Holiday with escort

Hello guys I was in a biz travel around in Europe and my last stop was Paris. So I wanted to take holidays and I called the boss.

Hey dad whats up senpai, you I finnish all the things here so you mind if a take a week off?
So he agrees, and I searched renting an sport car or an escort haha.

So I saw a really hot girl 9.75 - 9.85/10 but her description was only white european man 30 y.o +, but I contacted her so she ask me for pics. Hey Im from SouthAmerica 24 y.o tan color haha but she was like ok is 400 eur/ hr come if you want.
I told her no, I want to go to south of France can you?
She told me yes 2 days 4000 euros.
I was like Wtf, hey Im good looking and young.
She was you contacted me ... then she replies ok 3000 but Im princess treat me like one.
I told her ok meet you first, so I meet her in Paris, really stunning 21 y.o from Estonia and we agree 3700 eur for 5 days.

I bought the tickets to Cannes. Amazing time, she was fun, like to party, wild, passionate, romantic, sexy, good talker, seductive.
Good times in the clubs, I was drunk ass hell she needed to take me to the hotel cuz I couls barely walk by my own haha. Good time in the beach, and people was like you have a beautiful girlfriend I just reply well yes she is fine haha.

DESU really great time with her, she enjoyed the holidays maybe I will see her in the future or she can visit my country. I truly respect her and we got good time.

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that's rather expensive but cool that you had a fun time

Ok fcking phone haha I dont understand some shit I wrote haha. Senpai? DESU? What fuckng phone haha

The best is to meet her before, thereare lots of beautiful girls but imagine she was annoying, her way of being was really great, funny so yes it was fun time.

This is based. I'm young and handsome but will never marry because of the clown world we live in. I have a lot of money and plan on making more so I'm going to take the sugar daddy pill forever

>I told her ok meet you first, so I meet her in Paris, really stunning 21 y.o from Estonia and we agree 3700 eur for 5 days.
You overpaid.

mmm I dont know but I mean I got pretty fun time with she also I met South of France and the good moments just dont have price so I am cool with what I paid.

I wouldn't spend more than $1500 USD for that. Great looking escorts are really cheap nowadays.

I hope you took a lot of precautions and especially protecting your personal information.

These types of women like to data horde your info, give to their pimps or sell to bidders who then will use it for extortion years later. If they use some kind of online verification service, those companies do the same thing.

Stay safe user.

What the fuck literally just get one of your friends for free to travel with you and bang some local whores with that 3k instead

I do my search also, there could be lots of fake pics and everything I got a good search engine and she was real, she it showed me her Vk profile she is just a normal girl. I got other experience with escort girls (some in her real life are catwalk models, instagram models, playmates, they sell fashion or beauty things in the web or they just want to travel to nice places while man give money to them to buy her louboutin heels, her fendi bags, whatever) and the pics I gave her was from my social profile.

I am grow man 24 y.o I know there are some risks but what they will do with my info, black mail that I have paid escorts?

Man I dont know I could feel good fucking cheap girls, I like to go to clubs and meet beautiful girls or I talk to models or promoters and see if I got luck with some of theme.

Also cheap girls are mostly sexual exploted by mafia and I will never do that shit, I prefer contacting a really stunning girl (some of them could have a modelling career, or have been playboy or playmate girls) and I always search to have fun both parties and I enjoy if she also have a good time.

I couldn't feel good *

>Instagram models
>3700 per day
How did you do it?

I was working in my family business and I needed to travel to 4 different countries in Europe, so when I finnish I wanted to stay one week more for holidays.

I don't know if I got luck but I think I ve met only the good ones.
One maybe the most beauty I told her to go to Arizona with me cuz I was going to do some racing car in the track there, unluckily was pretty dificult for her to get the Visa since she is russian. So she is more to come to my house and would like to take her to meet every part of my country. Would be fun time with that russian girl, she is amazing

>I am grow man 24 y.o I know there are some risks but what they will do with my info, black mail that I have paid escorts?
That, sell your private information (name, dob, etc), credit cards and more for identity theft. If you ever marry for some reason, they'll use that to divorce rape you. Could also extort you if you get some government job to.
>I am grow man 24 y.o
>Man I dont know I could feel good fucking cheap girls,
So what you're saying is, despite being a grown man, you like being financially dominated by women?
You didn't even counter a second time after $3700K.
If you paid $3700K a day, then you really are a moron.

I paid $3700 for 5 days

>You were probably born with a roof over your head, water and electricity while millions, if not billions of people aren't
>Even then, you'll still have to wageslave away until your 60s to continue living
>This guy was born into a wealthy family, has a cushy nepotism job and gets to take weeks off in Paris to fuck escorts
It's all so tiresome, World War 3 when?

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They can have ny name and my social profiles, don't have any prob with that.

Pretty sure they can make up a whole story and say fake shit about me, I take care with those kind of things.
You have seen the Neymar case and I always take some record to peotect my self, also my sis has her attorney firm that have save my ass a couple of times haha.

nice blog, retard

I cant please everybody

How do you go about getting a decent escort to travel with for around a week?
Not looking for a sugar daddy thing, more like short term.
I need some pointers.
Are there certain web pages you recommend?

I'm 24, making good money in my new job but also don't want to be tied down in a relationship because I travel a lot for my job. Last one was long distance most of the time because of my job and an absolute Shitshow.

General tips on how to not get blackmailed and fucked over during the process are also appreciated.

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Is this a journal entry or do you want some advice?

I dont like to contact escort agencies cuz most are fake or they can be exploting girls from poor eastern europe cities. And the good ones (3 or 4) that are worldwide but mostly get girls from big cities of Eastern Europe are pretty expensive, they can give you receipt for taxes (entreteinment services or marketing service).

