Buying an engagement ring

hey Jow Forums, i'm looking to buy an engagement ring for my gf and i have like 14k in savings plus a 50k/year salary and want to get one that isn't embarrassingly small. any tips? what's a good size/price? (she wants just a "solitare" one with no other stones.) should i just go to a Jared or some shit or local jewelers or take my risks at like a pawn shop? (will a pawn shop cheat me?) should i finance or buy? what am i in for?

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I'd just do a gold or platinum band. Diamonds are unethical. My ring was actually tungsten carbide to help resist scratching.

This. Don't buy diamonds, gold is good enough.

Oh, forgot to mention. Rethink getting married. It's a terrible thing - a huge risk with almost no reward.

let’s just assume i have no choice, it has to be a diamond

What’s wrong with diamonds that come South Africa or Russia?, they aren’t blood diamonds

>she wants just a "solitare" one with no other stones
You've obviously discussed this, why after that you've chosen to ask the advice of strangers on the internet just boggles the mind.

Get her the ring she wants and start talking to her about the next step, (as in house, career, marriage or whatevs).

Kek so hard on u USA. I'm from Poland and hire if we spend 2k pln ( about 500usd) is all woman can get as engagement ring. 2k pln is about 110% monthly minimum wage. 14k ? FFS u want wife or gold digger? Buy her golden one, rest invest in house.

Buy her a cheap ring to begin with.
Book a wedding ring jewelry making class.
Buy a cubic zirconium or artificially made diamond.
Tell her you booked a wedding ring jewelry making class.
Take the class together and make an awesome ring for her.
Unless she's a complete gold digger, she won't shut up about the class to her friends.

Well, just because the diamond didn't directly come from tyrannical warlords doesn't make them totally ok either. The entire business is shady and should be boycotted.


Start her a retirement fund with that money. Before the marriage is even out of the gate, you all are acting like a bunch of financial dummies.

Then don't marry her.

Absolutely fucking pussy whipped. Imagine spending 28% of your yearly salary on a stupid symbolic gift. Make her pay for half of it; if she doesn't agree then she's a gold digging whore.

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>getting engaged
Haha, dumbass

Diamonds comes from straight up slave labor and sold to dummies for extreme prices. You’re a moron who likes to show it if you buy into this.

Moissanites an ethical alternative to diamond. It was first discovered from an meteor and now it's made artificially. It's pretty hard too, I think like a 9.25/10 on the hardness scale compared to diamonds 10/10.

Don't quote me, do your own research.

cant you get lab made diamonds for way cheaper ? but yes look into the diamond market its an absolute scam.

Is she the time that really likes big stones on rings or are you just assuming you need to buy a really big one because that's what you see on TV and shit.

I'm asking cause I always found rings with big stones to be really ugly and wouldn't want one. I'd much rather get an elegant, delicate ring with a small stone. Think about what your gf likes before splurging on a big one.

Just get two gold rings, there's no need to use up your savings


Yes, you do have a choice. Just dump the cunt and be happy.

First, ask your gf if she actually wants a diamond.

Consider moissanite, which has incredible fire and is very beautiful. Otherwise, consider a colored gem— lots of options there. I got a marquis ring from my mom with tiny diamonds and rubies on it that was a honeymoon gift from my dad, and that’s my ideal ring (only downside is that it’s old and the prongs are fragile). It’s subtle and beautiful and doesn’t catch on the adjacent fingers— which is something a very large ring will do.

Also ask her if it’s worth spending that money on a ring when it could go to a down payment on a house. That money could be about building a life together, not an overpriced rock.

Buy a stone online (with a GIA cert) and have a jeweler set it for you.

Get .5-.95 carats. The setting should be only 500-600 bucks, the diamond something like 2.8-6k. Look for something that is triple ex (polish symmetry and cut) Si1 is okay, and will be your best bet if it is eye clean (I.e you can’t see the occlusions). Slight fluorescence is also alright. Try to find an HCA scorer and put in the diamonds proportions into the calculator (this will help you weed out dud diamonds without a good sparkle. Good luck.

whatever you do.
fuck diamonds.
we can grow this shit in the labs but its not cost efficient since they are worthless.
monopolies are a hell of a thing.

literally anything else would be better.
rubies, emeralds...... fuck even ammolite is more dank than shitty diamonds.

this is literally the only post worth reading so far. buried in a pile of shitposters

i conclude that Jow Forums sucks, it’s just Jow Forums in disguise afaict based on this thread

That is because OP is a dummy and people...
.Talk to pawn shop dude. You can get classic shit and he isn't trying to sell flavor of the week. He knows more than jewellery worker.

well i am OP but anyway...

how do i know a pawn shop owner isn’t ripping me off? they could easily sell me a fake diamond and i have no way to try to get my money back. with real jewelers i at least feel they are reliable on the authenticity of their stones....


