Met a guy through missed connections after having talked to him once while he was at work

Met a guy through missed connections after having talked to him once while he was at work.
I tried to ask him out to dinner and he agreed but then the next day canceled on me. I was bummed about that but I didn't mention this to him. Definitely tried to keep it as casual as possible.
Text with him the past two days but now his responses are less and less.
I feel like this guy is trying to ghost me.
But all his texts to me are telling me how cute I am- so I feel like there are a lot of mixed signals.
But I did kind of show my power level and now I regret it. How do I know if this guy is really into me or not?? Without coming across as desperate?

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Just stop texting him. If he doesn't bother texting you or trying to arrange a meet up then he's not interested in you.

Going through exactly this at the moment, except that I never asked him out but just waited for him to but he never did.
He never bothered to text me if I don't text him first. My ego is bruised.

The fuck is going on here?... I didn't know females took that much initiative. In saying that he could just be socially retarded and that's why he has less and less to say.

He's a guy

you don't. you play the field until you have something solid.

Not all females are 10s that get to pick n choose their mate.

> I did kind of show my power level and now I regret it
>spergy girl at work tries to get your attention with a Jow Forums humor thread
>not reacting positively after confirming she is not a she (male)
That man is a faggot, guaranteed

Why would he say a bunch of stuff like this only to disappear?

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He probably read on some internet basket weaving forum some dating advice about not coming off too desperate

I really hope that's all this is.

- Hey! Would you like to meet up or should we just drop this amicably?

Sorted, don't complicate or overthink this!

>don't complicate or overthink this!
I was trying not to but because I'm the last one who texted, I'm afraid to say anything now. We were talking about YouTube videos and it's just so awkward now because its almost like he didn't reply after what I said I watched.

>Jow Forums humor
I try my best to stay off that board. I only visited recently because the riots were in my town. Turned out to be nothing.

No I'm just a huge sperg that mentioned reviewbrah.

Sounds like he isn’t giving you the attention you need. Just move on, find someone more suitable.

I feel like I need too much attention. Maybe he sensed that.

Just reviewbrah? That's tame, it definitely wouldn't have triggered alarms even if he were a numale.

Either he was uninterested from the start and there was nothing you could have done, or he's just busy at the moment. An abrupt cancellation might be because of personal reasons, and I can see myself not telling anyone what it is to avoid looking like I'm trying to get pity points. Give it a little time, then ask again. If it was a personal thing, it will have probably subsided by then, and if he were shy/avoidant of relationships you'd be showing that you are serious. Some guys have a tendency to interpret things in the worst possible way as a defense mechanism, so it can take a little effort to convince them otherwise.

As other anons say, don't overthink his responses or lack thereof. Definitely don't beat yourself up over it, because I guarantee that he isn't scrutinizing you.

Thanks for the advice user. This really helped.

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get off my board, you normie
OP isn't supposed to accept advice

Did your dad abandon you at birth?
Because that kind of thing makes a person more sensitive to neglect. (I should know)
You seem decent but your heart is going for the wrong person. There’s people all over the world who could be the best partner you’ll ever have. Don’t cut off yourself from long distance if that’s what it’ll take. The right person will find you when you least expect, you’ll be tired of dating and heartache. then they’ll come spoil your pity party with joy and understanding.

When chicks would reject me they gave me this line “the right girl is out there”,
“Bullshit” I thought.. and those bitches where right, every one of them called it.
I’m getting married soon, and I didn’t even like the idea of marriage until she found me. Soulmates do exist, and you’ll run into them one day.

>jollibee poster
Shut up newfag I am OP.

No but my dad definitely mistreated me. I think it stems more from being cheated on by two different guys.

I hope your right. Its probably not this guy. I should just keep looking.

You're* God dammit all.

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Well he finally responded.

Now I'm kinda suspicious if he's seeing my posts here..

If you are out there reading this - I really hope I'm not coming off too strong with my dumb personal bullshit.

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