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You can get my cum off your mother's chest, faggot.

Wow, wow, wow, easier meanie weenie....

Your oversized jackets make you look like a human size teddy bear. Cuddly! :3

Why do I have such strange dreams recently they don't even make sense

And he is still at it. HOW?
Does he desire no sleep? Has he evolved beyond the need to sleep? Godspeed.

I just want to know why this is happening to me. I really give her my everything.

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I get a mini heart attack every time she does something on social media. I think its to get a reaction out of me, I can just sense there is something going on. She started adding all those chads on her social media and recently started changing her profile pics and seeing them breaks my heart, but I didn't react.

When I changed my pic she immediately messaged me after months of silence to talk because she misses me. So I think she is playing some fucked up game with me. I just hate all the things she's been up to and the people she was doing it with, I just don't like these sort of people and I know they have bad intentions in regards to her, but she's either too deep playing this game (if she is) or she is too naive to see it. I know I'm better off without her, but right now its still heartbreaking and hard to move on despite my best efforts to focus on myself and not think about her. Worst part is, that she used to be a friend and then wanted more, and now to see her change into what she is now is depressing and incredibly disappointing. I hate being alone with my thoughts on this, fuck my life I hate this, but what can I do?

I now think I made a mistake in apologizing to my ex. Did some shitty things I wanted to make clear wasn't hanging over her head. Now it feels like she thinks I expect something for it. I really don't. Her daddy issues are her own problems and I wouldn't date her regardless. Co dépendance is not something I want to live with. Fuck off with your daddy issues bitch. I'm not calling you and I don't need your forgiveness. Was just trying to do the right thing.

There's a lot to regret but there's no use in regretting it. I just gotta learn for my mistakes but not dwell on them.

I'm in a somewhat similar situation except we're going to talk about it soon so it hasn't happened yet.

She thinks I'm an asshole because I left, I left because she was treating me like shit towards the end and felt like she was using me. I thought she was aware of why I left, but then she made it sound like she thinks its purely my fault so we wanted to talk it out.

I want to apologize for what I did, but make her aware of what she did so I can get closure and move on. I think she thinks it means working towards getting together. I mostly don't want her because of the daddy issues, which in her case are very destructive and I just can't handle them because she gets argumentative and I'm afraid she might snap and cheat one day and that fear just makes me lose sleep at night.

Knowing what the outcome of the apology was, what would you have done differently now thinking back? and what were her issues? I feel like if yours were as bad as mine then at least I'd feel less shitty for not wanting to work with her on those things anymore

I had a dream last night that you and her hung out with me. We went to the movies together, and she left us alone for some "reason". You were flirting with me a lot, like putting your head on my shoulder.

The thing is, you hate me in real life. You called me creepy and annoying and blocked me. I didn't really do anything to warrant that. And she still talks to me, but she keeps me at the max possible distance.
I can't believe my brain decided to show me that scenario. Now I have to start my day all depressed and sad.

I wouldn't of apologized. I realize now it was just to make me feel better. only I can make myself feel better.

She won't give you closure. your apologizing for your own selfish reasons.

her issues were she did nothing wrong. everything was my fault. granted, I played a part. at least I'm self aware enough to see it.

She cheated on her bf before me with me. I wouldn't have known she had a bf if her sister hadn't asked "why do you keep calling him your friend? isn't he your bf?"

standard abandonment issues with lying and cheating, with excuses about how she didn't do anything wrong when she got caught. that's the key though. she got caught and then was sorry. yea fuck off

also incredibly jealous throughout the relationship. way before I did shit wrong. lost friends cause of her cuntish attitude. she was the worst sort of hypocrite. a stupid one. she never did get that most of the things I did, she did first. she made a lot of shit OK that isn't in a healthy relationship. my biggest regret is dating her for as long as I did.

when you met her, was your image of her different or did you have a feeling you knew what you were getting yourself into? I feel like I'm in a close situation to yours and I really don't want to get burned on that one.
Initially she seemed great, like there's no issues and all that, very lovable, but once she started to get comfortable and revealing more of her nature, I started feeling worse and worse about her, like I was lied to initially, and now I'm too shocked to tell what she is and isn't actually like

I'm just watching my life go to waste. Don't really have goals to fight for. I got out of being a NEET that didn't go out or knew how to drive or any other adult shit. I now live alone and have my own car and a stable job. But... It all feels pointless. I go out more, I have friends and have had some experiences worth sharing. I'm grateful and proud of myself for getting this far and all, but now I feel aimless and dull. Need to figure out what I want or at least which direction to aim for but I'm indecisive and don't want to waste my time chasing something that won't actually feel fulfilling. I guess my real interests are more on the spiritual side, like finding out the real truths about life, finding myself, etc., but I'm also doubtful and scared to go all in on that to find out it's a waste of time. I guess since I don't have a passion or dream career to go for, is chasing money and financial freedom my end game or what?

