How to cope with climate nihilism?

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I have a haiku for you.

Nigga stop crying
The earth will be fine stupid
This is not a haiku, I lied

how to cope with lifelong nihilism

You're not asking for advice, you just want to argue with people, as you keep doing every day, twice a day.

I actually want some advice, I’ll even accept someone to convince me that climate change isn’t real I'm really that desperate

Thank you for that piece of poetry

Actually that is my question

Here's some advice: stop coming to Jow Forums to get your spirits lifted. Go outside, talk to actual people, get your mind off this shit.

One of my best childhood friends was also a lifelong nihilist. He killed himself 2 years ago at 20. Only dude I could ever talk to who it seemed like he knew what I was thinking

That's where I just came back from cause I was depressed. All I do is distract myself

Climate change is real. It won't affect you before you die. Don't have kids. Boom. Solved.

I’m actually not that regular user, I’m a college undergraduate, my friends are also scared of climate change and I feel like even if it isn’t real, society will collapse from one way or another, it really feels like the end of history but not in a good way, my studies feel meaningless compared to how the future will greet us on 50 years or less

If you are legitimately nihilistic because of climate change which is probably being spouted wherever you live, let me enlighten you. We are reaching the point where living on completely hostile moons is becoming a reality, and no matter how fucked the climate getes it won't be near as fucked as living on a moon in outer space. Even if the sun went out, a small percentage of humanity could probably still survive for a long time through nuclear power, uv lights, bunkers, etc...

The main thing though is climate change is a very, very questionable thing. All you're doing is putting your side on one camp or the other of professionally educated scientists who swear climate change is, or isn't real. The evidence is not clear cut

We start another ice age, so what? Humanity is so fucking resilient we wouldn't give a damn. We'd live another 100000 years

Climate change itself won't be that bad, it's going to be all the poor dumb fucks coming to steal and kill you for your resources.

Doesn't matter how bad the climate gets, the top 25% of humans would have no problem dealing with it. Man survived with less in worse times in the past. I feel like we should start a global systematic test at 18 which tests all traits. If you don't score in the top 25%, then you get to take a long nap. If you push someone else out of the top 25%, then they lose there right. That will help keep the old fucks from living so long.

See, solved, you have nothing to worry about.

By knowing that the Earth was far more hotter in the Mesozoic than in the current era

The only thing we have to worry about is human life dying it, and it won't unless a comet comes.. Cool off, chill out, etc. Seven billion people could die tomorrow and there would so be too many people on this planet so a little bit of pressure (and 20% less oxygen) might be a good thing

Be happy about climate change, if we get another ice age most of the third world subhumans will die because they can't take the cold. The only downside is that Russians might take over the planet because they are immune to hypothermia due to regularly bathing in frozen lakes.

If you're actually nihilistic you wouldn't give a fuck about climate change

That was pretty fucking good user!

Nihilism - nothing fucking matters anyway so whatever man, it is what it is.

Existentialist - nothing fucking matters until I decide to give it a specific reason to matter. It is what it is but why is it this way?

So, not Nihilist.

Also, not Existentialist or Nihilist because of climate change. It's called "seasonal depression" retard. You'll fucking get over it.

Lastly, climate change is actually a thing. It happens all of the fucking time, has been happening for 4.5 billion years. The older the sun gets, the more it expands. Also, the Earth does not orbit the sun in a perfect circle. It gets closer then further, closer then further..then you have the very very very slow deterioration of the o-zone layer due to pollution. The more people there are, the more jobs, cars, city buses, homes, and other items that cause or contribute to pollution. It's fucking science. It's not new, it's not some fucking dramatic Doomsday climate shift. The sun will take out more than half of our solar system in about 5 billion years anyway. Planet Earth has been lingering around for 4.5 billion years so far, if humans can manage not to kill it, I'm sure it'll be around just long enough for the fucking sun to die and when the sun expands into a red giant during the throes of death, it will vaporize the Earth.


Human life killing it.

Also, the population of planet Earth is 7.7 billion so uh.. that would be pretty fucking devastating. And, knowing the fucking luck humans have, it will be people like you that survive.

And on another note; you don't SERIOUSLY think that the weight of 7 billion humans is going to make the planet lighter or some shit, do you? If it did, what purpose would that serve?

