What's special about a virgin woman? I ask this because there is a woman interested in me, she is attractive...

What's special about a virgin woman? I ask this because there is a woman interested in me, she is attractive, virgin and of my religion

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Purity of body and hopefully of mind as well. The concept of purity has often been very important in human society, religion, all aspects of life.

Until now.

Nothing, really.

The more dicks she's had, the higher risk she is for leaving you and being depressed later. Not to mention risk of known and unknown disease.
If the guy she fucked didn't use a condom and put cummies in her tummy, she'll have chimera DNA in her system probably for life. Those guys who ejaculated in her will probably pass some of their DNA down to whatever children later has - it's been proven recently in flies. Ya ya, we all know flies aren't human but flies are used for human genetic research for good reason. Oh, and if you really want to get more into it, when she's pregnant part of her brain's DNA will change to that of her kid. So there's a good chance part of her brain will be made up of DNA from the guy's she's fucked in the past.

Same reason why no one really buys used rental cars OP


And to supplamant this guys point some of these non-virgin women give birth to bastard children and become cancerous single mothers.
I dunno about you OP but I would rather remain single and virgin than ever get involved with a single mother

She can't compare you to anyone else

So why do anons here look for a virgin?
yeah, her dad told me she literally never kissed a guy and she's 19 years old.

This is the biggest one.

The less autistic way to put the usual incel meme is that the more partners someone has, the less seriously they take each one.
Unless you're still in high school or something, virgins are less likely to take the relationship for granted.

every female will tell you shes a virgin. they arent

Hey dude, insect reproduction to mammalian reproduction is a big leap - are you sure you believe that because it's likely to be true, or because you want to believe it?

I cannot believe the amount of stupidity in this post.

Because they’re stupid people.

That they haven't fucked other guys. Would you rather have no baggage or not? Pretty obvious it's better all around unless you just want to fuck.

Girls are supposed to look sexy but not have sex.
It’s fun for boys but not for girls. But promiscuous behaviour gets girls into sad and painful situations. It’s safer to be a virgin.
But boys don’t get sex easily, so it’s frustrating for boys too. Masturbation should be an option for girls to relieve their frustration. I see movies and pop culture where girls go all dreamy about a boy. Does it imply they masturbate? Who knows. I didn’t know many girls masturbated until recently.

Boys should be virgins too, otherwise you’re making your innocent virgin wife yucky and dirty with the dirt of whores you’ve touched.

Sex is so gross and stupid and depressing unless it’s between 2 people who love and trust each other.

>her dad
He probably doesn't know.
IMO, being a virgin isn't as important as just not being a promiscuous slut. I don't think women who regularly have one night stands are wife material

She doesn't fuck as good, she won't leave if you are not an ingrate.

Virgins can pair bond and love their man.

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So I'm going after this girl

>So why do anons here look for a virgin?
Because they're virgins too and don't want to be made fun of for being shitty at sex.

>So why do anons here look for a virgin?
the same reason america wanted to be the first one to put a flag on the moon also what said

I'm jaded as fuck, but what've you got against this guy?