Why do girls with borderline personality disorder feel so dark?

Why do girls with borderline personality disorder feel so dark?

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Because they're emcels

Cause their secondary psychopathy is part of the dark triad.

How are they psychopaths?

they do fucked up shit and mentally justify it as a byproduct of their mental illness/trauma

People with bpd have a serious problem with evaluating people (including themselves). Either they kiss the ground you walk upon or hate you as their worst enemy. It happens because of a feature called "splitting" in said disorder, there's even a wikipedia article for it, go look at.

The times I had to deal with them, either they were profoundly hating me and trying to fuck me up OR worshiping me and being needy as fuck. It sucks to have a personality disorder, but really be careful of these people. They can turn any social group into complete chaos

is there any hope for these people or nah

Yep, stay away! Far far away

"NC" (no contact), it's widely discussed in bpd help communities.
In simpler words, the only real solution is quarantine until their mood/attitudes stabilizes

My ex had BPD, at first she was like an angel, like literally I thought God sent her to answer my prayers and being with her made me feel like I was on top of the world and at peace.

Near the end she was a dark vacuum of despair. She was strung out on drugs and alcohol, there were multiple happenings that probably brought out this shit but nothing I had control over to prevent. One morning she completely snapped and ended up stabbing me, haven’t spoke to her sense, although I stumbled upon her Facebook and show some poor guy got her pregnant so I guess she’s doing alright. Feel sorry for the guy though.

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And BPD girls are really hard to get rid of. If they know where you live they will threaten you and pop up on you at your house. The only upside to BPD is that during that angel phase you’ll have the best sex of your life and they are kind of caring. After that you have to cut all contact and change addresses because they will kill you eventually.

Well I haven't spoken to them in over a year because they never bothered apologizing but they sometimes post about me in cryptic ways I noticed.

I have thought about contacting them but feel like they are still unstable

Because they fucking are. Stay FAR away.

>After that you have to cut all contact and change addresses because they will kill you eventually.

lol forreal man

Don’t do it. Be happy you are alive

She didn't ever hurt me like that ... she was a quiet one, she did ghost me because I triggeer her whilst she was unstable tho.

Violence can be pretty common indeed. My aunt has BPD and she violently beat the shit out my cousin during one of her "snaps", they both ended in the police dept

Be thankful she ghosted you and not something way heavier. Shit can turn really bad when you involve yourselves with these people. It’s sad really and you feel for them, but the cost is too damn high to jeopardize your own livelihood.

Why do you think they will kill you? I don't think that...

Man just don’t fucking do it. If you have to believe any one post on Jow Forums isn’t a troll post this is it. LEAVE THE BPD ALONE! You are already showing you’re too naive and I’ll equipped to deal with a woman like this, much much much better men than you have tried and failed. They can become very hostile and they can not be trusted, and if something bad happens there won’t be a damn thing you can do to defend yourself because if you harm a woman even if she harms you it’s game fucking over. Leave the psycho bitch alone dude.

I think my ex girlfriend (who I'm still in contact with) has BPD but when I google the symptoms I'm not completely sure. Would a BPD person nearly shove you into a fireplace all of a sudden out of nowhere if she thinks and misheard you say that you wanted to rape one of her friends when you were no where in the ballpark of that being what you said?

Lol I wouldn't hit her anyway. I'll just leave her

Yeah my brother got slashed by a steak knife and had his face smashed in by a pot from his ex and the police arrested him for holding her arms so she would stop attacking him.

>I'll just leave her

She won’t let you, without use of physical force she will be able to trap you. Just run for the hills. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

That's sounds possible to be bpd, but it can be also many many other things. Be more descriptive?