I can feed a family of 2 adults and a kid on that.

>$200 car payment
Either you have a 2 year loan or you spent too much money on a car.

You're not living within your means.

$4000 a month in USA you must be shitting me dude The most I’ve ever made after taxes was about $1,000 a month, and that was in an area where minimum wage was $10/hr, and the cost of rent for a one bedroom apartment in that area was $1,200. I was making more than the average person in that area who wasn’t like a fucking government employee. Now I live in a smaller town with $7 minimum wage so everything pays less and the rent is cheaper but preportionately, they’re similar

>$300 groceries
>$170 hygeine, household hygeine essentials, monthly haircut
>$60 phone

I live alone and pay for all those things in total $250, some months where I go out a bit up to 300. Lmfao

I’m not op but bro you ever cleaned yourself and your surroundings? That’s actually a pretty fair budget for that kind of stuff. Trash bag, soap, as well as shampoo and shit.

As a college grad I’m gonna say that while I don’t agree with that user you are overpaying for some stuff. Your rent is a normal rent but you shouldn’t be paying that in your position. 300 is ABSOLUTELY too much for groceries and you need to cut down both your spending and honestly the amount of calories you’re consuming to require 300 dollars worth of spending on one person. Yes, I’m assuming you’re only yourself here, not a family. You shouldn’t be regularly buying 170 worth of hygiene products, like one thing of hair gel should really last you a few months. You can buy toilet paper in bulk and paper towels as well. Don’t know where else you’re spending money there. If you buy a big thing of toilet paper or paper towels it should last you a month dude. I even have a skincare routine and while those are expensive items I only actually buy them twice a year so it pans out to being worth it. And those are products I use twice a day! Also the car payment should not be happening but you’re locked into that now. All your other expenses make sense.

Yes honestly the sentiment of your post is true, living in the US is absolutely not sustainable for the youth unless you were born into some privilege of either economic or educational means. It’s absolutely nonsense the way things work here and I’m actively trying to get out because I literally cannot see myself getting meaningful work or being able to carve myself out a place here. I have a solid work eithic but I can’t afford anything, have needed substantial help from my family just to survive to this point and haven’t been to a doctor or dentist in years because I can’t find full time work. It’s horrible.

>>$1,000 rent
If you don't have a good paying job you should really get a room mate to cut this in half.

>>$200 utilities
Sounds legit

>>$300 groceries
You're spending way too much on groceries.
$10.00 2 gal milk
$03.00 2 dozen eggs
$06.00 4 lbs dry beans
$06.00 4 lbs rice
$06.00 10 lbs potatoes
$09.00 3lbs misc fruit
$05.00 5lbs onions
$03.00 2 lbs tomatoes
$24.00 8 lbs chicken
$04.00 2 loaves bread
$02.00 peanut butter
$05.00 frozen vegetables
That's $83, through in some incidentals like spices and salt that are realistically going to last about a year and you're up to a $100, somewhat highballing the fruit.

>>$170 hygeine, household hygeine essentials, monthly haircut
I honestly don't understand this at all. What are you spending this on?
Toothpaste, deodorant, dish soap, laundry soap, and shampoo are not expensive and should last you the whole month. Like this whole category shouldn't be more than $50. And you can almost certainly cut the haircut to every other month for a few more dollars.

>>$150 auto insurance
This is really high, do you have any accidents on your record? Maybe shop around for a new company. You can probably cut this to 100-125

>>$200 car payment
If you can find someone trying to get rid of a car, you might go for that. Real people sell for way cheaper than dealers.

>>$100 gas
This ain't too bad actually.

>>$60 phone
Tracphone is half this

There's a pretty easy $350 you can save. If you can swing a roommate, asking around work would probably be a good place to start, you can save another $500

It's $4,900(gross). But that's median, half the people make more, half less.

Wild. I support two people in a 3-bedroom private home with a cat, a large dog and a terrible weed habit on a single part-time wage.

Budget and comfort are both entirely dependant on where you live and your lifestyle choices.

I'd be generous and double the cost of food in order to include things like: Beef, oils, more vegetables, cheese, frozen pizza, salad dressing, juices.
His list for household supplies is outrageous.

>>$300 groceries
>I can feed a family of 2 adults and a kid on that.
Clearly you live in America I could not feed myself for two weeks of that eating only rice, beans and vegies. Also eating healthy should be priority ensuring you >Toothpaste, deodorant, dish soap, laundry soap, and shampoo are not expensive and should last you the whole month
Do you not clean your house or your toilet or shower? This shit stack up pretty fast.

The rent is what stands out the most to me. You can move to cheaper place. Best idea is get a place with room and board or someone to share the costs. You might have to move to a cheaper city.

If I were you, I'd take out a loan and do a short program...get a certificate in something that pays well. Some lab tech diploma or possibly heath care. Research a lot before you take it and check out the job listings and what they require. Good luck.

I'm betting you live in California since that sounds about our minimum wage and rent costs
Have you tried not living in california?

I'm not aware of anywhere in USA with 15 min wage, highest I've seen is 12, 8.50 where I am. Fuck America.

>Do you not clean your house or your toilet or shower? This shit stack up pretty fast
Bottle of bleach is like $2.50 and should last 6 months or more. Things like brushes and rags are effectively one time purchases.

>Clearly you live in America
Ok. Thought you lived in the US. I don't think I know your location well enough to say anything more.

>$200 car payment
>$150 auto insurance
You bought a car you couldn't afford and don't technically own. The best way to save money driving is to buy a car that you can pay cash for. Not only do you eliminate the car payment but you're insurance would likely be less than half what it is now.
Learning to do basic maintenance/ repairs yourself will save you a ton of money as well.

That's median household, not individual.

It's kind of sad how the system bleeds american dry

Am i crazy? OP just seems bad with their money.

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