How do I get a MGTOW to like me and agree to date me or have sex with me? He won't budge. Help me...

How do I get a MGTOW to like me and agree to date me or have sex with me? He won't budge. Help me, I am really desperate.

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Be as likeable and appealing as possible


See that’s you’re problem. You’re trying to change a motherfucker from the jump. What else are you going to ask of him once he commits (not likely) or slides in your walls. This is why he doesn’t wanna get with you, because it doesn’t stop at the sex. You’re just trying to “convert” a nigga that seems content.

I agree friend. If he doesnt want you, he doesnt want you.

He's cute and, for a MGTOW, he is actually pretty reasonable and cool to talk to.
I genuinely want his genes in my children.

This is shitbait, I don't believe you.

Hey, its , you need help. He ain't busting in you anytime soon.

did you ask him out

this thread is fake and gay just like OP

Big facts

OP timestamp or kys. Thanks, hon (larping nigga)

I told him once that I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with him, telling him that he would be the ideal partner and it's ironic that someone like him would be a MGTOW.
Well, this is actually a little strange. I kept these details out of the OP because I didn't want to start an argument about LGBT. He's not a traditional MGTOW but someone from /lgbt/ who was called FTMGTOW. He said himself that it's different from being a MGTOW because he is "going his own way" from both men and women, and he's spiritually ascended or some shit. I'm a gay guy but I wanna nut in him, I wanna breed him so bad.

I don't have an appropriate reaction image so I'll just post this.

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If you think I'm bullshitting you, you can go look for yourself. That was an actual poster on /lgbt/.

I like how on Jow Forums if someone says, "I like a guy" you should assume they are also a guy

Mgtows dislike women on a genetic level
They think women are basically programmed to betray men
Not much you can do

Lmao obvious fake post

God I wish I didn't get married and have kids, honestly mgtow autism is correct unironically. Avoid women, eat great food, have hobbies, do drugs

is it that bad? Or are you an outcast? Please shed your wisdom on this naive 22 year old who doesn't know what to do with life

Lmao good luck if you do get with him, he's gonna talk shit about you to all of his MDE friends.
Then get overly worried you're cheating, then you're going to get into a lot of fights... and finally break up.
You then "proved" him right that all women are evil cock eating monsters and how he should of never tried to go pussy slaying.

MGTOWs are basically hysterical women trapped in a man's body. He enjoys the attention you give him, and he feels powerful and probably brags online about rejecting you. The best solution is to ignore him and go after other dudes, it will be a huge blow to his ego and he will come crawling after you.

You gotta be a man. MGTOW prefer male companionship, aka gay relationships.

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Doubt it. My bitches come and go all the time, I honestly don’t care. I’m more focused on my career, health and finances I could care less what some thot thinks, they always come back anyway this is something you dumbasses don’t understand. When a woman breaks up with you she is very rarely gone for good, they come back a month or so later like “did you learn your lesson? Did you miss this vagina big boy?” It’s just a shit test and by they time I’m already fucking another girl, so I just add my ex to the rotation and now I’m fucking two girls.

This is true, I’d rather hang out with a really cool/smart guy than be around a group of the most beautiful women. I understand women so well I run circles around them and they are boring to me.

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Stop LARPing, incel.

>I'm a gay guy but I wanna nut in him
Fucking hell, we cured homosexuality.

Actually quantum mechanics forbids this very scenario from ever happening.


Get with someone who likes you.

>he is "going his own way" from both men and women

I thought I was the only bisexual MGTOW

Obvious bait thread.