My girlfriend of 5 years wants to explore her sexuality with other men...

My girlfriend of 5 years wants to explore her sexuality with other men. How do I tell her no without seeming controlling or insecure I don’t want to ruin the relationship by seeming insecure but I dont want her to sleep with other men either.

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>How do I tell her no without seeming controlling or insecure I don’t want to ruin the relationship by seeming insecure but I dont want her to sleep with other men either.
By saying exactly this

Well that’s over

Not wanting your girlfriend to fuck other men is not controlling or insecure. Talk about it, there are probably other issues, most likely just bored with the relationship. You might have to ask her to marry you.

Seeming controlling or insecure? Tell your fruitcake fuckbuddy where the door is because that isn’t fucking normal unless you’re a fucking cuckold.

>You might have to ask her to marry you.

If you do this I suggest you start saving for the divorce now.

I have almost no knowledge of women or relationships but that seems like it's basically a break up. She told you she wants to fuck other men. She might have already cheated too. Idk man, maybe start preparing for the emotional impact of breaking up.

Or alternatively, and this is more of a stretch, find an incredibly hot escort. And then tell your GF that you're all right with her experimenting as long as you can too. Then introduce her to the escort or show her pics. She might get jealous enough to stop the whole open relationship thing. Or she might go out and find a hot chad to make YOU jealous. Either way, it is all over

Sorry to say, it is done. Your feelings are normal.

Last time she brought this up and I said no we got into a huge argument and she ended up leaving me for 3 months because she felt I was trying to control her life. I don’t want her to feel like that again, I don’t want to lose her again it was too hard to go through that I was depressed and crying every day for 3 months until she took me back. I don’t want her to fuck other guys so I need a way to tell her no so she won’t leave me again I don’t want to lose her my heart can’t take it.

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>she ended up leaving me for 3 months

I am willing to bet she had more cream filling in her than a Twinkie in that time period.

She fucked other people in those 3 months. Fuck her friend behind her back, call gf on the phone “hows this for an open relationship”, break up immediately after and queue Miserlou from pulp fiction

I’ve said that multiple times . Start beating her. I have a friend who had a gf like this till he started beating her ass. Like punches in the face and everything. SHE NEVER CHEATED ON HIM. When are you people gonna wake up .

P.S I’m not trolling

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I would never hit a woman, that’s just scumbag tier. Women deserve to be respected no matter what.

Men deserve to be respected not cheating on your partner or riding the dick carousel

I had a relations like this 10+ years ago. She was my first love, was with her for 7 years. At about the 5 year mark she wanted a "break". I was sad everyday during that time. In my heart I knew she was having sex, blowing, etc. Eventually, her and I were together for two more years after that, "break". Things were great, then the cycle happened again. At break up, she said to me that we would be back together again after I (me) dated more. Know when to hold and know when to fold.

Enjoy being a cuck then you fucking idiot, cause this is the only way. She is already one foot outside the door in your faggot relationship. Also, faggot, this method makes her fall in love again. It sounds fucked up, but that’s how things work unfortunately.

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Dude with that mentality you’ll never get a girlfriend and you’re going to die alone.

>Last time she brought this up and I said no we got into a huge argument
This is a massive red flag. She wants to fuck other guys while you're somebody she can come home to
>she ended up leaving me for 3 months
She fucked other people during that time
>she felt I was trying to control her life
She is your girlfriend but she does not respect you
>it was too hard to go through that I was depressed and crying every day for 3 months until she took me back
She doesn't see you as a man, she sees you as a provider. She wants to get fucked by men while coming home to you. She doesn't respect you, because you've shown her massive insecurities and weakness. You let her walk all over you.
>I don’t want her to fuck other guys so I need a way to tell her no
Tell her no.
>so she won’t leave me again I don’t want to lose her my heart can’t take it.
Your heart can take it.

You need to listen to me and listen right now - seriously.
She does not respect you because she thinks you are weak. You literally cried over her after she left because she wanted to disrespect you and your relationship by bringing other people in.

