Bifag here

bifag here.
I want to date exclusively men, mainly because my chances with women are zero, but it feels as if they only want to hook up and relationships don't last all that long. Is this true?

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How many old gay couples have you seen? Gay men are awful promiscuous. The entire purpose of monogamy is to raise a healthy family and gays can't do that so they fuck around like hedonists

Objection, Op, I know a gay couple and they’re quite cool and respectable people

Nah they're a government plant to further the liberal agenda

>The entire purpose of monogamy is to raise a healthy family and gays can't do that so they fuck around like hedonists
Yeah but like I said my chances with women are zero, so I either die a degenerate or alone

Depends more on the person than the gender. Although there are fewer accidental babies in same sex relations to keeping people together so there is that.

True,but from what I've seen and heard only a small amount of gay men what anything serious

Kill yourself degenerate scum

I’ve seen tons of gay couples and know several married men. And yes, some do fuck around a lot. But they settle and even start a family. Adoption is a thing.

>Adoption is a thing.
Op here. That's another thing, I want children of my own. Not someone else's mistake

That one time you dressed up like a trap and got harassed for being ugly on Grindr is not a good litmus test for holistic relationships in the gay community.

your own kid is 50% your DNA sequence. It dosent take many generations before that is washed away in a gene soup. Just sayin’, if you like that dick and can’t get a girl. Not a bad outcome.

Okay, that might be okay. Idk maybe I'm just prison gay.. I'm not really sure

Fuck off yes it is

It’s fine to want a kid of your own, but fuck you calling them someone else’s mistake. I don’t get fucks like you

What exactly is your point besides "fuck you" if two people who are unable whether financially or psychologically of taking care of a child have one fully knowing that they are unable to, then how should we say that they should have had that child in the first place. In my opinion we should be more strict on who reproduces and who doesn't. And I hold no delusions, because I know I shouldn't. Only the best should reproduce

If you're a gay man who wants a stable relationship and children, biological or otherwise, my best advice to you is work on getting rich. Surrogates and good donor eggs are expensive, and gays are a lot like women in that you can attract higher quality ones with more money. Maybe they'd be less likely to cheat on you and want a stable life with their rich man.

I think his point is that the child is innocent as they never asked for this shit and it sounds like an insult to the child. I understand your point about people who shouldn't or can't raise kids not reproducing, but it is pretty lucky for those people who can't have children to have unwanted children around to adopt. And yes 80% of who you'll be is probably determined by your unique combination of genes but no one is a clone of their parents and kids need to be not abused to reach their potential which shit parents can't do. The real problem is when a shit parent holds onto a kid for way longer than they should be able to because of our shitty system trying to keep biological families together, so by the time mommy fails the drug test for the 8th time and can't stop her boyfriend from beating 3 year old Timmy he already has RAD and their life is already ruined and will make a horrible child even for the most capable parents.

if you're adopting, it literally is someone else's mistake though

Thanks for the advice, but firstly I doubt I could have any success. I'm useless. Anyways wouldn't a relationship with someone you know is only sticking around for the money feel hollow? And what happens when the money runs out?

I wouldn't know how it feels, I'm not rich. But I presume it isn't really that you're just rich, being rich means you're a good provider, and protector in a way. You're stable enough to have a successful career and you can reach goals and make shit happen. Being successful is attractive. Make sure you get rich in a way that keeps the money coming.

But seriously, stop with the low self-esteem stuff. Do something you can be proud of and learn to love yourself. No one, male or female, wants to be subjected to a low self-esteem partner their whole lives. It's hard to see yourself as equal to someone who is always shitting on themselves. Don't concern yourself with who you should be dating right now. Develop and look after yourself and learn to care for yourself and become a person you'd want first.

I wish I could stop with the low self-esteem but my negative self image always gets proven right. There's nothing I'm talented at, there's nothing I don't fuck up, I could go on, but I think you get the point. There's not much for me to prop my self esteem up with

There actually are a few cloned children.

IDK man, I am pretty happy with my gf and it actually seems the other way around, but honestly like >21276089 said, gay couples don't stay around

Like I said in the OP I have no chance with women.

Dude, and I thought my boyfriend was bad with his self-esteem. If you're anything like him then this is just a particularly bad round of depression and you're just saying this stuff but, seriously, if this is how you always feel please get therapy. Please focus on yourself and not a relationship and find some cognitive behavioral therapy and I promise you that it will get better.

Ok, I will.

Good luck, user. I know you're going to make it. I believe in you. My boyfriend is not only a bit on the low self-esteem side, but he's bi too, and he's the best person I've ever met and the only person I've ever met in over 24 years who I liked enough to sleep with. I know you have lots of good qualities even if you can't see them right now.

Thank you for giving me some kind of hope