Never spend more the 2k for a ring. If she doesn't think it is big enough, then nothing will ever be enough for her. You can always negotiate with those ring stores. They tell you a price, you tell them what you are willing to pay.

This is good advice. I bought the diamond and ring online, though. I also went a little over the top going for a really top quality diamond with proportions that were almost mathematically perfect so it cost quite a bit more than average for its size. I think it was worth it though, it's a simple solitaire and I think it's like 0.75 carat, but the amount of sparkle and shine is crazy. No other cut looks as good as a round cut, don't get stupid meme shit like princess cut.

Also, if you want a white ring then get platinum and not white gold. White gold is actually yellowy and comes plated to make it more white, but the plating wears off over time and it looks bad.

And don't spend $14k on a ring and definitely don't finance it, you dumbass. I make twice as much as you and I was still uncomfortable spending like $4k. You know you're going to have to pay for a wedding too, right?

I figured you were. I guess you're more paranoid than I. I'm not a jewelry expert but ripping people off isn't a good way to run a biz. They must know product and customer needs. Like when a car is driven off the lot, a ring you juse shelled 10k for isn't going to be worth half that five minutes later. Shit last forever so why pay commissions and stuff for dime a dozen rings that are identical to others? Diamond demand is an artificial market. You are dealing with near criminal price fixers. I think you can learn a lot by talking to the old fat guy at the pawn shop and I would want my bitch to have a unique quality piece or antique. Not some production line made crap from a store. Im just saying check it out and tell dude you're in the learning stage. It isn't like a real correlation but the stats are that the more you spend on the wedding, the more likely the chance of failure. And it is always too late to start investing in the future. But yeah, no kmart junk and all.

I know everyone is already saying don't buy diamond, but the cost for a diamond is completely overblown and they're stuck pretty much a monopoly. Even if someone was trying to get them in an ethical way, it's impossible to tell how they were obtained and by who. Just get another gem or even a raw diamond, damn near everything else is cheaper and looks better anyway.

>it’s just Jow Forums in disguise
Not that I disagree with this sentiment, but anons are right in that buying diamonds is a shitty decision, as they're worhtles and you're promoting one of the worst trades in the world.

If the guy's girlfriend wants a fucking diamond and he's ok with buying it then let them have it. Everyone on the internet thinks they're so damn smart for pointing out all the synthetic diamonds and fake diamonds and shit and complaining that diamonds retail for way more than wholesale prices. Who gives a shit? Did you know that almost everything else you buy is also worth way less than what you paid for it? Did you know that the supply chain for basically anything you purchase involves exploiting brown people in other countries?

The guy asked for advice and he got advice. From there he's free to filter out what he doesn't want, as he's clearly doing.

Make sure she tells you what kind of cut she wants first. Don't spend more than $1k on it. Get a diamond thats got a few flaws in it (off color etc. Bitches can't tell the difference anyway). If the marriage goes to shit you'll only be out 1k. If it lasts 10 years then upgrade her ring and splurge on an expensive one

as soon as you get divorced she'll just sell it and keep the money
thus buying them a diamond ring is cucking your future self

You going to spend anything on a prenuptial agreement?

For what? He said he only has $14k to his name, and he would spend a good chunk of that on a lawyer.

How about a custom ring with a non-diamond gemstone? Diamonds are an artificially valuable product. They grow diamonds in factories in China now. Opal and Amethyst or other gems are unique.

Ugh, literally do anything but buy a ring from the pawn shop. You’re going to get screwed if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is very likely.

Since it seems you’re going to go anyway, just make sure you buy a ring with a GIA (only GiA, none of the other trash certification companies) and MATCH THE CERT NUMBER TO THE NUMBER ENGRAVED ON THE DIAMOND. This might be hard to find, and will require a jeweler’s loupe (if they don’t have one of these, leave the store) this is very important. If they don’t match, fucking walk away and don’t consider anything else from that store.

>For wha
Bust ass for 20 years, 401k looking like you can retire. Then she takes half of all your shit and you need to spend the other half trying to hold on to it. You almost had the house paid off. Now you have to pay child support so her boyfriend can buy cigarettes.

Yeah. Fun stuff. Your post is also irrelevant. I really liked it though. I would love to read another. You seem like a cool dude.

Go to a reputable jeweler and tell a salesman what you want and what your price range is. Make an appointment to return tomorrow with your gf. He will have a selection of rings in your range (and a little higher - he's a salesman) for her to choose from. Then you step aside with him to pay. She never knows how much you paid, she gets to choose what she likes, and you're saved from her picking one you can't afford

This is actually a pretty neat idea.

Save money on the engagement ring by buying mossianite rings they look exactly like diamonds. With the money you’ve saved buy a better honeymoon or a down payment on a house. Just be upfront that the ring isn’t a diamond but looks like one and explain the reasoning, because engagement rings are hugely inflated in prices. When My roomate worked at a jewelry store for a while the markups are usually between 900-1300% of its actual value