This is all your fault. Everything that has happened is your fault.
The best option for you right now is to not care about her anymore and move on.
It fucking sucks, I know, but this is your best option.
Either let her fuck other guys, continue to date her, and be miserable, OR stand your ground and tell her to fuck other guys without you.

how can you want to be with someone who has told you she wants to fuck other people. wake up and realise your worth

You sound like an incel, have sex. Only trashy women like to get hit.

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Beating her is the only way Jow Forums yards. And anyone who has done that can confirm it works. Stockholm syndrome or whatever I don’t care. It just works

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Tell her you're not into it. You don't like the idea of her having sex with other people. Just be honest about how it makes you feel.
You can tell her that ultimately she does what she wants, but if she wants to do this you won't be able to stay with her.
Just don't be bitchy, passive-aggressive or whatever with her. Be honest
If she values her sexual exploration more than your relationship, she'll leave. If not, she'll stay. Simple as that

This is a joke? My god what happened to humanity? Are you in doubt about something obvious?

>5 years
Lmao, how are you in a relationship for so long and didn't realize that your girlfriend is a bitch? If you love yourself leave her immediately.

But because you are so stupid now I prefer her to have sex with as many guys as she can.

I only pity you.

Look for emotional attachment elsewhere

>not accepting to be cheated on is controlling and insecure
We need nukes more now more than any other time.

This is an incredibly unhealthy relationship. Please leave this relationship. You are worth more than this and you need to learn that. She is not the one.

Leave. She already has sights on another man/has already cheated. Women only say this when they’ve already worked up a plan or have a backup ready; it’s over user. Leave and have some fucking standards and dignity.

You can't.
Get over your monogamy or dump her.

What the fuck is wrong with you—leave, you absolute dipshit.

I can’t just leave her I love her, we have spent the last 5 years together she had met my family and I met her family I’m planning on marrying her next year. I can’t imagine life without, I don’t want her to fuck other guys and I don’t want her to leave me my life will be nothing without her. Please tell me how to fix this I know it’s my fault I don’t want her to leave me again I can’t live without her in my life I’m nothing without her.

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>Dump that piece of shit
>Work on yourself > be a better version of yourself
>read all 3 of Rollo tomassi books
You don't need to keep subjecting yourself to that god awful bluepill life, get rid of that piece of shit ASAP, she already demonstrated that you're nothing to her, NO man deserves to have this kind of life

You feel this way because you believe you can't aquire women in equal or more amounts. I recommend doing it, date while you have a girlfriend. Now you are trying to control her life, just admit this. It's not a bad thing, you want something different than she does. If you guys are bound to break up anyway, then why not keep fucking her until you have a better connection with someone else.

Oh God there's no helping you through text, you are fucking fucked in this relationship dude. You're right, it is your fault because you are allowing yourself to be treated like shit because you hate yourself and have no identity of your own outside of this one-sided relationship. You sound like an abused woman. Protip: your happiness should not be so contingent on someone else that you can't even see what's best for yourself in such a bad situation. Please seek counseling ASAP.

You are wasting your time, energy, and sanity trying to have her love you like you do her. It will never happen. She has already shown you this in many ways. You refuse to admit it to yourself, but that woman will never be satisfied with just you. Remember that. YOU will never be enough for her. It hurts to lose someone, causing a large void in your life, but that woman is toxic and the sooner you flush that shit down the toilet the sooner the bathroom will air out.

Probably break up with her

I'm sorry friend, this is a hard pill. I believe you love her but I do not think you love yourself enough, which is far more important. Leave.
>But she loves me
If she loved you, she wouldn't be cheating on you.
Do not say that you are nothing without her. You are something alone and you must realize and cultivate that.

If you beat her, this will all change. I promise you user. You can save this relationship

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By ending the relationship. Not wanting to be cheated on is logical, and you can't be controlling if you sever all ties.

Look this can work some of the time on some women I'm not gonna lie. But depending on where you live this is a risk. Gonna be honest no way I would go to jail over any bitch. She can go suck suck cause I don't wanna go to prison and do it. No bitch is worth a charge.

