I'm terrified that commies are going to take over the U.S...

I'm terrified that commies are going to take over the U.S. from within and destroy America like they destroyed Venezuela. Is this fear irrational?

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Not when socialists have taken over the Democratic party.

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Its too late buddy. While your typing away behind a screen to fucking losers on Jow Forums. Please unironically kys. No commies are not taking over. are you fucking stupid? Just because times are becoming more progressive that means America bouta be the soviet union 2? Cmon dude legit slit your wrists. dumb posts like this man

Look what they've done to California? Imagine if the entire country was like that.

What are progressives progressing to?

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Yes. The far Left in this country aren't Communist, they're a grab-bag of Social Liberals totally captivated by a false consciousness. The people you should be worried about are the fucking fashies.

Yes, it's irrational. America has been capitalist for quite some long time now and it'll probably stay that way for a long time. A handful of people with blue twitter checkmarks isn't going to bring down such a big system, it's just not realistic.

Hard times bring hard people.
Hard people bring good times.
Good times bring decadent people.
Decadent people bring hard times.

What did they do to California? And who is, "they"? Ouuu Cali got rid of plastic straws, DAMN THOSE COMMIES! Cmon man.
Progressing to a more promising future where as many people can live happily?
Right? Antifa goes around punching people and throwing milkshakes and people go crazy, but the alt right kills people constantly and we ignore it? What?
Right? We've been Capitalist pretty much day one. Just cause Hasan has a few followers on twitter people really think were gonna go communist? Like these, "communists" on twitter/youtube dont know jack shit and just spit out what sounds nice....AND IMA HUGE ANTiCAPITALIST. I hate them so much. I hate capitalism, but I know communism/socialism isnt the way and will never happen here....But a Social Democracy can happen and sounds promising.

Communists have killed millions of people in the 20th century alone. It is foolish to downplay their threat. I don't like the Alt-right either btw.

no, you are right. commies came from all over the world in the 90s to overtake your country. Trump himself is a crypto commie, backed by Putin (another crypto commie). he got elected by posing as a "conservative" but, in reality, he's changing US politics into a leftist shithole (controlled opposition and all that stuff), and there is no going back from this. Clinton made herself look as the victim, but she got used by the communist party.

Communists killed them? I mean yea, but was it the communist that worked in the factory everyday, or the tyrannical leaders? Every ideology kills millions of people over time. Communism isnt the threat. Its awful leaders that can gain power in any ideology. Though I would say Communism killed the most in such a short time, but because of its leaders. I wonder how the Soviet Union would be like with Vladmir lemin in charge. Plus Communism has really never been tried. All Communist countries are really just Socialist states even though they call themselves Communistic.

bruh.....you spend way too much time on, Jow Forums and watching Timpool lol

Communism has been tried many times, it's just never succeeded.

No you fucking idiot, democrats are not communists. There is no one even remotely close to communism in mainstream US politics. Bernie/AOC et al are not even fucking socialists by any normal country’s standards

t. An user who is unironically an actual communist

Trust me, I wish you were right, but you aren’t. You would shit yourself if this country ever caught a whiff of real Marxist-Leninist socialism.

Who even cares our government and corporations are pretty fucking corrupt anyways.

do some research, you fucking retard

Thats not communism, thats socialism.
Yeaaaaaaa no. Im not gonna fall down the alt rigtht rabbit hole. One second your laughing at femnist videos, then your watching steven crowder vids and out of nowhere your watching holocaust denial vids.
Yea im the retard here, not the conspirator off Jow Forums

>I won't entertain the other side's points because I just know I'll be totally taken in by it
Sounds like you know it has some weight behind it

It doesn’t
t. Former fascists

>Yeaaaaaaa no. Im not gonna fall down the alt rigtht rabbit hole. One second your laughing at femnist videos, then your watching steven crowder vids and out of nowhere your watching holocaust denial vids.
I have watched literally all of those and I am not a fascist. Why are you so weak minded?

Bruh. I know how retarded the alt rights views. Its fucking stupid. Im not gonna tolerate the intolerable. I rather listen to a socialist then someone talking about the great replacement or white supremacy. so no. I wont listen to that retarded side no matter what.

>Yeaaaaaaa no. Im not gonna fall down the alt rigtht rabbit hole
sorry man, I was just making up some bullshit, but I guess you simply can't distinguish random shit from real beliefs here in Jow Forums :/

bruh that random shit IS the real beliefs on Jow Forums lol. Ive been on this website to know that when people post shit like that, they mean it. But ofc they hide behind it by saying, "lol jk" Yea im pretty sure thats what Stalin said to the Soviets too when he killed millions, "lol you got pranked bro"

crazy people (as in compulsive or mentally ill liars) do exist.

