Job with photography

Is there anyway for me to get a job associated with photography or taking pictures? I dont even care if its not artistic.

I did a forensic photography class in college once.

My degree is computer science. Im desperate for a career

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Start a photography business. Do weddings, family and baby photos. All these pay good money in the states, and are done on the weekends mostly.
You can also supplement it with real estate photography for realtors and rental companies. Doesn't pay as much in the states, but there's lots of work you can do during the week when you're not doing the weddings.
My girlfriend's brother has been doing it for a two years now, and makes six-figures.

I dont have business sense. I just want to be something approaching rank and file. I dont need a lot of money

You don't need any business sense to get started user. My gf's brother is 17, and was 15 when he started. Just call up your local realtors, and ask if they have any work for you. They'll probably pay you as an independent contractor if you're in the states. Not uncommon they'll pay $50 a house and give you 10 houses a day for a complete novice with a car and a camera.

I straight up would despise that life. I know my limits. Im a retard.

Don't do real estate, weddings, or any of that shit. Go outside and get photos of nature. You need to save for a decent camera. Learn about lighting, angles, composition. You can also practice with amateur models who want to practice posing, and the photos belong to you not them. They might ask for a copy for their portfolio though. When you are new you offer a trade or cheap rate but become established and you can charge more.

Try to be different too.

Bro, if you turn this down, only ten will you be cementing yourself as a true retard. FFS, I'D DO THIS AND I'M LAZY AF, AND HAVE NO HS!


Uh. Ok.

Is that the only option? I have no desire to be an artist. I know what i am. Is there no job that involves a camera? Its all freelance bullshit? I dont want to run a business.

nobody is going to pay you an experienced veterans' pay, as an amateur, without a fucking portfolio. You better try

Then why ask idiot

I dont want experienced veterans pay. I dont give a shit about that. I dont want a business.

What are you talking about? Im just looking for a photography job

maybe photojournalism? it pays horrible though

>I dont want experienced veterans pay. I dont give a shit about that. I dont want a business.
$50 a house isn't veterans pay.
>What are you talking about? Im just looking for a photography job
Those are jobs you dumb fuck. You call those places up and ask for work, and they pay you.

Most of photography in the states is contract work. Get use to it. No one is going to randomly offer you a job. Suck it up buttercup.

Well I'm not going to do it. I know who i am.

How can I do that?

Sadly the only way to make some few coins is weddings and portraits, and that is a sucky ass job. But if you can get a police scanner or some shit and be the first to horrible accidents then you can sell them to news sites, although most of them want videos now.
It’s really hard to get into fashion/travel/events, the hierarchy is is pretty toxic. For the artistic approach you just have to get out there and basically lose money until you die.
Want to be a nature photographer, get into hiking and get around, in some decades you might hear from National Geographic, but only maybe.
The problem with photography now is that everyone cam be one, it’s been so simplified that most people can be great at it. The equipment dosent have to be that expensive either and people can do amazing shots with just their phone. So you’re in for a struggle. Good luck

go to events and build a portfolio

Is that really the only option? None of those things are appealing. Man i just wanna get min wage to work a dslr.

Fuck that. I hate the idea of portfolios. I dont want to be some yuppy artist

it is hilarious how clueless you are
how do expect to have a career in photography without a portfolio, genius?

I show up. Apply. Say i can work a dslr. I get a 9-5 that pays $6 an hour.

>Say i can work a dslr
they say "prove it", what do you do?

I dont want to work for a place with that kind of interview

you can delete this thread now

Nah. this is the only job i have any hope of doing

i have bad news for you, brah...