For around a decade I've had very odd back pain. If I'm standing, walking, etc...

For around a decade I've had very odd back pain. If I'm standing, walking, etc. for more than a few minutes I get soreness in my lower back that progressively gets worse until I sit or lay down. If I push it way too hard the pain can be so intense that it gets difficult to breathe. In addition, if I sit in a relatively normal position for too long it can cause soreness; I have to slouch heavily in order to be comfortable. And finally, I can't sleep on my side without significant back support or I'll wake up sore.

Now, I'm not exactly in shape, but I'm not morbidly obese either. I'm around 70-90 pounds overweight. Is this sort of back pain typical of people in my obesity range, or is it some sort of medical issue? I've been trying to lose weight but it's very difficult when you get horribly sore in a matter of minutes.

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Find a gonstead chiropractor in your area and have them figure out what's going on.

I can't afford treatment, I'm just asking if it's normal or if I'm fucked.

Get x rays done ffs

I don't have money.

Not not normal op. You should stop eatting until normal weight while exercising (swimming could be your best bet ). With the money saved on get investigations done.

70 to 90 pounds overweight is considered morbidly obese technically. You may not look like the typical morbidly obese, but on paper that much is considered in the mordbidly obese range. Overweight is 20 pounds. 40 lbs is obese. Over 60 is considered morbidly obese.

ANYWAYS thats beside the point. Its definitely not typical for being that much overweight. It sounds like a muscle or spinal issue. You should get your spine alignment checked out. You may have lordosis or scoliosis or some form of spinal deformity. Even mild lordosis can cause severe lower back pain after only standing for 2 hrs.

If you dont get it checked out, it will definitely get worse, especially if its scoliosis. Lordosis tends to be more of a slow gradual process, but scoliosis gets bad fast

Then it's probably lordosis, because it's been relatively the same the whole time. Anyways, I have no money and extreme social anxiety, so I guess I'll just die.

If you are a female then you can get checked for free at a local free womens clinic. Even planned parenthood offers free checkups not related to vaginal or sex stuff. Lordosis is most common in women.

If youre a man, then yeah youre fucked. If you live in a big city, some clinics offer payment plans if youre uninsured. For example, my doctors office offers $120 plan for 3 months. It covers the cost of your appointments within those 3 months as well as bloodwork. The only downside is that i see my doctor every 6 months. But hey, $120 isnt bad considering uninsured doctors appointments are $300 and bloodwork is $800

Man, no insurance, no money, social anxiety, live in suburbs. Absolutely fucked.

If youre under 26 and your parents have full time jobs then youre automatically insured under their plan

My parent doesn't have insurance eiither.

Then youre fucked.

UNLESS you google clinical trials taking place locally. Dont expect anything amazing but at least youll get paid and SOME medical care. Youll run the risk of testing a new drug or procedure and its possible side effects.

Here's a wild, off-the-wall idea.

Have you considered seeing a doctor?

Sorry to hijack but I'm 33 and my back hurts like fuck when I sit up straight for more than a half hour.

I have been doing barbell squats, rows, and deadlifts admittedly. I've practiced form for a long time and I've got the form down the best I'll ever get.

Will this stick with me for life or can it be remedied with massages or surgery? I'm just fearing I'll be in constant pain in 10 years from now.

Have you considered reading the thread? I'm flat broke with no insurance.

lose weight you fat ass nigga lmao

lose weight

I have been. I lost about 6 pounds in 2 weeks. But it gets increasingly difficult because the back pain keeps ramping up.

See a chiropractor dude

stick with it man the pain is temporary but glory is forever

The pain isn't temporary at all.

this happened to me too
it's like your body is adjusting to the new weight, though 6 pounds ain't shit
do yoga

It hasn't only been around since I started exercising though. I've had it for roughly a decade, which is when I was in middle school.