Laws aren't that harsh on assault here so you can practice it

>that seems like it's basically a break up.
FUCKING THIS so hard. Tell her to get lost if she wants to fuck other guys. Don't be a cuck.

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This sounds like your first serious relationship. You don't get out much or interact with others much do you? There are billions of women on this planet. Why get upset over someone who wants to hurt you?

5 years is a long time, but she's trying to have sex with other people. Do you really want to tell your kids after you marry her that sometimes mommy fucks other men and that's okay?

If she's making you this upset why would you want to marry her?

ask Jow Forums

It is controlling but being controlling is a good thing

I was with a girl for 8 years, and it blew up in this exact same manner.

Trust me, you can end this and move one, it will be painful and hurt like a bitch. But you can do it even if you don't think you can, because you have to do so or you simply will collapse and won't exist in this world any longer.

It's life or death, either you walk and work through the pain, die trying, or waste more time and really fuck yourself up where your odds of coming out alive are even lower.

This is not what you want to hear. But it's really time for another girlfriend. Dump this one, she's not doing good for you and has too much strong hold over your emotional well-being. Your heart can take it. You just need to shift priority off from her and into YOU

honestly man end it. that's her saying you aren't enough and that she'd rather see other guys

Beaten women still cheat.

>She asked about fucking other guys
>Ask her to marry you, trust me bro
Possibly the worst advice ever given



you’re kinda lame, can I have your gfs number?

The fact that your gf told you she’s even questioning this is worthy of dumping her immediately

This is not something you can just “talk through”

Tell her you want to fuck other men too.

In fact, you'd prefer it.

I swear to god, if I ever caught another man cheating on me with my wife or GF, his anus would never be the same.

Yes this! Exactly!

>my life will be nothing without her
I have bad news for you

Get over it pussy

Chase her bro buy her some flowers and and engagement ring. Your not gonna tell her you don't want her fucking other men because "it's controlling" and she'll leave you. You're a scared weak excuse of a man. you clearly can't have both because she's a whore and that's the truth. In your case if you want to marry her and since she will leave you because you wont let her fuck other guys you will just have to come to terms. there is a 70% chance she just wants you for security and she'll divorce you take your shit and run off with chad leaving your pathetic ass suicidal. 30% chance she'll stay with you and you'll be raising someone elses kid along with your own, I mean who knows maybe she will wont ever having a kid with you becouse she wants chads genes you cuck. also you will have to explain why she goes out and fucks guys to the kids which will fuck them up. thats the harsh truth of it. your a cuck now but you can end as soon as you break it off with her.

It's over

i may have never been in a relationship before but even i know shitty advice when i see it

It sucks for me to say this but she doesn't love you. I am a female and I can assure you that she 100% does not respect you or your relationship if she wants other dicks. That's just insane! Who knows, maybe she's the type of girl who has separated sex and love and doesn't correlate one with with the other but trust me, that's just as bad if not worse than her not loving you. Your intimacy with her won't go deeper than the surface of her skin. I could never in a lifetime imagine going up to my fiance and crushing his future and everything we've built with a selfish demand like that. I couldn't even imagine having the urges to want to fuck someone else. That my friend is because I truly LOVE him. Trust me, you'll know when a relationship is built on a foundation of love and trust. Your's isn't. Please get rid of her for YOURSELF.

There is so fucking fixing this dipshit. She wants to get pumped by tons of men and you be her paypig. Either you accept that future or you go separate ways.

Bro I'm sorry but she's not the one. If you saying no is what she calls controlling, then just END IT. It's not at all ok. You're in a legitimately abusive relationship if you're being pushed so fucking hard over something that sluts shouldn't be doing anyway.\


Also I should add she will not even give a fuck when you go. She's already hoping for that.

OH and one LAST thing: You should actually contact her family and tell them how much you love and appreciate them, and that you didn't want to do this but your gf (their daughter) wants to have sexual relationships with other people and when you said no, she called you controlling and fought with you about it. Ruin what her parents think of her, that would be the best play.

Honestly, this is pretty bad. Do you guys share a bank account? I would empty it if I were you.

