As a single guy who's never had a gf:

Do you think it's stupid for me to make getting a girlfriend a goal?
I genuinely think being a single guy sucks (i.m.o).
However, I'm willing to keep improving my self (continue weightlifting, keep trying to get my own place, etc) if this will improve my chances/maybe even guarantee finding a cute girl eventually to have a relationship with.

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It's a dumb goal because you will not know what to do. Because there is no route or path to get a gf. It just happens. The best thing to do is simply put yourself out there. Get on tinder. Try dating sites. Talk to girls at social events and ask them out.

Just focus on living a good life. You will pick up a girl on the way.

Don't make your goal getting a girlfriend
Make your goal getting better with women.
You don't have to go full player/pua. But learn about women and what makes them tick, what the proper behavior you should display to gain their attraction. Once you learn how to attract women and get them to like you, picking a girl friend is just a matter of finding the one one you like the best.
Also lifting is good for you and will make you more confident fit and healthy. It will not make you good with women. Women are more attracted to behavior than they are physical appearance. This is why they are willing to talk to you one minute, and really into you. Then you do some shitty beta behavior and they ghost you. Your appearance didn't change, you didn't get uglier over night, your behavior did.

Nope, your goal should be getting a lot of money so bitches will come to you and you won't even have to look for them. Then just treat them like a semen bag that you can throw out when it's full (read you're bored with her).

It's a dumb goal because it's completely out of your control.

Having the goal to get a girlfriend just make you come off as weak and desperate to women.

If he believes that he's bond to become an incel and never get a girlfriend. Just fucking learn game and how not to be a beta faggot, it's really not that hard.

Seems like a great goal. Having a nice place to live, a partner and some kids are probably the three most common goals universally. May I suggest you set some lesser goals as well to work on your social skills, such as having a female friend for example and then break that down into smaller and smaller steps, for instance to get someones phone number, talk to someone etc.

>being a single guy sucks
Change your view or you'll just be miserable

This isn't a bad suggestion.

Indeed. I am a single guy and it rocks.

Not him, though I guess you're either cool or handsome enough to just hook up with girls frequently?
Is this why you like being single?

I can get girls relatively easily. Seriously it's not hard at all, in fact quite easy these days with internet. I have my life together and got a well paid job so I just enjoy life. Without being hindered by a girlfriend, I can do whatever I want.

>ITT: the best way to get a girlfriend is to not want to get a girlfriend
Who the fuck can even say this unironically

>However, I'm willing to keep improving my self (continue weightlifting, keep trying to get my own place, etc) if this will improve my chances/maybe even guarantee finding a cute girl eventually to have a relationship with.
These have nothing to do with getting a gf. I'm 29 and live with my parents, 5'9 and 183lbs and I'm seeing a girl. Weightlifting and having your own place are good because they'll make you more attractive to a wider range of girls, but it is a total LIE to say you need those things BEFORE you can get a gf.

The most important part of getting a gf is socializing. That's all there is to it. More important than anything else. You need to be hanging out, in person, with as many different people as possible, guys and girls, as often as possible. Your social network should be always expanding and never shrinking. Through this you'll see how others interact, you'll see dudes flirting with girls, you'll see dudes getting shot down and recovering, you'll see couples getting together and splitting, you'll see dudes pulling one night stands, you'll see other shy guys staying single for years before marrying the first girl who gives them a little attention. You can see where your behavior contradicts the successful guys and alter it. Knowing how to deal with people is the most important skill you can have in life.

Jow Forums is the most reddit board on Jow Forums. And you got females here telling lonely guys to be respectful and nice to women.

>if someone doesn't agree with my bitter virgin incel rants it must be a redditor/woman
You are the invading cancer from reddit. Ever since you got kicked off from there you have been shitting up other sites.

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>Do you think it's stupid for me to make getting a girlfriend a goal?

As others have said, this should never be the goal and is, in fact, detrimental to your efforts.

No one wants to date the person who "just wants someone" because no one wants to feel like they're "just anyone." And it ALWAYS be palpable through your actions, whether you realize it or not, that your thinking is based in desperation.

I recommend reading Erich Fromm’s The Art of Love. Good luck.

The problem with getting a gf as a goal is it reduces a whole person to a check mark on your bucket list. Say you do get one are you going to do what it takes to keep her and keep her happy? It's a lot of work. What are you gonna do when hard times come? What if you have a kid? Relationships are high stakes things and they touch a web of people's lives. It's why we have so many rules, social and legal, surrounding them

Getting a girlfriend is a great goal. I think that you have to have the correct mindset though which is that you are trying to find a girl you really like while getting better with women.