What traits do incels possess that don't allow a woman's brain to produce chemicals of attraction an love for them?

What traits do incels possess that don't allow a woman's brain to produce chemicals of attraction an love for them?

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sub 5'8 height

Gross teeth, fat or too skinny, bad skin, creepy mannerisms, enthusiasm for shitty metal music, a sense of entitlement, racism, can’t dress, terrible haircuts, the list goes on.

manlet height

so you tell me that racism prevents you from getting laid?

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Anti-social behaviors that don't help them connect whatsoever with the pussy they desire so much beyond the bare minimum the think it's necessary to score, if they actually interact with women at all.

No such traits. Incel is just an idea that became a label and then an identity. That's like asking why you're a faggot. People didn't like you, told you so in an extreme way, and you couldn't believe everyone could be so cruel, so you started to believe it.

Bitter, impotent, pent-up insecurity.

Emotional and physical neglect as a child leading to mental illness. In Elliot's case he was abused by his step mother (hatred of women), isolated at a young age (leading to narcissism), and put on a bunch of antipsychotics and antidepressants in place of being given a group of friends or familial love (violent tendencies).

He was a handsome , intelligent, and rich young man who could've easily found a succesful life if he didn't have such a shitty upbringing. I guarantee most incels are a byproduct of childhood abuse and the trend decreasing social capital in the 1st world.

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This is somewhat forgivable, especially for a shorter woman, though most women do prefer a guy who is at least a little taller than themselves.

>Racism prevents you from getting laid

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>He was handsome

Objectively handsome. Anyone I've ever talked about him with irl has agreed and the only reason you're saying otherwise is probably because you're ugly as sin

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>those big wide prey eyes
>those feminine dick sucking lips
>his height

why does nobody talk about the fact that RACE MIXING is the cause of all this?

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>All this cope
An incel mass shooter is better looking than you, faggot. Deal with it.

>>those big wide prey eyes
>>those feminine dick sucking lips
>>his height

Yeah, I always thought he looked like a faggot.

Pretty sure user is the faggot honestly

his manletism was his death sentence, keep coping

Simply put, it's a lack of self confidence. Not arrogance, but confidence. When you have self confidence and self worth, the rest will follow.

>Manley's don't get laid meme
Lmao you're a lanklet as well aren't you?

If the dude was normal and not autistic, he could have gotten a metric ton of quality Korean pussy

I have no confidence because there is little to nothing for me to be confident in.

The only reason guys don't get laid is they're fucking up the social aspect

Even short ugly guys get girls if they're confident enough to get rejected a bunch before they do. You just can't be crazily autistic

Elliot didn't try. A lot of the incels I see on this board really don't try. They fill their heads with negativity about women, and it's all a big self-defeating excuse for what essentially amounts to laziness and crippling fear of rejection. When it's suggested that they should make an effort to improve their lives, build up confidence, get out there and talk to girls, they tend to come back with "but it's worthless because I can't fix (one physical attribute that can't be changed)" "but it's worthless because women all cheat anyway so what's the point even if she says yes??"

They selectively ignore reality to see only the worst in people. They cry out for help and advice, then attack or dismiss anyone who tries to give it to them. They wait for women to come to them, which has really never been the way the "mating game" works, and get bitter when women don't throw themselves at their feet. All the anger and hate and bitterness is justification for their own failure to launch. And they will never take responsibility for the role they play in their own unhappiness.

I'm sure this does not apply to everyone who is involuntarily celibate, but it hits a wide swath of the ones who get labeled "incels."

Insecurity, anxiety and bad grooming

not enough testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, that's it.
i think there's something about cortisol and oxytocin too...

I think he was physically attractive but I think I would mistrust him irl based on the stories he told in his manifest. Dude was a clown. Some men are either too scared to make a move or too tryhard.

>They wait for women to come to them, which has really never been the way the "mating game" works
Yeah, because women are NOT ALLOWED to approach men as freely as men are allowed to approach women. That is because men view women still inferior to them, and sexual initiatives are the prerogative of the one who is superior in social hierarchy to the one approached. This applies to social initiatives as well: it's the one that is higher in the social hierarchy who is entitled to approach the one who is lower or at the same level. No one has a right to approach those who are higher than them, except when they absolutely need to, to get help or to give it or to announce something important. Humans are THIS hierarchical beasts.

This is why men will react in a hostile, aggressive manner, if women approach them too directly. Women need to heavily disguise their approaching attempts and as that is difficult, they seldom approach men.