If I was a parent then that would give me a different purpose in life, but I don't want that. I want to find a purpose for me

my initial image was completely different. we had similar interests, and she was kind and clingy. I thought it was normal. but as time went on, it became clear all she wanted was a daddy. I never saw it though. I thought I was doing something wrong. eventually, I was. I did a lot of things wrong. going back to her was the worst one. I wish I had kept fucking her friend. at least her daddy issues were noticeable.

I recommend you jump ship my man. you aren't the captain of her life, no need to go down with it. become the captain of yours first. then look for something.

Ya'll shouldn't season the eggrolls with crack! The entire town will become addicted!

Oh, the humanity

I got blessings now.

Why does this shit keep happening? I don't want to be faggot dammit

Like I don't wanna be an obtuse retard but I don't wanna be spoilt brat either. Wtf am I supposed to do? I just gotta slow down and really fucking moderate myself. I should be able to do this without thinking this much.

You are anonymous are you not?

I get tired so easily wtf is wrong with me. I think it's because I start drinking coffee.

Ok I am sorry for being so insane. You may not believe me but naturally I'm very sane. I will behave myself from now on. I'll take things seriously, I'll be careful, I'll slow down.

How do I cope with the fact that summer is gonna be wasted in less than ten days?

I feel too terrible to move my hand from my mouse and keyboard and get off my desk to do something to distract me. I just want to move on and get past the shitty part where you feel anxiety every time you see her, especially after everything that happened... and just be happy with my life again. Until then it just feels so overwhelming and I'm anticipating the shitty part and I just can't relax. Fuck, I wish they'd work on their issues and just stay together instead of acting like teenagers and breaking up causing them both to change to people I just can't see myself being around. I lost some of the most important people in my life and I get to see them every day for the next couple of years. After all I've done for them? they pushed me away and act like I deserved it. I even helped them towards the end because I'm not an immature resentful cunt, wish they didn't do that to me. Then maybe everything would've turned out fine but I think they just grew up into being what they always wanted to be, and its no place for me to be in, I can't even look at them anymore. Some changes are for the better, but if you're resentful and desperate, then the change will be just like it, and I'm not happy how they're changes affect me in a bad way, they make me unhappy.


usually people say that when its too late as a last resort to keep someone. But once you let them go they change, before that its just a tactic to keep them until you fuck up again. If I'm correct on this

Sometimes I pretend my plush Pusheen cats are real cats so I don’t feel alone or too guilty about not being able to leave the house by myself

I'm comfortably numb. I dont want to work hard anymore. I dont want to do anything but jerk off and play video games. I've not practiced a board in weeks. If I want this life I crave I have to work but I've become numb.

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I have the most beautiful and interesting girlfriend I've ever dated that I want to support with all of my love but she can literally be the most unsatisfied, selfish, self centered, ungrateful girl I've ever dated especially when she can't get things her way.

She gaslights me all the time and turns things around to suit her narrative. I know I have my personal issues and I'm fully aware of them but any time I try to tell her how I feel or have a serious talk about the relationship, and even though I really try to keep them sparse and occasional I'm annoying and over blowing things .

She compares me a lot to other girls boyfriends, she compares herself A LOT to other girls and what they can have and she can't. It's hard rarely ever see her happy unless she's buying stuff, eating out or going to places so she can post about it on her IG stories.

I'm supposed to go live with her in a few weeks but I'm scared shitless because even though I know we're not compatible, and that we should break up I still love her with all of my heart and the thought of being without her scares me.

>I just want to know why this is happening to me. I really give her my everything.
Yo, very very rarely have i come across a woman that wants to actually be treated well across the board. Socially out in the world, bet your ass theyll want to be flaunted and shown how much they mean to you. But intimately, i dont get it....some want to be called a dirty whore or whatever during sex. Some will stay in relationships where theyve been hit/punched, i dont get it. The worst kind is when they stay with someone for a reason that isnt the person (money). Unironically, these are the women that should also be punched on a regular basis

>eating out
Sex is important part of relationship, what?

logged into steam for the first time in years and saw my ex is surprisingly still alive despite getting into trouble with the police months ago
tempted to dm him something like "haha nigger" just to fuck with him but im afraid he'll wig out like before and try and accuse me of shit only for him to end up getting into legal trouble instead
i'm like a dog going back to eat its vomit

I think I need to just keep playing music, all the time. I notice when I sit in silence I get incredibly depressed and angry about random stuff, but when I decide to play some music suddenly I feel on top of the world again.

