I know this no longer fitness & health but one could argue this is tangentially related

I know this no longer fitness & health but one could argue this is tangentially related.

How do you kick this stuff? The urge to order more is intoxicating and extremely hard to overcome but I don't want to be addicted anymore. Its not a problem yet but its starting to become one.

Can anyone who's beaten addiction provide any advice?

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Literally one day at a time.
Divert your attention and remember your goal.
Don't get discouraged if/when you relapse. Learn from it.

Wtf is that, sugar?

Just rely on complex carbs and eat right overall. That's it.

>getting addicted to the shittiest most overrated drug


just dont do it anymore you weak-willed poobutt, handle your shit

after 3 days awake, look in the mirror for around 30 seconds, if you like what you see be my guest and keep doing it but you wont

Coke isn't overrated it's all just cut to shit. If you ever try good coke you'd get it. I'm guessing since op is ordering it, its probably at least half decent


I've taken everything sans heroin/meth and have never felt an urge to do them unless I'm at a festival or on special occasions. The feeling of control pure, clean coke gives me cannot be matched by any other drug apparently.

Unfortunately I'm able to operate day to day life, work, gym without anyone being aware and with no sniffling since its not cut with adulterants so I don't look your usual pranged out lad down the pub. Definitely doesn't help that I'm still 100% functional.

It's of the exceptional kind that's been sent off to wedinos and energy control for lab testing. It goes up the nose clean with no residue, doesn't have the usual nasty levamisole cut, only a constant, hour long euphoria. Real coke is far more subtle than most people realize.

I want some now

> Can anyone who's beaten addiction provide any advice?

There is no chemical solution, to a spiritual problem

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Lol you have no clue what you're talking about. Once you try amphetamines coke feels like nothing. I've had pure coke--doesn't hold a candle to meth for example.

I've done injected meth, it'd still do coke anyday. Nothing like that bell ringer after injecting some blow

ill concede that IVed coke is actually pretty good, I personally prefer the legs of meff tho. snorted cocaine is a waste and the only coke that ever actually gave me a worthwhile euphoria was one that was cut with amphetamines.

I tried crystal twice, felt like a let down, the high isn't even that fun, but I enjoyed adderal and Dexedrine.

Honestly coke is so popular, because it's kind of glamorized, like people will snort lines at parties.

you sure you got quality ice? meth at low doses is basically indistinguishable from amphetamine but in high doses the euphoria doesn't cap out like w amp, at least for me.

Not sure on quality, but did about a gram with a friend and did not enjoy the high, like extremely focused on nothing

Be lucky you can find it.

Former nitrous addict here. Only advice I can give you is to stop buying it. It's a hell of a lot easier to control your use if you're limited to freebies at parties and shit.

Like whippets?


I don't know how you get addicted to that, shit is expensive and lasts a minute

yeah who knows maybe it was maybe it wasn't. I love stims way too much though can't do em anymore or they take over my life

When combines with other stuff it lasts a lot longer. At wholesale prices it's not even that bad. That's why I recommend that OP stop buying it himself. 10000 Chinese wholesale chargers used to work out at about 9 pence per but slamming 100 of your friend's in a night costs a lot more, figuratively speaking.

Learn to say no to pleasure, bbbbut the dopamine is calling, meanwhil when high you don't eat and your heart is going above 150, just LOL @ druggies if i saw u irl i would punch you haha

drugs are shit, you just end up fiending and acting retarded

>comparing meth to coke

No comparison, whatsoever. Snort some coke, you get a pretty nice head high and enjoy talking to people a lot more. Smoke one hit of meth, and you're collapsing into your bed with a feeling of pure euphoria as jizz leaks out your dick like a mini orgasm. Then the next few hours feels like a light molly roll.

No comparison at all.

This, if you need a dopamine fix, go work out of play some video games


I never had that, I felt more confident and powerful but none of this crazy euphoria people always talk about

No matter how pure the shit is, you’re still wrecking the receptors in your brain (not permanently unless you really go overboard) and making the inevitable rebound worse.

I’m only saying this because I’ve done more hard drugs than I’d like to admit, and coming cold turkey off a month long coke stint (working, getting high, sleeping) was relatively painless because I wasn’t in too deep. Best to quit while you’re ahead, it might be easier than you expect

Also great tip if you are craving dopamine is to drink coffe and then play video games or lift or fap because the dopamine stick around longer, maybe my pseudoneurology but worked for me when i stopped smoking tobacco i only felt like shit for a day

and god help you if you ever start jacking off while on meth

Maybe your stim tolerance is super high. I've done bath salts, coke, molly, and nothing compares to that first hit of meth.

I only vape now, drugs are a zero win game

>all these fucking drug addicts on fit coombrains all need to die

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Cocaine was legal in the US within living memory. If God is just it will be again in our lifetimes. Meth is legal right now with the right palms greased.

I love ciggies, only way I've been able to quit them, even while drunk, is to have something I'm training for. Just "being healthy" isn't a strong enough incentive to defeat delicious cigarettes. But I'm in a tourney for an actual sport now, and the desire to dominate gives me enough will power

No way around it, coke is legit bad for you


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How u order? Like inside the computer ?

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Understand that it acts on your reward system which is intrinsic to learning and behaviour. The more you do it the more you enforce the circuit that compels you to do.
You have to be ready to choose your path, you can't have it both ways. Want to live clean and make gains? Be healthy and avoid an infarct in your 30s? Delete your dealer's number, ditch your 'friends'that party their lives away, define your goals and enjoy the pleasure of goals that take time and work to achieve.

Get this cliched old mantra into your head
What goes up must come down