Its 3am. I’m standing across the road from the girl I love’s apartment...

Its 3am. I’m standing across the road from the girl I love’s apartment. I’m pretty drunk and I’ve got these flowers to give her. FUCK SHOULF I go in?

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do it. what do you have to lose.

Go in, give flowers, make it seem like these are just a random gift your drunk mind thought of, act like you're too inebriated to know what's going on, and leave.

Problem though. I ain’t got a way in! Should I knock?

call first if you have her number.

She’s not picking up my calls. Boyyyyys I’m going full ducking JUST!!!

then knock

Virgins knock, Chad busts the door down smashes her phone and takes what is rightfully his. Godspeed user

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Don't get yourself arrested you fucking retard

Am going in

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Read this pls

Fucking chest ABORT. Been seen. Rip

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Seen? so she's home?

Show us her tits post her nudes

no way fag



inb4 in jail currently

I wouldn’t have the phone if I was in jail dumb ass!

How bout them nudes?

If I had nudes I would wank to them

Good luck getting them.

This is why you dont do drugs kids!