This may sound a bit weird but

This may sound a bit weird but
>Befriend dude on the internet
>He is in danger of being homeless because his parents don't want to look after him or something
>I offer him a place to stay and help him get a job
>He still lives with me and pays part of the rent and groceries
>I discover that he is a white supremacist while looking through his computer
>Rather surprising because I thought he was gay or something and he never said anything about me being of Chinese ethnicity
>Haven't confronted him about this yet
Is it fair to kick someone out of your apartment based on this? I don't want to feel guilty for homelessness but this is straight up weird.

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Would you like it if he looked through your computer without asking?

If you don't want to live with him, ask him to leave.

Make a polite excuse to say why you need the space and give him a fair deadline to move out. Confronting him will only harden him.

That's very nice of you.
Are you sure he's actually a white supremacist and not just reading about it/trolling on pol?

The Nazis were instrumental in the training and arming of the Nationalist Army and ensuring the continued existence of the Chinese Race and a future for our children.
I say give him a chance.

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He was talking about it seriously on Discord. It didn't seem like trolling to me.

Then he’s a good troll, why would a white supremacist stay with a chink? Unless he’s planning to murder you Elliot style kek

>why would a white supremacist stay with a chink?
Because otherwise he would be homeless, I guess?

You should kick him out for using d*scord

Why would a white supremacist hurt or do something to an asian dude.
You can hate/dislike someone but it doesnt mean he is going to hurt you....

OP, you may possibly be making a mountain out of a molehill, here.

I'm not trying to say that what he's into is okay, but you gotta understand. We all have things that we engage in in private that should remain private. Some people are closet racists, some people are into freaky BDSM shit, some people come to places like this and blow off steam in ways that would certainly earn them a spot on an alphabet agency watch list. We all have our ways of indulging in the dark and degenerate parts of ourselves in ways that can and probably should remain private. (Also not trying to imply EVERYONE does this, just that you'll find that the vast majority of people have their proverbial skeletons.)

Most of these people are born, go through their entire lives and die without ever hurting or killing another human bean. As long as it stays that way, and he never treats you in any way other than civilly, does it really matter that much what he mouths off about in private?

Its probably also worth noting that this is a very politically charged time right now and you're going to find an uptick in extremism in both directions at any time like this.

I guess the operative question is whether or not he's ever treated you, personally, in a way that suggests he thinks less of you. If he treats you badly or suggests he has a problem with your race, then I'd say you're more than justified to act on it. But if he's never been anything but civil to you, well... you're still within your rights to kick him out, but you're doing a good deed for what could still be a good person, here.

Him being a white supremacist really doesn't mean a thing if he never plans to hurt anyone or kill anybody or overthrow anything.

Just my two cents.

Ask him about it first. You never know if he is working on an article or essay for school on white supremacy. Give him a chance to explain himself.

If he is a white supremacist, then fuck him. Kick him out. He is taking advantage of your kindness

Would it be different if he was a black supremacist/nationalist? Would you really give a shit? Why were you looking through the mans computer? OP if you want someone gone tell him to leave like said but your a prick either way, though it was nice of you giving him housing. Ultimately you're probably making a mountain out of a molehill.
These types don't hate Asians. If he does he's probably some type of special stupid (nordisist) in which case he would never agree to room with an Asian. OP probably saw him say something like, "a nation for every race" or, "White nations for white people" and got scared.
This, if anything he's probably a secret discord tranny

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Huh? What the fuck are you talking about, Nazi Germany was allies with Japan who committed severe atrocities against the Chinese people. Oh wee, what a thing to be thankful for.

Depending on your state, if he is paying rent he may have renters rights, which means it could take months to evict him. What state are you in? Look up your renter laws to see how easy it will be. For example in California you probably couldn't get him out of there for another 3 months

Personally I'd kick him out. It's true that white supremacist (just white supremacist not kkk, aryan brothers, neo nazi ect) alot dont necessarily hate other races they just believe they are better still I cant have somebody like that in my house..

>allowing some random dude from the internet to live with you

>Meets men on internet
>Hopes they're gay
>Offers them place to stay with him
>Thinks they're gay
>Looks on their computer for gay shit
>Discovers white supremacy
>Still secretly hoping he's gay

They met on the internet so that seems like part of the deal

Don't Chinese people hate nogs?

Maybe in high level diplomatic terms, but on the ground, the Nazi embassy was famous for writing visas to get Chinese Nationals out of the country before the Japanese took the city they were in. It's a lot more complicated than you night think

Kick him out, that's weird as fuck.