As a man in my twenties how do i stop hating teenagers for having it way better than i did?

as a man in my twenties how do i stop hating teenagers for having it way better than i did?

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By remembering you now have it better than them.

You have to create a good life for yourself or you’ll just be jealous of everyone around you. Don’t be a bitter cunt, focus.

But i dont

And what is the good life

You don't have a job? Friends? Sex?

No. And teens do.

What do you want to spend your time doing and what makes you happy?

Nothing makes me happy and I've only wasted my time since I was born.

You could be happy for them OP.

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That’s a lie, everyone has something that makes them happy and feel fulfilled by pursuing. I get that you are a gloomy cunt, but everyone knows you’re full of shit. Let some sunshine into your heart and do something for yourself.

Choices have consequences mate. You do you. There are no guarantees, but if you find a path that works, you will forget about the haves and have nots.

No user thats just not the case here.

Why even bother making such a generic post lacking any substance?

Ok then. Too tough on ya. Gotcha. My son is 14 and can rebuild a carb. Why? Because I think he should know and I taught him. Be mad. But don't ask for advice if you don't want it.

You are what you do. I guess you complain about a vague concept called teens.

Then get a job and friends.

Well uh. Good for you and your son i guess. I didnt have a dad. Im not sure why you go into threads like these if you have no advice.

I dont know how. Nobody wants me.not even mcdonalds or dollar store or goodwill.

I dont have a license

what if your son didn't learn how to build cars because his dad died and he also got abused by a crackhead uncle throughout his childhood, lived in abject poverty, and then had to watch people with normal lives do better than him, precisely because they had a dad to teach them things, didn't have a crackhead uncle, a shithole home environment etc?

Nevermind. Don't read. Whatever.

Why you gottakick people while they're down

Oh. So fairness depends on suffering. Okay bud.

Life if hard and no one is special. It is a hard road. Own it. Become who you are.

I have too much anxiety... it's worse than anxiety, it's me, my whole person, my being... I USED to have the normal kind of anxiety, the kind you can't control... but see, what you can't control, you can fight against. And inversely, what you can control, you really cannot fight against... I can't get a job, primarily, because I don't want a job. Why don't I want a job? Because I hate jobs. I don't hate 'work' as I work on myself 24/7 learning new things and honing myself... but the idea of taking 8 hours out of every single day and dedicating that to doing some menial set task, is absurd to me. I tried it once, but it was too much, I couldn't take it, I can't live like that. I just wish there was a way to live based on personal merit and not productive capacity.

Yes people can be born into unfair conditions. You disagree?

>what makes you happy
Sleeping. Video games. Reading. Music.(consumerism isnt a hobby) uh laughing at the misfortunes of others. Saying racist things about people who cant hear me. Bullying people in my head.

What exactly do you expect me to do with that information? I already know that. Why are you on an advice board

Why is my life so bad

My input seems as vague as your output. You are mad at those younger than you. What would you like to hear? Life may such for them or not but you, you, are not an exception to any reality. Neither are teens. Focus on your choices...what brought you here, now and determine what options are available to you so as to not repeat. I don't know you. For me, my 20s was when I discovered who I want to be. That's my advice. Forget other people and their place e life. They are not you.

Of course not. But by the time someone is in their twenties, they should be able to determine how deeply the past controls their future self. No?

You need to fix your life.

Come on over to the 27+ thread. Unless that is you're early an 20s zoomer and not a late millennial.

Theres nothing for me to do in this world

Then prepare for the next. Give. Get the self out of the equation.

Oh really? Damn bro thanks for letting me know.

the problem is society actually

People your own age and older have it better than you.
Life's not about who's got the biggest dick and who's getting it sucked more, because there's always someone to oneup you. When you get knocked out of that delusion that your'e somehow above the rest, when that ego is crushed and your unwarranted sense of self-importance with it, what's important is the kind of man that's left after those impurities are sifted out of you. Are you confident, strong, with a kind side (but not necessarily a nice one), or are you petty, fragile, and resentful? Do love and ambition sit in your soul, or vengeance and malevolence?

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