>recently moved to another state with bf
>live with bf in his dad's house
>his dad says he is moving across the country in a month
>autistic with little to no marketable skills
>hostess at restaurant 2 days a week
>planned on starting school for photography but bf says i dont need school and i should learn a skill online
>he suggests javascript
>feel braindead every time i tried to learn coding/web dev/etc

what should i do senpai

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>bf tells his girlfriend who has little to no skills to learn how to code
>you're admittedly autistic
He was probably joking you do realize?

no he was serious i think its because he likes coding so much he thinks i will too

You're not the brightest, are you? Do with you want with your own money, i.e. photography school, just make sure the rent comes in on time. ezpz.

i dont make enough money for rent ㅇㅅㅇ i want to get a better job so i can help financially

Ask whoever's in charge if you can net more hours. Also, if you have a car, you can do Uber or Postmates. Uber requires extra insurance, but Postmates does not. Otherwise hop on that craigslist and look for a second job.

Hmm... yeah if you hate coding then I wouldn't try to do it for a living. Just a word of advice for someone who has done nothing but work since I was like 16.

I mean, is working really something you want to do or are you just trying to be more useful/ keep yourself busy? Choose something you'd actually enjoy, doing something for the money alone is never worth it in the long run and most people who end up like that aren't there by choice. I mean, clearly you want something practical but what is it you really want from your skills?

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You should go to school for something readily marketable, even if it's just a certificate program, and work at least 30 hours per week.

my plan was to take classes at a community college and open a wedding photography business but he is always saying that school is a waste of money if you can learn stuff online, do you think photography is something i can learn online?

i guess i'd say it was more along the lines of making myself useful/keeping busy, yea. i dont really want to have some full time 60 hours a week kind of thing i just want to help with bills and save some money and help us get a place of our own. i am starting to think he may have been wrong about photography school as art is one of my only passions and also wedding photographers make decent money but i am concerned about what to do in the meantime. is there something i can learn online to make money while i wait for the new semester to start?

It is something you can learn online, and "I have to find my own clients" is not what I meant by marketable. I guess "employable" would have been a better term. You have to market yourself, not your products. The latter is not sustainable.

Coding is quite easy, you'll have to be a literal 2 digits IQ not to get it.

Honestly, no probably not. Learning something in a classroom environment is an important way to learn, academia itself might be declining but you do still need to go to class if you really want to learn.

well then what would be a good starting point? i like art but i understand that that's not really a great avenue towards employment, i like computer hardware more than i like software (coding, etc) i built a pc a couple months ago and it was fun but i dont think thats something i could learn online. im pretty alright at writing but i dont think the lifestyle would suit me

#learntocode kek
You also going to tell also tell us that journalism didn't work out?
I'll bite, despite the bait.

>planned on starting school for photography but bf says i dont need school and i should learn a skill online
I answered here >21272981

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i mean i get the basics but i think my problem is that it is a tool and i dont have a problem to use that tool to solve so i tend to just get stuck at a point where im like "ok that makes sense...what the fuck do i do with it now?"

wedding photography is the easiest
assist some and you'll get the gist of it

I would suggest some coursework focused toward accounting. Being technologically adept and comfortable with written communication would set you up well for something like admin work at a tax firm. From there you could just jump between small businesses. I'm not saying you should become a fully fledged accountant. It's just that those positions have their own administrative overhead to staff for.

i don't know why you think this is bait but this is solid advice thank you user :D

not a bad idea, i always liked filing my taxes.

there's no point on learning programming if you don't have a goal in mind, selfimpose a goal / project and work on it until you get it running.

I'm sure you can find basic photography tips and coursework online. The trouble with photography these days is that it's a pretty saturated field. A lot of people do it as a side gig. Digital cameras/computer editing have made it a lot easier for people to capture those great shots. But if that's your passion go for it.
As far as working 60 hours a week. A lot of people do, but 40 is considered full time. Maybe you should focus on working more than 2 days a week before you start talking about 60 hours.

>school is a waste of money if you can learn stuff online
except for the fact that you are being taught by someone who is phisically there, and that social pressure forces you to learn. learning stuff online usually doesn't feel like something you take seriously, unless you have really good discipline and motivation.

shit is boring and mind numbing, unless you have some orientation on what to do.

I will say these threads are top tier bait on this forum.

Listen to your heart. If photography is your passion then do it. You'll be miserable working in a shitty place with shittu people making shitty pay. Don't listen to your bf. Listen to yourself. After all it's the very reason you chose your bf. It don't lie

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