How do I acquire the sociopathic skills necessary to function in the egocentric judeo-globalist consumerist society?

How do I acquire the sociopathic skills necessary to function in the egocentric judeo-globalist consumerist society?

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hit the gym daily, then join a boxing gym.

wtf are sociopathic skills?!

Wow user, you sound really smart!

Crawl back to Jow Forums and enjoy your life you deserve as an incel supremacist.


Unfeeling, ruthless and cunning to name some.

Read the Talmud and Bible.

Read Das kapital, The prince, 48 laws of power, Art of Seduction, Talmud.
Blame Women for everything and become an Incel.
Do an hero.
Look into emotional manipulation and emotional cheating.
Have sex with your mom.
Spit on children.
Abuse animals.
Abuse women.

Imagine something right and moral and do the opposite. For example, if vigilantes go after pedophiles in order to kill them, you should bring the pedophiles a fresh supply of children.

>Read Das kapital
Has anyone seriously made it through the whole thing without killing themselves?

That last bit about doing the opposite of what you'd consider moral is actually useful for what he wants. Your other shit is too but that is the single most useful bit you gave him

Try not looking at society as egocentric judo some shi. Better yet dont use words like tht when ull just complicate it like your simplifying it and I might take you seriously

Don't keep friends and if you do, dox all of them.
Reveal personal information about your family and friends.
Do tax evasion.
Lie all the time.
Put razor blades in candy during halloween but never give them in person. Abandon a bag of candy in the middle of the street.
Get HIV and other stds and lie about getting them.
Do a lot of hit n'run kills.
Say the N word on the internet.
Try convincing white women to sleep with blacks.
Convert to Judaism.
Lie about getting raped. No, you know what? Lie about someone you know who was raped.
If you look or can pass as other races, pretend you're that race and fuck people over.

Exploit people for money.
How? If you're a landlord, don't do reparations and only rent to blacks. Don't fix the locks, make sure you're dropping hints about those who make money. Allow drug dealers to deal on your property.

Make fake cancer donation pages but make sure you're not stealing your pics off the internet. Go to a hospital or join some foundation which visits kids with cancer and take direct photos with them.
Borrow a lot of money from your family/ friends then take off.

Fuck a woman, get her pregnant, tell her you'll marry her, then leave. Keep doing it as often as you can until you get caught. Afterwards quit your job and don't pay child support. Rob their families and use the excuse while you're in town to kill their families and rape their dogs.
Hidden bank accounts, that's the key, always move your money, especially overseas.

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All this, eventually your sense of guilt will deaden, you will have acquired sociopathy and is ready to carry on an ambitious professional life

>Say the N word on the internet.
Heh, looks like I have a head start on you nerds

U could use bigger words and complicate it more or just get ull nevereven know half but you sound stupid

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Why do you assume all people behave the same way just because some do? Are you trying to adopt this mentality because you want to fit in somewhere?

There are good people out there, becoming a sociopath is only going to contribute to the problem. But also I think you need a little less pol in your life

>There are good people out there
And they tend to end up at the bottom