There are people following me

For the last month there have been people following me around my property I live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere and the police wouldn't do jack shit about this given how far away I am from a police station the people who have been stalking me wear gorka suits and drive some expencive looking military cars they also seem to be keeping there distance always waching me but never realy doing anything I dont live anywhere near a military instillation and there uniforms dont look like they belong to any branch of the united states military I have also seen them wearing scbas and chemical suits if I didnt know any better I would think that I'm part of some sort of experiment please give me some advice I'm veary scared and I havent left my house in days they are still out there waching me

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Tell some friend to come over. Ask them if it's real or if you're schizophrenic.

Please call your family and voluntarily commit yourself to a mental health facility, what you see describing is a classic paranoid delusion

I will try and get some pictures I dont want to provoke anyone also I live with my wife on my property and she has also been followed by these people

You fit a profile. Change. For whatever reason; you or someone close to you are an interest. Disinterest them by changing profile. Change hobbies, habits, hangouts, magazine subscriptions, where you get haircut, just be a slightly different person. It is very possible that they're interested in your local area and you are just a coincidence, like they aren't out to get you but you are part of something being observed.

get yourself a gun

They are most likely some form of government police putting you under surveillance. You may be suspected of a crime and they are gathering evidence. If you havent committed any crimes, then one of your close friends might be the culprit, but they are keeping tabs on you to find out whether you are part of the crime.

I swear I have seen this post before.


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I am not insane and I can prove it I will try to get a picture of one of these guys today

>interested in your local area and you are just a coincidence

Probably fish/wildlife stuff. You live in the boondocks.

Looking forward to it.

But what makes you sure they're following/stalking you, and not just doing something in your area that has nothing to do with you? Paranoid delusions usually don't invent imaginary people out of thin air, they just lead you to assume that other peoples' actions are always directed at you.

Do it, becausr there isnt anyone. You just cray

See op, I got quads. Solid proof that you are clinically insane. The men do not exist and are a figment of your mind.

I win.

>the people who have been stalking me wear gorka suits
You mean there are people wearing this dude's face in their clothes running around your property?

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Man! Happy to see that thread is surviving. I hav guns and I don't have shit going on. So what, m drunk.? You have a powerhouse at the ready. Im big as fuck hand poster. Just say the word and we will set the world straight. Serious as a heart attack!. There ain't nothing we can't do. You're's at the ready. Double contraction seriously as fuck.

Confront them. Preferably with a gun, especially if they are on your property. If you can't catch them, get a drone and fly it and get surveillance on them.


Do you not know your friends? I am impervious to small arms fire and my agility outmatches that of more powerful weaponry. You do not know who I am but they do.

Have a beer.

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I wasn't able to get a photo today I wasn't able to get a photo since I couldn't leave my house

To be continued?

I will try to get pictures of them tomarow ive noticed they have been wearing chemical suits more then the Goroka military get up this scares me for all I know they are trying to poison me and my family

that's what they always tell you when you start noticing them and freak out about it

I wouldn't worry about it.

You're insane. Fucking delusional.

Why couldn't you leave?

the best today

Have you considered that people are trespassing on your property for hunting purposes or to see if your land is worth buying for some reason or another such as oil or natural gas?

Convient excuae for the split minded individuals .

Zippy zoot zroot iyay!