I have the same fear but honestly I don’t think it’s happening any time soon, probably not in our life times maybe. Simply because the higher ups are retarded, they have access to all the information we do and then tons more info we can’t even get our peasant hands on.

I think the left and right are playing 12d chess, they are actually one party and playing everyone against each other for profit. America will always be capitalist because everyone at the top wants to keep their money, and with America in tons of debt they would be stupid to make the mistake France did and drive off all its big companies by letting the socialist communist win. So they play to their narrative and give them wins but only because they can make more money off the left, the right keeps its money to itself for the most part.

Like clearly they know communism doesn’t work so they wouldn’t risk a collapse trying to implement it for the 9,999th time, and everyone is too greedy to even consider it. I say we have a while before shit gets that fucked up, shit will definitely keep going left but I think there are precautions to prevent a full on communist collapse scenario.

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>I'm terrified that commies are going to take over the U.S. from within and destroy America like they destroyed Venezuela. Is this fear irrational?

take over is too vague a definition, so in that sense, yes the fear is irrational.

>dumb posts like this man
PLEASE avoid using GENDERED LANGUAGE to address the GROUP.

The Cold War is over, fag.

I have come to fear the communists too. You are not alone. Your only hope is to push your countrymen to not be fooled.

My glorious home state of Florida will never fall. Not until they nuke us.

Communism isn't scary it's just an ideology.

No, its very real and you should prepare for it by anticipating there actions. start by reading some standard communist literature in the hopes of understanding their thought processes.

They already have

>shithole doesn't even have state healthcare and decent public education, corporations run the country
>dude, the gommies are here

I was listening to some radio program as I fell asleep, it was about the 1930s and Americas fears of universities being places communists were indoctrinating young people.
it just so mirrored today, made me realize its not a problem unique to this generation.

It’s more likely than not likely

They'll never take it over completely. But your country certainly is gonna stop progressing and get a good few bits of economic stagnancy, yes

That many politicians hold and it is inevitable going to kill millions every time someone in power believe in it. Obviously it makes sense to fear it. German ideology shouldn't spread beyond Germany.

>I'm a centrist, between a fixed point and a leftward drift
That's just leftism with a time delay. Moderates should be gassed, they're even more delusional than commies.

I find it funny how people say America is free when we have the most prisoners, and other countries like Germany have more civil rights than we do.
America is a shithole, but it’s our shithole country and I still care about it. That’s what being a patriot really means, knowing the flaws in government and still loving your homeland.

Not likely. Millenials are actually largely a conservative group, what you see online is a minority.

not commies, ruskies. It already happened. Remember a sudden influx of Jow Forums on everyboard, but they had the worst grammar outside of deliberate shit posting. Regular posters and oldfags know how to type english better than that.

oh and don't forget walls don't keep people out they keep people in. Welcome back to Berlin Hasselhoff.

India and China are rising, but until India gets ahold of their poor sanitation and scammers. they'll always be seen as people living in shit who steal from the elderly.
China is weird, there’s got to be some kind of invisible communism going on while they develop capitalist values for business. I think the collapse of China depends on North Korea. if a war happens in Korea, China will be paying a heavy price for their lack of policing that dictatorship. Both Russia and China will fall if North Korea starts nuclear war.

>If you don't agree with both extremes then you're the opposite side in denial

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>great replacement

so white's becoming a minority-majority in their own countries(despite globally being a minority compared to chinese, indians, etc) is a conspiracy theory, or is really cool and progressive?

Most of democrat celebrities at the moment are full-blown democratic socialists. Fear of socialists seems like a rather rational fear to have.

>commies are going to take over the U.S. from within

This has never happened. Every time a Communist government (Stalin, Mao etc.) came to power, it was within years of a revolution to depose a monarch or far-right autocrat. Drumpph might be closer to a Fascist than most presidents in recent history, but he's still pretty fucking far, so it won't happen.

There is no slippery slope to Communism, only a steep cliff. If a center-left candidate like Bernie Sanders gets elected, things may or may not get worse than they are now, but they will not slowly regress to gulags - that would be completely historically unprecedented.

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So yes, your fear is irrational. Unless by "commies" you mean left liberals, in which case your fear is not irrational, just kind of dumb.

>many people happy
Can't have both.