18F. I'm in love with my best friend's brother

I can't take it anymore. I know this might end my relationship with my best friend but I just can't take it anymore. I keep thinking about him all the time. When I watch romance movies and the couple is doing cute shit I think of him. When I'm alone playing with myself I'm thinking of him. All my dreams are of him. Our eyes barely meet each other but my heart flutters when I see him. Someone help me.

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Which movies and why do you think this way about him?

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The classic stuff mostly. You know, The Notebook, The Vow, the Fault in our Stars, I guess most romance movies, even sad ones. I keep thinking of doing the things the couples do together and that we could love each other just as they do.

I don't know. It's been a little over two years and I'm still head over heels in love with him. He's smart, handsome, mysterious(I guess), logical, and very strong emotionally. He's so sweet too.

What makes you think those things about him? Does he ever interject himself in romantic situations with you?

Because I fanatasize about the two of us being together. I would be on my bed and I imagine him kissing me and then kissing my neck and looking at my eyes. I don't think he's a romantic type or anything but I just imagine those situations because I'm in love with him.

Not at all. He's just a few years older than me and I think he's mostly interested in girls his own age. But he's otherwise very nice, he asks if I want anything and stuff, and gives me advice through my friend. We never really engage in active conversations but I already know a lot about him.

No, you are infatuated. You don't even fucking know this guy.

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I'm not infatuated. I've been in love with him for two years, I just try to hide it because I value my friendship. I already know a lot about him even if I don't talk to him.

Love takes two people. You are not in love with him.

I read mother at first, that would've turned out way different...
this way, just talk to him, you're both adults and I don't understand why it should be a problem for anyone
like, if I get along with my sisters boyfriend, everyone is happy, but if we got along first it's a problem?

Good luck with that

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Give me the brother's contact so I can tell him to stay the fuck away from you. Lol.

tell your friend how you feel about her brother and if its okay with her if you went out with him. You will regret it later if you dont at least try something with him.

1. This is a pretty bad idea, considering the one-sided nature of the relationship and the possibility of ruining your other relationship
2. I don't think anybody here is going to change your mind so you're gonna have to take small steps to get to know this guy. Try to talk to him whenever you have the opportunity. I will 100% advise you to tell your friend though, as s/he will find out eventually anyways and feel betrayed if you didn't tell them earlier. If they do not approve steer the fuck away. You should also make sure that he is not super out of your league. People bullshit and act like appearance doesn't matter but it does. Regardless, good luck.

You don't speak to the guy. But yet youre in love with him. Newsflash. I dont speak to Amy Lee from Evanescence. But I think shes hot as fuck. Am I in love with her? No. I have a crush but thats it. Dont be a retard and lose your best friend for some two bit nigger OP

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>Mysterious (I guess)
How is he mysterious?

Why do you care so much about how people use certain terms but then mix it up yourself? OP said "in love" and you said "love" those two are not the same thing. You can be in love with someone who doesn't love you back.
But let's look at the example where they do like each other instead. A new couple could be in love, and most people would describe them as being in love. This is a well understood phase people quickly get over (about 72 hours in my estimation, but I don't have any sources for that) whatever the time frame is, after spending X hours with each other, reality sets in. The honeymoon phase ends and a deeper connection can be made. This is love and what people I have talked to refer to love. It is a strong bond you have that goes beyond romance and sexual desire. I would agree that this is not what OP have with her crush. But we can't know if she is in love with him or not.
At 18, everything is exaggerated.

Have you ever talked to him and show that you are interested?

I don't know if this will help but so you know you aren't the only one holding this in. For me its a friend of my older brother (10 years). He's the first and only guy I crushed. Years ago I saw him all the time and he would talk to me but I think he saw me as his friends little sister. It was so bad I had a notebook and I wrote down everything he said to me and would come up with clever things I would say back instead of just standing there trembling irl. My mom read my notebook and threw away my makeup because I started putting it on whenever he came over. Now I only see him like once or twice a year, though I am in contact by sm recently and he does respond to my messages.

>very strong emotionally

Next time you sleep over. Sneak into his room and start rubbing his cock through his pajamas. Then take it out and suck it...suck it till he blows his load in your mouth and swallow it down. Then touch his nose and say "boop" like in super bad before going back to the room you're staying in and go to sleep.

emotionally strong doesn't mean emotional, someone who is emotionally strong is a person that can manage stresses easily and effectively and recover quickly from life problems

Can you describe him? What was it that made you fall for him this hard?

"18M. I'm in love with my best friend's sister.
I can't take it anymore. I know this might end my relationship with my best friend but I just can't take it anymore. I keep thinking about her all the time. When I watch romance movies and the couple is doing cute shit I think of her. When I'm alone playing with myself I'm thinking of her. All my dreams are of her. Our eyes barely meet each other but my heart flutters when I see her. Someone help me."
Sorry, if you were male people would have told you that you're a delusional pathetic faggot on oneitis.
You're a delusional pathetic faggot on oneitis.

>I've been in love with him for two years
>I don't talk to him.
>When I'm alone playing with myself I'm thinking of him.
>All my dreams are of him.
>I keep thinking about him all the time.
You're infatuated, you don't PERSONALLY know the guy, don't start making shit up about "muh friend talks about him all the time and...", no, just no, stop. This is no different from what a teenager feels and you're not a teenager any more, you'll eventually have to move on from this infatuation.

Talk to him like a normal person and stop fantasizing about him in your head. It's not normal to 'love' someone you don't know and don't talk to, especially for 2 years. During this time you could have focused on a guy your age that could actually like you but instead you were focused on daydreaming about someone you'll never be together with unless you actually do something about it as he's not interested in little girls who are his sister's friends, as a normal good brother shouldn't be.
Ask him out, get rejected and start looking at the men around you.

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