Is not having a car a deal breaker for women?

Is not having a car a deal breaker for women?

I don't see women as the gold digging incarnation of the devil as most incels here see, but I can't help the fact that I'm already 26 and I live in Brazil, which is notorious for having the most materialistic women in the world.

I mean, I can easily pull an 18 year old girl in the club to kiss and maybe take it to a motel, this age group doesn't care about what you have but only your looks and a good dicking, but every time I meet someone around my age (26) I feel emancipated because my age group already pays attention to who can afford driving and who can't, and I literally can't due to financial reasons.

Am I right to feel this way? I know that this is no different than 'I'm shorter than 5'11 so how can I get gf' but it feels very real, I even once got rejected in the middle of the dancefloor when she realized I didn't have a car to take her home (which never happened in Europe, I swear).


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Never happens in Europe because we have good public transport here. You don't need a car if you live in an urban area.

Call me old fashioned but I would assume not having a car means you're not ready or able to start supporting a family

like what was already said, it depends on the norm where you live.

In a major city, it could be normal, somewhere rural means you're a complete loser if you don't have a car by the time you're 18.

Your comment is only valid in the great USA.

Here in Brazil you'd be lucky to have a bicycle by the age of 18.

>"Good public transport"

Also half ttue.. Inside each European city, the public transport is horrible, the bigger the city the worst it is.
What you guys indeed have better is rail system that connect cities and very affordable flights.
But I understand you.

I'm not so old fashioned, I'm quite feminist actually, so if she doesn't have a car too, does it mean she also can't support a family?

Why do you even care about what women think? Just keep fucking prime teen pussy and let roasties be shallow materialistic cunts

>why do you even care about what women think?

I'm not a misogynist (yet) and here and than I meet some girls my age of whom I badly wish I could be with

i’m 25 from usa. i wouldn’t think of anyone less if they didn’t or couldn’t drive. i myself don’t drive but it’s also because of environmental reasons.. i take public transport, read a book or listen to music to pass the time so i don’t mind.

i will say it’s a lot more difficult now for me, because i went away from a big city that had 24/7 buses and streetcars to a more rural area w/o night shifts. we seriously need high speed rail or something. luxembourg will be the first country to provide free public transport which is a wonderful thing.

>the bigger the city the worst it is.
It's the opposite though, at least in England, outside London its expensive and infrequent

My bf is 33 and can't drive. I don't mind. Sure it would be easier if he could but it is how it is and I'm not judging him over it

I lived for 2 years in London, the only thing that works is the underground, buses are a disgrace for both workers and turists, but it's no one's fault I suppose.

I also lived in Cambridge, where the bus was actually affordable but as you said, quite late and unreliable.

i appreciate the reply

where are you from?

If I was interested in a woman with no car i wouldn't mind. Cars are expensive, and if you can get from home to work to groceries without one, then fuck it. No DL is a dealbreaker though

My husband can’t drive and I still love him.

My wife can't drive and I still love her. She's got a license and a car, but she's a woman.

is it wierd that Im almost 25 and not looking for a relationship?

no problem! and btw, i am a femanon. didn’t think to clarify that earlier.

no not really. i’m taking a break from most physical connect, relationships myself. just find yourself, grow as a person. that’s what i’m doing, focusing on my skills and connections to others.

26 KHV, I'm carless and european.

Its the 21st century
Support it yourself ho

If you had a car you would still be a KHV.

It depends on why and she will likely ask you this if you tell her you don't have a car.
If you never got a licensed or learned you are immature.
If you can't afford one, you are bad with money.

On the other hand, some people just don't need a car.
Some could afford one but would rather bike to work because of their health or the environment.

Owning a car means different things to different people.

In Norway a study reported that 50% of men would be ok with a partner that doesn't have a license and 35% of women would be ok with it. Has a lot to do with how far everything is here in this country though.

Not him but true, I own a car but haven't gotten a license for it.

This is the only reason why would I consider having a car which is because of family. When child gets sick or something happens you have to get there ASAP. Other than that car is a useless luxury that costs you time and waste of space on streets.

>bigger the city the worst it is.
Huh, how is that. Bigger cities are more rich and invest into public transport infrastructure

Elliot rodger had a relatively new bmw

I've been learning to drive but fuck me, if it isn't really hard finding someone who actually likes me. In my area, it's pretty much an automatic rejection (central FL).