Some of their head quarters are in NY, Zurich, London. One escort I met, really stunning work one time for an escort agencie. She was contacted by her instgram profile, and they offer good money in London, they help her to get her visa and the agency was something with Divas London or something like that. But then she started working independent cuz she didnt feel good arriving to the place of the guy and not liking him and cancelling.
Some of these girls want pictures of yourself before, cuz like there is too much intimicy somo of these girls preffer to do it with someone they also find attractive.
This girl was really beautiful, like miss universe or something like that.

So there are some webs in each country that have their independent girls, verified girls with reviews, etc. You should ask the girl for a picture before saying I dont want to loose any of both time, so you can see if she was a real or fake profile.

Other thing that worked for me was just talking and liking pictures of hot girls in instagram, but only the 15% porcent respond back and its kinda difficult to get respond of girls that have more than a million followers and you are not someone famous.

Some cities are well known to have top escorts, in Amsterdam you wont find escort service cuz most people go to red district and the escort agencies mostly has fake girls.
In Italy there are lots of girls that use pictures of instagram girls, etc.

Cool man, good for you. You deserve good things in life.

Are you giving us advice? Or asking for advice? Or just saying what you've been up to?

Regardless hope you're good bro.

>Escort Agencies
Just took a look at the Divas London one and it seems great, do you happen to remember the other ones as well?

>talking and liking pictures of hot girls in instagram
How do you set up your instagram to get them to answer? How do you know which girls to text in the first place? I assume you have a big following already and post lots of pictures of expensive travels?

Thanks for the throughout answer.

Yep divas mostly have real profile girls, there is anither like russian club that bringed the girls to one sheikh I dont remember well. There are pages like topescort and cityoflive that probably the 20% are real profiles and eurogirlescort maybe only the 5% is not fake.

About instagram, I have started uploading pics of the travels, in clubs, in the nature, my hobbies but like not trying or flexing too hard because people knows when someone is trying to do that things.

I mostly receive responses when I comment something funny in their stories or ask in their QA.
There was a pretty hot girl with lots os followrs, first she started watching all my stories, then time later she respond me. Unluckily she started going out with s music producer where she lives and no more chatting with me haha.

>So I saw a really hot girl 9.75 - 9.85/10 but her description was only white european man 30 y.o +, but I contacted her so she ask me for pics. Hey Im from SouthAmerica 24 y.o tan color haha
I'm surprised she even saw you. Escorts usually are strict when not seeing minorities, but it's usually blacks and Indians that get excluded.

Yes I ask her, even if they have all the money. She told me no black guys, no indians, no arabs and I dont remember what she told me of chinese.
But I had my profile pict of whatsapp so I supose she was fine, she ask me for another picture and then she gave me her address and like tell me when you coming.
And when I searched her picture with a good search engine to see if it wasnt fake she was using her profile pic of her vk, she was into modelling stuff and publicity in her country haha.

MissTravel sounds like your thing but I haven't tried it, it's developed by the same guy who made SeekingArrangements.

Has anyone tried MissTravel? I want to know if it's worth signing up.

this is sad

Why? It was plenty of fun desu.

Because it's fake and gay.

Because you're a phoneposting Euro whose life is so devoid of influences and interactions you're coming to Jow Forums to brag.

Just took a look at it and might sign up.
Seems decent and well organized at least

Next Holidays .... Mykonos, Turkey or Ibiza?
2 top ladies? should be fun.

Hey guys, your real opinion please. There is an porn actrss taylor sands to be with her for 3 hours.
Definitely there are millions of hotter girls than her but I have just see her and it made me to horney the idea to have sex with her.
Go or no go?


Great going to NL next month!!! Lets eat some dutchiiiii

How to get escort girls like this pic please? Escort girls in Western Europe even in big websites don't remotely look like their profile pictures. Even when it's expensive and they have reviews.

Also OP post pictures of your escort please.
Hide her face if you want to remain anonymous. Pls

I'm a 25 year old virgin and I'm planning a trip for Las Vegas. While I'm initially down there for a few days to meet a friend, I'll be in my own hotel room so I though I'd take the opportunity to lose my v-card here. The question is:
Should I get an escort or should I go to a brothel for the best bang for my buck?

Thing is, I don't really know where I can go around getting an escort and the one place I was told about (slixa) every escort there requires a reference from another escort, which I don't have.
Then there's the brothel, which I hear is very overpriced but they make it easy to sleep with whoever is available that day.
Does anyone have any experience with this in Vegas? Any places I can go to getting an escort or should I just play it safe and go with a brothel?

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Meant to post this on my own thread, but if anyone has any advice I'd love to hear this

It take some time to know when there is a real profile when it is not... and yep I dont know if the guys that leave their reviews are blind or wtf... but with time the girls I got where the same from the picture and the fact ... in real life they were wayyyyy hotter.
One time I was busted with a eastern europe girl in the av. George V but I told her hey you are not the girl sorry nees to leave. And girl was like chill.

I have been twice in Vegas when I was 18 and 19. As Im foreigner I enter to the clubs XS and the other Hakkasan that was in my hotel (I stayed in MGM). How I enter? I show the guys my driving license that they didnt know where was my age and then told them hey here is my credit card (my dad card) and they just ok go on...
I met great girls in the club and also I was with a yamaha model, really sexy also from my age (19).
I have never been with an escort or brothel in Nevada, but one mate went with some friends and go to the brothel and take the girl to his hotel.

Poland... enjoy meeting her...

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There is one I cant post any picture of here, I know her too many time ago, she open her private life to me and things went different with that russian girl ... and I dont know she told me she consider having something different but I really dont know...