How to feel less depressed and lonely?

How to feel less depressed and lonely?

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Read the whole Bible and understand your place in history, as well as what depression is and what is not.

smoke weed, blast your favorite music, dance to it

>smoke weed
Mileage may vary. It Actually pushes me into psychotic breaks so yeah...

What the fuck are you

just another mildly depressed user trying to help. it works for me

Accept your place, go outside have some coffee, reflect, write down how you are feeling, see if your mood improves by writing down how you feel every day. It can change believe me.

You can take that aeed alcohol shit and shove it up your ass. Go fuck yourself with your "mild depression".

Lol yeah I drink instead.

I don't like coffee and the only thing i can do outside is get stabbed by hoodrats or walk to walmart where its really crowded amd nobody is human

then i suggest psychedelic drugs
why are you so upset, my man?

Drugs are a scam. No way.

as opposed to money, women or self improvement? lol...

Lawl nah if weed sends me into psychotic breaks I would probably end up killing someone or dead on psychedelics

What are you even trying to say?

Try finding some hobbies or get a job.

why are white people so pathetic?

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what is microdosing
everything is a scam, senpai
drugs are just temporary happiness

Find friends and quit porn.

Oh fair enough. I have no experience with psychedelics. Got any suitably vague suggestions that I can use to start looking?

Nah. Drugs do nothing. Also you make the false assumption that those other thi gs are what i advocate for. You'd have to be an idiot to do drugs in 2019.

How you doing OP, what's up? If I had you around I would try to make your loneliness more bearable believe me, I try to do that with people I can tell feel a little bit lonesome.

read erowid
buy 1p-lsd (it's legal and identical to lsd)
do quarter or half tabs
you haven't advocated for shit itt except being an annoying anti drugs faggot

>How to feel less depressed and lonely?
That depends on why you think you're feeling depressed and lonely

Thanks user!

That's because drugs will only do harm in the long run, you're going to want more to feel the same thing. Think of the process to make that piece of shit you're consuming. If you can't stop to think for a minute when you pop that pill in your mouth I don't know what to tell you user.

Depends on the drug, some are pharmaceuticals. The drugs smuggled are pretty trash I agree.

>mentioning weed, alcohol or acid
>tHiNK aBoUT tHE pIlLz bR00
off to bed, grandpa

Stop giving a fuck
We are but a moment in an Universe that has existed for an eternity, the only thing that ultimately matters to yourself is you and ensuring you enjoy the things you experience

Rrrr! What are you a 13 year old girl? Drugs fucking saved my life. Quit being so brainwashed.