Why do I self sabotage by crushing on people who also do self sabotaging? It's tiring. I want to reach out to them but I feel like that's precisely what would make them run away even more. It's not like I'd ever have a chance with this new guy anyways, considering we don't even live in the same timezone.

Whoa I feel amazing this morning
Lets go go go, darling! Lets hit the road and see where we'll go just because we can

he would be right to accuse you of shit were you to do something like that. I'd call it being a cunt

I've grasped what losing years of life, experiences, happiness, and wealth is like. All stemming from one and one alone incredibly bad fuck up. Its really upsetting and hard to focus on daily activities when everything is a reminder that "you were successful and would have remained so if it werent for this one extra retarded fuck up"

That’s so good, man!

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I jump at the slightest sound. I have night terrors and nightmares when I sleep if not medicated. I feel eyes on me in crowds, and hate being surrounded by people. I don't handle noisy areas well. I break out into cold sweats and my heart races when I'm stuck in my car. And yet somehow I still don't believe them when they tell me I have PTSD.

Everybody is scared of me :(

...and they haven't even seen my true form yet

I used to love dancing... and now my own people won't even trust me anymore just because of a short bout of cannibalism and a campaign of extreme terror.

It doesn't matter where I came from, that other place was way more fun before they ruined it.

You're going to pay dearly for ruining my fun.

Send me back into the hole! I don't want to be held back by the thought of recognizing anybody.

I'd rather be a raging demon than some birdbrain's slave.

Feel this one in my soul

Age?/what caused this?

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I think starving myself for the last little while fucked me up. I did it for a reason but I can't remember anymore.

Time to grow up pretty princess.

I'm afraid she's gonna tell me things I don't want to hear. God, if she really wanted this, then she wouldn't do those things, if she did then my answer is clear and I'll move onto better things and better people. But I really hope this isn't true, otherwise it'll break my heart to say no to us. She's great, but if she's done those things then I can't find it in me to trust her, there are problems I can't accept, because she is aware of them and does them anyway, how could I be friends with that? let alone be in a relationship with that? Please tell me I'm wrong on this and you did none of those things. Then there's a chance we'll both get something we'd be happy with, but if you did those things then its over and I'd hate for you to be the reason for it, at least if it was me I'd be pissed of at myself and do better next time, but because it would have been you, I can't do anything about it other than let you go and move on.

I’m not venting here anymore. It hasn’t helped. I’m removing this toxic person for my life and just call it a huge loss. I’ll be lonely by at least he can’t hurt me everyday anymore. I can’t believe I tolerated this abuse on a daily basis for years and years and years.

self esteem is hard to come by

What “things”?

Never forgot the time my PS3 caught the yellow-light-of-death many years ago.

Was hateposting on stormfront when suddenly my screen was hijacked like the ransomware you see on a PC.

The Israeli flag popped up featuring some bullshit Hebrew gibberish, I guess in an attempt to intimidate me.

Mossad's been on my dick ever since, furthering their corruption courtesy of the false, childish deity called Yahweh.

Stole everything my family had, setting us back financially by multiple years. Nobody else seems to remember being abducted, bound, tortured and brainwashed through the usage of immediate violence and lightboards designed to flash according to specific patterns, rendering varying psychological effects upon the subdued captives.

In 2013, I attended one semester of UNLV, my only experience with college, courtesy of some Jewish bitch named Sarah who I had been dating at the time.

We were supposed to get married and all this other bullshit but it was just some Jewish scam network working to defraud honest people out of their intellectual property rights.

I attended a party with her, only to be drugged, beaten and raped, called a faggot then dumped. It was all part of the scheme, targetting promising white americans for the purpose of furthering the criminal Israeli rouge state.

I was robbed by Mossad agents again in early 2015, courtesy of some Jews named Kyle and Aron. Same scheme as before.__. get whitey to the party, have him bring along all his lyrics, drawing and other artistic valuables, then drug, beat, rape and rob him.

Israel is an abomination to the kings of the earth, seeking to subvert their power.

Bless Iran and the Iyatollah.
Damn anybody who supports traitorous jews!

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>Worshipping Yahweh
You know what to do.

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That's the spirit!