The only way I see this working is if you say you want to swing with her/find another couple who wants to engage in a wife/gf swap.

Hey OP really just dump her, ypu probably think you love her but thats not great man, in fact I just imagine my gf telling me that. Damn that shit will be so fucked up and will make me sad but its time to say bye.

OP, she is already fucking men. On the 101 cheating guidelines if your partner asks to have open sex with other men, it's not cause she wants your permission. It's cause it's getting a pain to keep tiptoeing around you and she wants it to be easier to cheat on you.

This is literally pattern habit

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You're already cucked.


I cannot comprehend why you didn't slap her right as she said that and dump her.

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if not bait thread, sorry OP your gf is a geniune whore

Bruh, stop being a betacuckhold and dump her. She doesn't respect you enough to only be with you anymore.

>It just works

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You can't read this and not think that the world doesn't need another big war to cut the chaff.

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Hitler should have won

>How do I tell her no without seeming controlling or insecure I don’t want to ruin the relationship by seeming insecure but I dont want her to sleep with other men either.

You don't since

>My girlfriend of 5 years wants to explore her sexuality with other men.

Sorry man, she'll mostlikely will cheat on you anyways. Tell her that you can get an open relationship anf that she can fuck as many guys as she wants to but without you. Pack your shit and leave her.

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Also she has programmed you into thinking its all your fault so she can be a basic bitch. Grow balls and a fucking spine. Just because you love somebody it doesn't have to mean she loves you equally. Otherwise she wouldn't be doing it and she also fucked like a whore in this 3 months she was gone. Leave her or you'll be a betacuck for the rest of your life and this isn't just some shitty incel meme but the harsh truth. She doesn't deserve you.

I think she's a fool to waste one minute more of her life. Its time she cuts you out of the loop entirely. If you have financial and family entanglements I realize its hard to get out but she needs to stop being a coward and make a clean break.





>I can’t imagine life without
>My life will be nothing without her
You can't bet your well being and happiness on another person my man.

>without seeming controlling or insecure
You fell for a made up narrative here. It is perfectly normal to not want to share your partner. Not everyone is polygamous and no one has the right to try and change that.

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OP stop being a faggot and leave her. Also, you know her family? Good, tell her mom what's up on your way out. Let het know what kind of slut she raised. Also, leave it to the herpes infested trip attention seeking thot to try and act like monogomy is YOUR problem and not a fair and decent expectation.

Hang in there, it’ll get better

Say yeah if you can fuck other women. Make her either see the flaw in her logic or reveal herself as selfish and self centred, something you can either work from or end the relationship over

How about this
>go to gf mom and dad for dinner
>at table
>ask her father for the salt
>turn to gf
>So what sweetie you said you wanted to explore your sexuality with other men ?
Then you break up with her

Maybe she wants to explore other men because her current boyfriend is too much of a pussy to break up with her after being disrespected.

OP, I will try to be kind and soft-spoken.

EVERYONE in this thread is telling you to stand your ground and LEAVE HER.

I know it will be very hard and very painful, but I can guarantee my left testicle that this will be one of the best decisions you've made, and that you won't regret it.

Ignoring the minority of trolls, we are sincerely telling you that the best thing to do is to leave her. So many different individuals who could not care less are telling you to leave her.

So please, do yourself a massive favor, and leave her. Cut off all contact with her, move on.

If this entire thread is a troll, then I hope karma will be a massive bitch to you.

Otherwise, good luck.

This is good bait.

Shits over between you two. Get the hint and pack it in champ.

If you don't leave her, she will leave you eventually.

You have more chance to get back at her if you leave her first. At least you show her that you have control on yourself.

And when you leave her, tell her that sha has been disrespectful toward you and you can't accept that.

Say yes but she has to be willing to allow you to fuck other women. If she says no, then no deal, if she says yes, start going on dates asap and watch that bitch get jealous and insecure so fast. If she realizes you could replace her in a flash she'll change her tune asap. I'd say at that point just keep fucking whores and dump her stupid roastie ass.

Wait a minute....

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