I think you make it sound more hostile and malicious than it really is. I think these social norms and hierarchies tend to arrange themselves around people's natural inclinations, rather than subjugating and squashing people's nature to fit an arbitrary "social construct." The way we form and reform our societies is essentially a function of our evolution as social creatures.

Of course there will always be exceptions, people who naturally live outside social norms. But for the majority, the norms that exist for dating & mating are based on what really seems to come naturally. Most girls I know will find ways to signal that they like a guy, but they genuinely like him to be the one "chasing" them, asking them out, making a lot of the moves. I don't think it's because they've been terrified into submission by an artificial evil patriarchy, I think this is just generally the way people are.

That's fine for women, but what are meek heterosexual men to do?

>The way we form and reform our societies is essentially a function of our evolution as social creatures.
That social evolution usually means that the physically stronger are oppressing the physically weaker, for example male oppressing female and bigger male oppressing smaller male. You can see it among most species and also among apes who are our closest relatives.

>Most girls I know will find ways to signal that they like a guy, but they genuinely like him to be the one "chasing" them, asking them out, making a lot of the moves. I don't think it's because they've been terrified into submission by an artificial evil patriarchy.
They need to use these barely to be seen signals as they can't approach men directly. And if that is the case, why not to enjoy of it a bit too? That's probably a product of evolution too, that women have learnt to enjoy their strategies of oppressed or inferior beings. Or should I say those women got to breed most while their more honest sisters got punched in the face or pushed to the ground for approaching men too directly.

And what comes naturally to people is something that was dictated by the evolution, such as social evolution. People intuitively know the rules of social interaction, such as their rights to approach other people depending on their status, and knowing these rules intuitively may make it appear that their social behavior is "natural". Although it kind of is, as oppressing the physically or otherwise weaker individuals is natural.

I'll go sleep now.

Most incels are tall, this has been proven many times. In any case, being an incel means being an angry entitled whiny jerk. Incels radiate negativity and hatred. This is why women stay away from them.

I double that. He looks perfectly normal, not handsome maybe but normal. It was a surprise for me he did such thing.

For me too. I still can't believe that he was capable of doing what he did to his roommates. He seems far too sensitive and meek for being able to so something like that.

If you looked at his videos you'd see he was clearly mental. He was definitely a ticking timebomb

I'm not a conspiretard but I did find the entire thing fishy. Quite convenient how this kid documented his descent into madness with hammy overacting before going on a killing spree. Even though he was a little pussy who couldn't even look a woman in the eye.

They hate women so women hate them as well.

Nothing. Incels can find women too, just has to be autistic women like them.

Incels skulk around with ducked heads, while staring at everyone as if he expects them to jump and murder them anytime, or staring at them hatefully. You'd have to be seriously retarded to be attracted to the likes of that.

Shame there are like 6 autistic males per female.
And that autistic women often have a much stronger support network, and don't fall into the same traps as men; and that they disappear after college and you'll never see them again after that if you didn't have a platonic female friend introduce you (which an autistic male wont have).

I guess 0 autistic men find mates then right? Yeah the numbers aren’t great but it’s not 0. For those that can’t find mates, have to settle for friends.

yeah guys will have more autism, but you can find a mate with less autism than you but still tolerable to her. Plenty of women like that

doesn't stop meth heads, even the fact that they are racist they still bang people they hate. they just drive them away with stupid questions, then pretend it never happend.

they think society ows them sex just for existing

What's fishy about it? Why would someone frame him?

To be fair, I think a lot of autistic girls are undiagnosed since it's easier for girls to get away with it autistic behaviour.

I mean, it happens naturally for 98.6% of people.
Which begs the question of what exactly is wrong that it isn't happening for you; and regardless of the answer to that, or for whom to ascribe the blame, being in that 1.4% sucks complete ass and you have to feel somewhat sorry for the people who ended up like that.

In my case I blame myself, my parents, and God- not other people. The problems I have, unfortunately I'm too poor and old (27) to fix them.

>This is why men will react in a hostile, aggressive manner, if women approach them too directly.
wtf have you been smoking? This post is as disconnected from reality as any incel rant.

Anxiety, laziness, entitlement and mental health issues usually. Self-improvement and risk-taking is hard. Easier to blame chad, women, feminism, jews etc. than take personal responsibility for your own failings.

They are weak. Mentally and physically. And they are low in the social hierarchy. If they fix those traits then they will get laid.

Male Incels are pedos, that’s why they cause women to avoid them at all cost.