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I trusted her and she told me things to reassure me I can. That apparently was a lie and she did stuff behind my back and lied to me about. She used to steal, serious issue I think. She told me she wouldn't do it and I'm finding out that apparently after she made me that promise, she stole again few months later and even bragged about it like its not a problem, but "free shit". She says she loves me but I feel like I'm just a rebound to her to spite her ex, she did things like that in the past so I told her I need some space and she still says she loves me but I have a feeling she slept with other guys already so those words mean nothing to me and I can't trust her. I think she was using me as a crutch to get over her ex, and that hurt me the most because she would make it 100% clear she loves me and acts like we're together. Then she mentions dating other guys, like deliberately, in the same conversation where she'd still be in the mindset of us being together. I feel manipulated and I want to talk to her about those things. See what is actually going on and get my answers rather than assume things but from what I know, its more likely to be true what I'm suspecting and then I would really struggle to trust her enough to even be my friend

Been detangling my wig for the last 5 hours, still on it.

I imagine he feels the same

Should I try to rekindle a friendship with an ex now that we have both moved on.

I don't want to get married. Imagine the responsibilities. No more flirt opportunities. Wearing stupid ring on daily basis. ARRRRRGH

I miss him so much, I miss the person I was when I was with him, I miss not crying every fucking day

> I miss the person I was when I was with him
then why aren't you that person now? you can't rely on other people for your own well-being and how you present yourself to the world. What changed?

Why do you say that? Do you think he knows he is toxic and abusive?

I started liking this girl I had been talking to and hanging out with for some months.. I tried to move it in an us direction but she never took me seriously at all and played stupid. I got the message and we fell out of contact. She messaged me some months later then absolutely ground my hope into dust when she let on that we were friends because "everybody needs a friend" as if I was some pity project. Nevermind that I have several long-standing friendships and a relationship that ended shortly before I met her. Made me feel pathetic as fuck for not seeing it for what it was sooner.

no. as someone who's stayed with him, your likely not much better

ignore thisjust move on and try to be better

I know I can't rely on people for anything but I don't know, I gave myself entirely to this person, I trusted him with my heart even though I find it hard to trust people. When I was with him I had hope for the future, I was happy, I felt beautiful and confident, all of that is gone now.

It sounds like you were new to relationships and dating because once you experience that, you realize how happy and confident you can be. Then over time you realize you should become that person on your own, then you can be with someone and it'll be further developed, but for both of you and you'd be even happier and even more confident because you know you don't have to rely on anyone for that.

So....... don’t. Problem solved.

I don't get your games, you went from 800 to 8 with me in just a week, I thought you didn't like change but then you just DROP ME like i'm nothing. You're just like the people you say you hate, and I'm even worse for thinking you were any different...
Don't fucking play with my emotions, i'll cut you off faster than you can blink if you keep this bullshit.

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I'm really into milfs. I've spent countless hours on POF hitting up every single decent looking one with the best opener I've come up with to break the ice. I've had several interested, one that stood me up, and one I blocked because she was nuts. It's a hard market when your 20, at 21 most dont really mind. I've heard if only you where 21 so many times. I don't know why I want this so bad but its almost more to prove I can do it more than anything.

You seem upset. She prolly went from “800 to 8”, because she got to know you, realizing the difference between her expectations and reality. Be thankful she didn’t lead you on, because based on the melt down you’re having now, avoided triggering a massive meltdown.

I know, I'm honestly trying to better myself every day but it's hard, especially because the break up was a blow to my self esteem as well. Thank you for listening

We've known eachother for a long time, she was all about keeping this relationship in the status quo and now dropped me, she got BORED because she herself makes that a known point "I'm always going to be here, even if everyone else leaves" and then she LEFT.

Yes I'm upset, because it doesn't matter how much effort i put in to make things stay the way they were, she doesn't care, she only cares about herself, i should just have known better since she was just honest about that part.

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I went through the same thing about 2 years ago.
Now I'm actually thankful for that girl to break it off between us because I was a mess and didn't know it. Since then I've had no choice but to self improve because I was that miserable. It's weird but people seem to pick up on the improvements you make and you get to attract all kinds of people. I wouldn't consider myself eye candy exactly but I attracted some very good looking people, some are very interesting too and I realized that no matter what happens, who breaks up with me or rejects me, I'll be fine. Right now it probably feels like you missed your only chance at something, but take it as learning experience and greater things will come to you.
It's cool, I'm here venting too, feels less lonely at least, and sometimes you get those days when it 'gets' you so you resort to Jow Forums lol

Thank you.

