How can I cure my addiction to women with big boobs?

How can I cure my addiction to women with big boobs?

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Why would you want to? Just get big tiddy gf and enjoy

Not OP but there are literally no big tiddy girls where I live.
In my country C-cup girls already complain about being too big. E-cup or bigger is absolutely unheard of.

Move to Czechoslovakia. Don't they have the biggest tits out there?

Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway are the places to go. But I'm not learning any of those languages just to increase my chances of a big tiddy girlfriend.

>Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway
Thankfully most of those countries speak English

But what if getting a big tiddy gf is your divine mission given to you by god himself. You should do what is neccesary just in case.

I hear you, user.

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I cant get a gf.

Why not? Who or what prevents you?

ahh so you want to be happy as you are now. well happiness is a much stronger addiction as is laziness. you want to lose your attachement to ideas hopes dreams etc. start by accepting everything that is going on around you. make a habit of stating what is litterally happening for a few minutes everyday. from the mundane like your heart beating, to the awesome like explosions. just whatever you can be aware of. after awhile start to increase your time doing this. eventually you will always be paying attention to now and how everything is ok even without the need to state it out loud.

Because I'm a loser virgin.

Will this help me get a gf?

You didn't answer the question. Why can't you get a gf? Who or what prevents you?

I have no hobbies and I'm a boring person, no one wants to be my gf.

Here's an idea: Have you tried NOT being a boring person with no hobbies?

So you don't want to get a gf. Even though you could.

Fuck a big tiddy girl? Or just listen to them complain all the time about
>Muh back
>Muh bra
>Muh chafing
>Muh tiddies in tha way
>Muh tiddies draw attention

When you actually suck on huge tits and realize its not that great.

Sucking on tits is sucking on tits, the size doens't matter much. The difference lies in kneading them or using them as pillows. Also: titjobs.

tfw gf doesn't have big tits
It's killing me what do

I can relate to OP. Cute girls with big tits is my reason for living and everything I do is done in order to get access to big tits. Getting up, working, earning money, having a nice job, working on interesting hobbies. Its all done for big tits. My live revolves around them.

You get some better taste and become an ASS MAN

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All sickness of the mind are due to a tragic singular or perhaps a set of events, that when reminded by certain occurences get us to respond in ways we were not meant to.
If you cling to sex before love, you reject the person before you adore here and crave her body regardless.

You can't get rid of common sense

Use a lot of lolis.