Think about it, they call grown women rosties. They obsess about getting young virgin girls (most females lose their virginity in highschool), they believe females shouldn’t have free will and owe them sex. If adult women are repulsive to them, then logic dictates they want to be with children.
Also anyone who gets offended by this conclusion is suspect as well.

Many also have repressed homosexual tendencies. You can see this by how obsessed they are with Chad, constantly mentioning his big muscular body and chiseled jaw, and when talking about roasties they keep bringing up Chad's cock and cum inside her.

>I’m to comfortable in my misery to change


Some I assume are homosexual but they hate gays, so they have no hope of happiness because of homophobia/self hate. If every incel vanished off the face of the planet, the world would be a better place.

Imagine typing all of this out. Embarrassing.

I can't smile until I get at least $15000 worth of corrective dentistry/orthodontics. I'd like more to fix my awful skin. Then I need more money for a car, money for clothes, money for a nice place to stay, money for good (protein-rich) food to get fit. Money to develop hobbies.
And that'll just put me at where I should have been 10 years ago.

I'm making efforts, big efforts, but being a worthless ugly penniless loser when you're pushing 30 is not a good place to be.
And those who are virgins at 25 are statistically almost guaranteed to remain that way until they're 45; if I get to 32 and I'm still a virgin despite my efforts I plan to just kill myself because in life I know it's possible to make all the right choices and still lose.

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>those who are virgins at 25 are statistically almost guaranteed to remain that way until they're 45
Complete and utter bullshit. Here, have this graph that shows you are 100% wrong. Are you a pathological liar or only extremely stupid?

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>outing yourself as a pedo and thinking your opinion matters.

Enjoy the used body pillow from eBay your mom got you for your birthday, she’s a nice woman but I guess you think she’s roastie too huh?

You’re probably thinking you deserve a super hot woman, if you actually got real about your standards you’d find that normal 5/10 chicks are just as loving as a dime. Bad teeth and being poor hasn’t stopped people from having families and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.


Not the same user but I'm not too picky. I like all women: black, white, asian, latina, mix. I don't care if she's carrying a few extra pounds. In fact I like cuddly girls. But for the life of me I can't find a gf.

What have you done or tried to get a gf?

I tried tinder and dating sites. Never got a bite from anyone. I don't have a huge social circle so meeting women is difficult for me.

Not that user, but IME, the "really hot women" are sometimes far nice and far friendlier. Not necessarily open to your advances, but they seem like much better company than your "average" girl who, sorry to say, has a list of mental health issues and other problems which makes being around her a chore. I'm not even talking about looks here, they can play a factor and hot girls can have issues too. But every now and again I meet these gorgeous women who smile and are super chill and I'm way more drawn to that. As an incel myself I'd rather work on myself until I can be with one like that, or maybe just stay alone forever.

>5/10 chicks are just as loving as a dime
I've asked out many women you may call "average 5/10's". Not in the best physical shape, not in the best mental shape either. The former doesn't count nearly as much as the latter. IMO, people would serve themselves better remaining single and focusing on actively improving their own lives, instead of being in relationships. Relationships will flourish when you have your shit together. And yes, this applies to me too.

Fuck off. The reason incels want virgins is because they want someone with a similar sexual experience and younger girls logically tend to be virgins, and less bitter. Doesn't mean everyone is a pedo if they like someone younger.

I actually don't care what a woman looks like, but on top of the other stuff I'm also too boring and autistic to be in a relationship (currently).
Most people develop interests and social skills in their teens, but I'm just a vapid waste of uninteresting space incapable of connecting with people.

All the other stuff? That's just what it'd take to give me confidence in myself; that I'd maybe then be worthy of being someone's friend. But it all starts with money, and the job market for unskilled people my age is atrocious.

That's actually more recent than the study I was basing my post on, but even so it's not inspiring.

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I'm And I completely agree with you. If anything, the hotter girls seem to have A LOT more empathy for you than the 5/10 girls.
Like I had the hottest girl from my school put her hand on my back and ask me if I'm okay when I hurt my hand during PE. The hand on the back thing happened several times also, but she had a bf during that time before people say I missed the signs etc.

What did you base your ridoculous claim on? Because statistically speaking if you are a virgin at 25 you have a very high chance of losing your virginity before 45. This is an undeniable fact.

Ah yes because not a single racist in existence has ever gotten laid.
Grow up child, if anything males with the tamest and safest opinions are the most spineless ones and thus are the ones struggling to find love.

>What did you base your ridoculous claim on? Because statistically speaking if you are a virgin at 25 you have a very high chance of losing your virginity before 45. This is an undeniable fact.