What did you do to improve yourself if you don't mind me asking?
Well I'm completely alone, my only friend was my bf so this is all I have. I'm just really scared I'll be this fucked up for life

Please God, let me meet her. All I want to is to find that perfect girl I know exists. She’s sweet and shy and my age and likes all the things I do, perhaps even is on this site itself. The girl who won’t secretly think I’m a loser, the girl I can cuddle with (even if only possible online) and spent nights talking to and laughing and sharing happiness. Someone who can reciprocate the love I put in, the girl who I can make feel safe and secure unconditionally and can fill this gaping, empty void in my heart.Please, just let me find this person. I’ll change everything about me if that’s what it takes Please, I just can’t take the loneliness anymore.

If I want her to keep dealing with my shit I have to do something for her.

Fuck, why must you tease me like this God? You know how much I love girls in crop tops and leggings and you put this young sexy bitch right in front of my apartment window. Fuck me, I want to kill myself, knowing that I can never hug a hot bitch like that and feel her tight body against mine, and grab her nice ass in leggings. Of course, I took a few pics, but it's already dark and the quality from zooming in, plus the dirty window, isn't great. Fucking hell, I feel like crying right now.

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You don't sound like good marriage potential so just don't do it man. Its not fair to you its not fair to her

Ah. Just as I finished writing up a post asking for advice on a different board, asking what options do I have in regards to a major problem in experiencing despite living below the poverty line, my roommate received a rather large Armani package. That hurt a little more than it should have.

I wanna have hope but I worry it will just let me down.

It's suppose to be a break, but she asked me to mourn it and prepare incase it doesn't work out.

I did everything right she even admitted it, and said leaving me could be the biggest mistake of her life. But love apparently wasn't enough, this job she had for three months which she is constantly complaining about is apparently important enough to lose me. We've had sex before, you've enjoyed it, I know you don't like it as much as I do but it was good. I know you were traumatized and I want to respect that but going full asexual seems like a big move. I think she's just stressed due to her job and the distance. She's having a full on mid life crisis and she's only 22. I just want her to be happy, but I thought we could be happy together. I did everything right and it wasn't enough.

I've never been more loved or respect before in my life. I love her. I don't want to lose her.

I just want to hug you and tell you everything is alright. It's not your fault, she has issues, let her work on those and maybe in due time she'll come back and you'll be happier than ever, don't lose hope

Stop hoping and focus on making yourself happy instead of other people, it's always for the best.

I was pretty much on my own as well so its manageable. I can't remember how it started but one of the first things I did was to start exercising, even a little bit to get that "rush" and it feels like its a sudden injection of happiness that motivates you to do other things. Pretty much identify the areas you're lacking in, like, confidence: find something to be good at, something that you find fun, get in better physical shape: eat healthier and exercise, be distracted: develop interests/hobbies, improve social life: make friends and attend events, get out of the house more.

Things like that, expose yourself to things gradually until you can tackle bigger challenges. After some time you'll be confident in your abilities and you'll have the capacity to be independent and not having to rely on other people for your confidence/happiness. Then when you meet someone "on the same level", at least you'd be happy together, now knowing how to tackle and develop in a relationship based on previous relationship mistakes

thanks for the adviced, it really helped. I'll definitely try some of these things out

This "sad cat" look of yours breaks my heart. Too bad I feel like you still might feel like that despite looking all chill and cool. I wish you never ever felt lonely or abandoned.

its cool, good luck, and try to focus on yourself for now. If you start dating again soon you might just repeat the same problems from the last relationship. Something I did well to remember so sharing just in case, time lets you identify the problems and solve them before the next attempt at relationships. If you just jump straight into something new then how would you have learned what to do and what not to do? thats just how I see it anyway

Theres this girl in school and we keep eyeing eachother, alot. It's not just my delusion either. If I quickly look at her ill catch her staring at me. Whenever she leaves she tries to look at me from the corner of her eye. Damn she got the prettiest eyes. Theres a bunch of student festivals coming up, if i see her there i have to shoot my shot. Just have to

Maybe you just don’t have time for a relationship right now.

You got this

Please, don't abandon me, you're my little ray of sun.

Another day coming home and barely hear "hi". Just dead silence, at dinner everybody woth their nose dived in the plate, no eye contact, no speak. Fucking funny, I'm totally having the time of my life. Go bqck to my room, at last the silence there js justified. They start whispering, do they really think ai can't hear them just cause the tv is on? Hell no my hears are well trained at this point. Whispering turns into yelling in less than 5 minutes. I don't have a gf cause I don't want to deal with this kind of shit even outside. If only I had a stable job I'd be out of that door.

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this man preyed and "dated" me when i was 17 and he was 28 and wasted my high school years, i think i'm allowed to call him a fucking nigger on steam.

I’m going to smile if I see you again.

fuck I can't even spell correctly

try talking to your friends

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You are the cutest guy I have ever seen.