So I've been seeing this girl for a while, we've fooled around but never actually did it.
My friend, who used to see her (and I thought didn't have feelings for), just send me this. I think he might be oblivious, but he knows we're seeing each other.
My question is, does this necessarily mean she's thinking about others? She has a very loving temperament and likes to show her appreciation for others, but then again i've never been with a girl like this. Is this we're-not-going-to-see-each-other anymore worthy?
Admittedly, I do sometimes **IRONICALLY** write like a fuckboy for a joke, like a casey frey-type impersonation, but i'd never actually even jokingly write something like that over text.

Do you guys reckon this is just a genuine didn't mean to write this slip-up, or some freudian slip. I have the capability of going cold turkey if it comes to it.

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she also hasn't been talking to me much recently, although we do have some school shit coming up so it could be that.

>All caps
>Can't spell
>Will almost definitely cheat considering how she plays with other people

Yep she's a keeper

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To be honest mate, I reckon you're over thinking it.

Just cut out all the bullshit from her, and your own thoughts, 'strategies' and 'plays' in your head and be completely direct with what you want.
These are games being played by someone who's insecure in some way, and you shouldn't have to play along. That's not a knock on her or you AT ALL. It's just the way many people act because really there's no such thing as 'rules' to all of this. That only exists of you allow yourself to believe it.

It's a defense mechanism to protect them from potential harm. People who actively allow themselves to play the other person's games are doing the same thing.

Assuming you want to have sex with her, just be direct in your intentions. If she gives you more banter, just stand by your statement and ask again if you want to, otherwise just move on.
If she says yes or something along those lines, then great. Remain firm and don't dance around the subject.
If she says no, then pat yourself on the back for being a man and move on.

If you actually like her, just tell her. Cut through all all the mindgames and bs because you will never get what you want if you allow yourself to be caught up in all that.

Regardless of the outcome - Just be respectful, direct and most importantly respect yourself more than anything or anyone.
Ultimately you shouldn't have to put up with this, and she shouldn't feel as if she has to dance around everything.

Stop writing with quirky cunts who type in all caps.

chinese fobs boys

Thanks mate,

I'm a pretty straightforward no-bullshit type of guy (which is why I reckon she liked me in the first place), so I guess that approach makes the most sense. I've told her I liked her a lot directly and loved her in passing, but I guess it's now or never huh. She's definitely insecure about something, so I'll keep that in mind, you're a ledge.

No worries. Hope it goes well for you.
As I said if it doesn't go how you want, well hey- you've actively made the effort to go for something and you can respect yourself for that because that takes courage.
If you so get what you want, there you go. Regardless of the outcome you deserve to live as you want, and whatever happens is just something that makes you better.

All the best

Couple things I've learned in my many (yes, many years) on Jow Forums:

If you have to ask Jow Forums if there's red flags, there's red flags.

If you have to ask Jow Forums if she likes you, she probably doesn't.

If you have to ask Jow Forums if she's sleeping around/talking to other people or otherwise behaving in a way that indicates she isn't interested in you the way you're interested in her....see where I'm going with this?

You're going to meet many women in your life OP, this one will be but a blip on the radar not too long from now. Don't get so invested in texting or talking to one girl, only get invested after you have been on multiple dates and had sex. That's when you are actually in a relationship and should care more about it.

I think your problem is your asking us about some hoe instead of fucking your side girl rn
>I don’t have a side
That’s your problem

Keep us posted user. In similar situation.

Based. If you have to ask something it's probably true.

baste and legible

I mean, I'm young, so I understand what you're saying, but damn do I want to feel loved. I don't think it'd hurt to at least to talk to her as mentioned, but as I said if things go sour I understand the circle of life. kumbayah, don't bend, ascend.

we're gonna be ok brother -HH

>Girl is obviously flirting with your friend
>"Woah guys is she thinking about other people????"
Of course she's thinking about other people, retard. Stupid teenagers these days.

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Do u want her to just fuck?
Or you want a relationship with her.

i'd personally blame the hormones and genital blood and the inescapeable feelings of loneliness first, but i get it.

sex is nice and she seems keen, it would be her first time. but no it's not my main concern. I prefer hugs desu, girls are soft and i like it when they tell me i'm going to be ok.

>as I said if things go sour I understand the circle of life. kumbayah, don't bend, ascend.

They've already gone sour. You're on Jow Forums asking if her talking like this to other guys should be a concern or not. I think you know in your heart that it's not meant to be. When you meet someone worth your time, a relationship will organically emerge out of that. She won't mess with your head, you won't mess with hers.

Ok dude, reach up your magina and wrestle out your balls. Fuck this girl and remain pals, start on fucking and just bang and if it turns into something real then so be it.

>I think you know in your heart that it's not meant to be
i can't remember the deets but she did mention she was thinking about moving interstate, so i wonder if that may play a role in that as well. I care a lot about not having regrets, so i'm just happy to be along for the ride.

I honestly wonder if she wants to be a fwb and not actually in a relationship. it would seem to make sense given she wants to come over only when she's not preoccupied, and perhaps not looking for anything serious. fingers crossed anyways. she is a sweet girl but i am still very much thinking emoji

You type like a virgin

virgin is just a state of mind bro, hasn't stopped me.

Literally just fuck her. It will open your eyes.

Listen, if a woman wants to be with you, in any way, she will make it pretty fucking clear. You will feel it and just know, and ideally act on it if you want to. If you get a bunch of shit like half your texts are left on read, she's always busy, she's talking to multiple other dudes and clearly you're not her priority, those are all signs that she's not going to give you what you want, be it sex, a relationship, whatever.

checked, probably right. I think she wants fuck by the end of the year anyway by anyone, so i guess shoot my shot

she definitely does want to see me, she's always asking to come with to the city. it's clear she cares for me, but i just don't know the extent. I understand i probably seem like a massive cuck rn, but it's pretty much now or never whether we're gonna continue to see each other.