[citation fucking needed]

2009 article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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>Virgins at 25: 8%
>Virgins at 45: 1%
Meaning you have a 7/8 chance of losing your virginity after turning 25.

Post article or you lie.

It doesn't even give us meaningful data though, like how many had to buy an escort, how many just had an awkward first time or few and never got laid again, etc.

I just feel like there's way too many awkward, undesirable men especially on this board and among my closest friend group to think we're all just gonna be fucking Chad some day.

This is a bad case of incel denial of reality. Because undeniable facts don't agree with your beliefs, you dismiss them and continue to believe in what you did despite it not being backed up by any facts.

I'm phoneposting at the moment and don't have my PubMed login, but I know it was relinked in an article titled "Why Young People Are Having Less Sex" on the Atlantic.

Man I'd settle for being normal, and have 2-3 stable long-term relationships with a loving partner.

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I remember reading that article and absolutely nothing about it said "if you are a virgin at 25 give up". This is just more evil incel cultist mantras. It has no basis in reality.

>undeniable facts don't agree with your belief

It's not about "belief". It's the knowledge I have, even as an incel, that sex is not the end-all be all, and having it doesn't imply you were satisfied about it. It doesn't mean you went on to have many satisfying sexual relationships, or found the love of your life and you do it twice a day. It doesn't mean all of the crippling social anxiety and mental health issues that are at the core of the Incel's terrible frame of mind, went away. Having sex=/=being happy. To me having sex would mean a lot more if it was with someone I cared about, myself.

One of the core incel beliefs is that there is no hope for you and you must give up and never try. And blame women and society and everyone but yourself.

They aren’t insecure faggots about being that though

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Is that what your graph says? Because I don't really see it

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To me it's more like, rejection is inevitable, I'm not really wanted, and I should stay in my lane. Not even hating on women here. There's just something about me that turns them all off. I've struggled years to find it, and not having found it, I figured it's best I just stop trying since it'll never happen for me.

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>One of the core incel beliefs is that there is no hope for you and you must give up and never try. And blame women and society and everyone but yourself.
I'm an incel. I'm pretty much hopeless, but I'm not giving up (just yet); going to the gym, etc. And again I blame myself, parents and God (my parents were old when they had me and I was born with complications- I'd have rather not have been born to be honest).

Society is sort of at fault too, but mostly in the respect of stifling wage growth. 50 years ago you could support a family on a normal salary, and today I can't even afford to run a car.

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You don’t really care about the trials of tomorrow, rather stay awake in the bed full of sorrow

I love how people assume there everyone who isnt a virgin thinks like this.

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As someone on the inside, that is to say, as an "incel," there are two parts to it. First is that I'm inherently unattractive which includes social retardation. Second is that I'm unwilling to spend energy addressing these issues. After 22 years a social isolate, I've come to terms with my place in society. Luckily my dad bestowed upon several mental illnesses (undiagnosed, of course) that allow me to handle having no friends, no sex, and just generally the isolation someone in my place experiences. Yes, I am reliant on my mother so you might say I'm not isolated, which is true. But I refer to society at large when I say I'm isolated which is true.
I'm not sad. The most I feel is anger because I get so sexually frustrated that I give into bodily desire and masturbate way more than I'd like. I also know feeding the addiction makes it grow. But alas, I hope my libido drops soon and I can move on entirely.
I understand why other incels blame females but I don't. How could I blame females for acting like females? That's like blaming a dog for barking and, further still, hating it for it. Women have standards because they have a job; selecting the best mates available. While my mom made a questionable decision with my father, oh well.
I accept that my unwillingness to become attractive yields further isolation. That's fine. It's a reality I accept. I have my coping methods and, as far as I can see, I at least approach the "happiness" possessed by normies and wageslaves. Some people are meant to be alone.

>no! It’s basedboys who don’t get laid!

I can see why women dislike low brain activity fags like racists. It’s like trying to date a tantrum child.

Maybe it's not "racist" as most would define it, but many women, especially white ones, have no issue dating other white guys and often prefer to, because they have in-race dating biases. But on the man's side, many of them are not in favor of "race mixing" and have strong feelings about "race traitors". Make of this what you will.

Not him, and I get what you're saying, but my man, I'm in the USA, Pittsburgh to be specific, and these kind of "whites" your describing are far and few between. Race mixing is almost the norm and any form of racism is socially intolerable except among the lowest white-trash tier whites.
It's a sad state of affairs, especially on the college campuses