I applied at my local mcdonald a month ago and no response , should i go back to apply a second time

i'm 18 and still in high school btw so my options are limited , i really need this job :(

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Large majority of McDonald's have open interviews. Go apply to work part-time at a warehouse or grocery store. I promise it'll be better than working at a fast food place.

but mcdonald is only 2 minute away from my high school there is a walmart not too far but it's like 15 minute away

They won't.

You need to call, and ask for the hiring personel/ manager.

Say you want a job and ask if someone will take down your name.

Keep doing this 2-3 times a week until you're hired.

Possibly even go up there and meet the manager in person. Just ask him if he's busy at the moment and if he can talk about hiring.

They don't need lazy people, and they guy calling and annoying them is definitely less lazy than the stack of papers with names on them they throw away weekly

Just keep trying. Go in to the manager and ask tell you're them you're looking for work. Make up a bullshit CV. Fill it would loads of shit like you done loads of small part time jobs as a kid. It's only a shitty minimum wage job so they're not going to be looking for the details. Dress well when you're going in. Be confident as if you're demanding the job and that it's nothing to you.

Did this once. I got called for an interview and the manager said I would have to cut my hair and beard if I wanted to work their. Fuck that. Got a gig at Guitar Center instead.

thx for all the instruction/advice

the thing is that i already gave them my cv
and i did dressed well when i applied .

join a labor union, we make bank right now.

Honestly go find a home depot, or something similar. More than likely pays better where you live and can be far more enjoyable then working at a fast food place.

most home depot like shop are super far away from my house and my high school

I would just focus on finishing school dude
unless you're perfectly fine with sacrificing your weekends

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i'm fine with sacrificing my weekends , i'm even ready to stop my hobbies so i can work and still be good at school

From personal experience:

McDonalds is actually pretty hard to get hired at. It's the first place everybody thinks of when they think minimum wage job, and the competition there is pretty high. Unless you know somebody who works there, the odds are against you.

To answer your question, you should call them and check, and then you should re-apply.

While you're at it, apply at every other place that hires minimum wage within your commuting distance. You'll be surprised at where you might be hired. Once again, from personal experience, when it comes to minimum wage jobs, it's less about your qualifications and more about who is hiring at the moment, and how responsible you can show yourself to be. It's about being available and being teachable.

Do you really need the money though?
What do you plan to do with it?
If I were you I would take the opportunity of being able to meet women everyday and ask out a few.
Because at my current age (21, turning 22 in 4 months) it's fucking hard to meet and date girls outside of college and even then the quantity of quality girls just drops.
I mean you could work on the weekends and be able to pay for some decent dates on friday night or be able to get more vidya systems or a PC but I dunno I really didn't pursue jobs until after high school.
Also if I were you I would put off college and work for a little while, build a little funds here and there

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i know someone who is a manager at mcdonalds in my town but it's not the one i applied to should i try to reach out to this person for help ?
>While you're at it, apply at every other place that hires minimum wage within your commuting distance
there is a walmart not too far away but they don't hire right now
thanks for your response

>McDonalds is actually pretty hard to get hired at.
Great to hear another sign of our economy going into a recession.
Because if a McJob is hard to get now I dont want to imagine the real jobs

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>Do you really need the money though?
>What do you plan to do with it?
save for college

dude i don't want money be able to date

*to be able to date

Working a mcjob wont earn you enough savings for college, boy. Be smart and go to a CC instead and then do two years at a better place

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dude i don't live in the us
i just need to save 15 000 euro , i can earn that at mcdonalds , i just need to work there for 1 or 2 years

>A yuropoor
You live in welfare land, go ask mommy government for help

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they give welfare to people who have lots of kids or people who had a job for 5 years

lol and when you get a job you're paying for them

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Yes, ask the guy for a reference. Walmart is also good, but you'll have to wait. Are there any malls/strip malls nearby? Apply to everything there.
Also, consider joining military reserves. In Canada, its part time during the schools year, full time in the summer. The pay is better than minimum wage, they give you scholarships, and the job helps you stay fit. Deployments to warzones generally don't happen, but you can be deployed to dig ditches and fight forest fires.

Fuck outta here with that defeatist attitude. I explained why Dons is hard to get a job at. Every single high schooler I know who wanted a job got a job. Even the most autistic and socially retarded people I know.
This time it has nothing to do with the economy.

>Yes, ask the guy for a reference. Walmart is also good,
ok , i will try the walmart too
>Are there any malls/strip malls nearby?
>consider joining military reserves
nah i can't i really can't

i know.....

>McDonalds is actually pretty hard to get hired at.
Then you must be a retard. I got hired at McDonald's as my second job with literally no fucking experience in food. I just worked at a super market.

Idk. The few I know who got hired at McDonalds either had impressive resumés or were willing to work overnight shifts.

I didn't get hired at Dons when I applied. I got hired at a restaurant where I made more than minimum wage + tips.

It depends on the store and the ownership. Some operators don’t want to hire younger folk.

How was guitar center? Im actually thinking of applying there