Second, how exactly is 20% LESS OXYGEN a good thing? Aaaand, how do you get 20% when 7 billion people dying would be like fucking... 90% of the global population?

You either need to stop getting high before posting or just simply get fucking educated.


God, your post was so infuriating.

>Here's some advice: stop coming to Jow Forums to get your spirits lifted.

Actually Jow Forums is the only place where I can avoid climate change talk. Most people here don't seem to give a shit about it. Whereas if I go on social media, speak to friends IRL, or watch the news, literally all I keep hearing is "we're fucked, we're all gonna die, the planet is dying, we're fucked, WE'RE FUCKED". Over and over and over again.

I can't imagine how depressed kids must be these days. Kids growing up today are basically being told by everyone around them "yeah you're fucked, you're gonna die along with everyone else before you reach 30, have fun!"

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That’s a good thing, if they get the truth and peril from a young age, some of them might actually grow up and change things for the better. If we can make it in time.

They won't. Kids are literally being told at this point "you're fucked, the planet is fucked, there's nothing you can even do about it". That isn't gonna make them want to do anything, it's just making them shut down completely. A lot of kids have literally zero hope for the future now. We have created an entire generation of doomers.

How does it go? Anyone identifying as a group does so because their own life is bereft of achievement? Something like that

Youre gonna be fine, especially if you dont live in a shithole like Bangladesh. We are gonna fix this shit eventually

Just kill yourself, as all climate faggots should.

No need to kill yourself. The climate will kill us all in 10 years anyway. Intense heat and lack of oxygen awaits.

It won't kill everyone. Only the weak and ill-prepared (which includes Billy Bob who drives his 4x4 v12 to McDonald's every Sunday with the family after Church).

Weird, I'm pretty sure they said the exact same thing 10 years ago.

The timing may be off but all the predictions are coming to pass to an exact degree. The earth is getting hotter and hotter and hotter with each passing year. Just because they said "2020" for things that will end up happening in 2030 instead, doesn't mean they were wrong.

>just because they were wrong doesn't mean they were wrong

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Temporality is a quality independent of the actuality of the statement
"It will rain tomorrow"
"It will rain tomorrow at 03:21"
Now, if it rains tomorrow at 02:59, are we really going to say the second statement is wrong? Literally it is, but if the person making the statement omitted the specific time, they would magically become right.
In the same vein, if ecological scientists say shit is getting bad or will get bad, but don't provide an exact date, they will only be right when it actually does get bad. However, they like to give estimates (which are usually wrong) because they just do. So, what anti-ecological people actually attack isn't the notion of changing and degrading ecosystems, it is the temporal predictions of "scientists." The denialists usually save themselves from this same charge by not providing any predictions of any kind. They simply say, "you were wrong because you got the date wrong." If they said, "things aren't getting worse," they be proven wrong.

something something stopped clock

I believe it's "broken clock" unless you're referring to something else.
Anyhow, does the prognosis not matter because the diagnosis is weak? I don't think humans are thee sole cause of climate change or environmental degradation, but I don't think things will be great all throughout my lifetime

Who gives a shit? Go fistfight China, they're the ones causing the vast majority of pollution because they don't understand morality.

>we don't have to change because someone else is worse
Wow, such "morality" kek

What's the point of putting out a campfire in a forest that's already burning to the ground because some other fucks refused to?

Pollute more and speed it up: get a bigger and less efficient car, throw plastic bags into the wind, pour artificial fertilizers and pesticides into sewage drains and your lawn, buy acres of wooded land and clear it all, open some strip mines and blast mountains apart, buy more smartphones, consume only imported foreign foods, etc.

There's no utilitarian point, but if you follow either Kantian or Virtuous ethics you should probably at least try

Yeah the earth getting hotter by 0.0000000000001°C a year sure is gonna kill everyone

I think we should just install some solar powered air conditioning units in the atmosphere.
this video literally debunks climate change. All of it is just fake news to exploit the population

You could be optimistic about futuristic geoengineering technologies which will mitigate/reverse climate change. Honestly, just google "geoengineering" and get informed. It should help.

Whats the evidence that such technologies are even feasibly possible?