Why should I care about toxic masculinity?

Why should I care about toxic masculinity?

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It is detrimental to all.

Its pretty damaging to men. It instills in us that needing emotional/mental supports makes us weak. That kind of mentality is what drives men to suicide and other destructive behaviors.

Its only damaging if you're weak, and suicide is the answer for weakness. Society deserves strong men who create good times, not weak men creating bad times.

Life is detrimental.

>Its only damaging if you're weak, and suicide is the answer for weakness.
You perfectly embody the incredibly damaging effects of toxic masculinity. Thanks, user.

>strong men
>weak men
I am curious about your definition of what a strong man is and a weak one .

I'm assuming a "strong man" doesn't succumb to disease like mental illness and depression and "weak man" does. Its reminiscent of the laughably antiquated and uneducated concept that mental illness is caused by mental weakness and that "just man up and stop being sad" is the cure for depression. This mentality is responsible for the needless deaths of millions of people. I'm assuming this brainless Darwinism he's peddling is just some kind of product of his brain's attempt to manage its own feelings of inadequacy. It reeks of projection, regardless.

>your definition of what a strong man is
A man who can look after himself and rise to the challenges life presents.
>a weak one
One who will give up when things get tough or they encounter resistance. Ones who won't help and protect their families and communities.

What is wrong with it exactly? It has never hurt me or people near me.

Strong man is prepared to defend his home, family, wealth, nation, traditions, and values against threats; he is ready to support the growth of economy and society; he is prepared to make great sacrifices for his community and country, even at the cost of his own well-being.

Weak men are the complete opposite of this. They are cowardly predators, who think of only themselves and theur desires. They let their wives, spouses, etc. control them, and invite invaders into their country. They are also likely to have a femdom-related fetish.

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Are you a white nationalist?

Just another 2edgy4u (probably teen) trying to sound like a tough guy online

No, they are complete idiots. It's almost impossible for a nation to be ethnically homogenous. We don't need race.

Huh... figures. He reminds me of rednecks I went to school with.


Ah, so you're a Jow Forumstard. Got it. Makes more sense now.

I have never lived in the countryside. I live in the second largest city of my country.

I totally believe you...

Is 230 000 people not large enough for you for it to be a city?

I’m just saying. I totally believe you.

Ok, sorry. It was misunderstandings.