Why do men with mental illnesses...

Why do men with mental illnesses, especially those with anxiety disorders and depression just understand that they're weak willed and lack character instead of relying on a diagnosis from state institutions to account for how weak they are as a man?
What should this weak society do to faggots and those who are too weak to socialize or those who suffer from "depression" or "anxiety" or "adhd" or "add" or "dyslexia"? Should it encourage manful competition and punish weakness?

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>just understand that they're weak willed and lack character
They do. They just end up killing themselves as a result.

Why is this a bad thing in an already weakened society? Does it not strengthen society and the following generations after they're taken out of the gene pool due to psychological predispositions they have a good chance of passing onto their children due to genetics and/or the environment they create for their offspring?

Is society being strengthened with suicides on the rise all around the world and depression rampant?

Have you ever considered that people and their environment are one system? That the society itself is cancerous and those who are sensitive to to it are having a natural, healthy reaction to this societal cancer?

Your view of the world is that everyone should be of the dominator mindset but for those who are not of this mindset the game isn't worth it. You can sit back and feel superior because your way of living is currently in fashion. However, there's a quickening happening and the time at the top for dominator is dwindling. The planet and its flora and fauna have already been dominated. There are no new territories to dominate and the weaker nations have all been pillaged. The only thing left now is for the top dominators to dominate each other. I hope your "will" is strong enough when that time comes.

So you're saying that even though things have never been easier, its society's fault? You admit that men have grown weak due to their easy living and lack of social cohesion
So why shouldn't males who are weak be punished for their inferiority (mainly psychological predispositions) and learn how much they fail as men? Only then will weak men in society be taken out of the gene pool, learn their place and only then will come good times. This is all corrective behavior to strengthen society. A hundred years ago this would all be considered common knowledge which went without saying.
Mental resilience is the main thing. Getting your test levels up and proper nutrition from an early age etc this all helps of course, but if you're inherently psychologically weak and predisposed to things such as neuroticism, anxiety, submissiveness, lack traits to deal with others, it doesn't matter physically healthy others will always find a way to psychologically abuse you if you are inherently weak at your core.

Males become more resilient through experiencing hardship and struggling against adversity, if those who display signs of weakness are targeted they will either rise to the challenge and develop a mental and emotional resilience to what is being done to them during their developing years and do whatever they're allowed to do psychologically to their abusers or even their weaker peers or they will fold and develop debilitating mental illnesses or other psychological traits that prevent them from ever reproducing or leading a successful life to influence others. It can be a combination of both sure but the main principle being enforced still stands. Institutions of learning are the building blocks of society so these are good lessons to teach young males and why being weak as a man is bad.

This is why men in society are weak today, the institutions encourage males to be docile, conformist and to be tolerant like these are essential qualities for males to have, they aren't even told how much they're failing if they go along with this unless they have guidance from a father figure or discern things easily. Too many men in society are becoming weak. Thanks to a zero tolerance policy the valuable lesson here isn't taught, there is no trial by fire, there is no rite of passage into manhood. Those who could be strong are allowed and even encouraged to grow weak, much of the truly strong are inhibited because there is no real challenge created by these institutions other than to conform.

Why shouldn't males be tempered and hardened from an early age, separating the wheat from the chaff to guide the following generations, crippling those who would've been poor fathers and taking them out of the gene pool?
Why shouldn't it be done psychologically and why shouldn't it mainly be a prolonged test over the entirety of their developing years, a test of willpower and mental resilience?

You've made a lot of implications from a few sentences which I'm not going waste time refuting.

The blame and punishment mindset is at the core of the dominator spirit and I'm not surprised you lean on this pillar. Those who blame, shame and guilt others and put others down to feel superior are not strong, those who need to stand on the shoulders of others are in fact the weaker ones because without those who you step on top of you can't reach the heights that you do. They are supporting your massive insecurities made manifest. It's one system you can't have top people without middle and bottom people and it shrinks the higher you go up. But continue thinking you're somehow superior to those you're on top of lest they pull out the supports underneath you.

Blame society? How can society be blamed when it doesn't even exist? It's an illusion. Society is a psychological manifestation based on insecurities and a projected fantastical reality which is neurotic in nature. The societal neurosis attempts to force conformity and those who are in tune with cancerous manifestation are going to gain more material than those who are not. This is not a matter of weakness but a matter of affinity, the dominator mindset is what's in fashion now whether you believe it or not. Even the people you believe are weak and hurting society are apart of this process. The only people who are antagonistic to this societal neurosis are the non-joiners. They are the ones with the real strength, those who go against the grain are generally stronger than those who benefit and work with the status quo. It takes real grit to resist the way of things.

I see also that you wish to control how others live as you procalim men should be doing this or doing that or that they're weak so we need to make them stronger. The need to control people and what they do is the epitome of psychological weakness. So you might want to take a look in the mirror before you cast accusations at others.

Never listen to boomer advice. 100% closet homosexual.

>muh strengthened society
>muh gene-pool
>muh eugenics
you are one collectivist-ass motherfucker
individuals are more important than "the wider society", you don't get to ignore them

Trying to fix depression by making people hate themselves is counter intuitive and the purpose of treatment is to rehabilitate people not hurt them.

Fuck off Rand

What help is that? SSRI's which make you completely apathetic administered by psychiatrists who don't care about your consciousness and will? Why would they even deserve help anyway? Especially if they don't have a good reason for why they are like this i.e. weren't molested and physically abused as a child for years or weren't a war veteran
Why do these weak men deserve society's help just so they can feel special and more deserving compared to others who live their lives and go through the same things just fine?

Why should they deserve help specifically for going through what the vast majority of people retain the basic standard for mental stability afterwards and live their lives as productive members of society, why should they deserve help when they have no reason to be like this? Why should they have preferential treatment? Why aren't men punished for being weak? Why are they all given participation trophies or told they matter instead of encouraged to out compete others?

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Encouraging manliness and punishing weakness is what got us into this mess. Not every man can be manly. Plenty of them go through fucked up shit in their childhood that results in mental illnesses. The pressure to be strong just makes them even weaker.

>why don't men ignore science and seek treatment for treatable disorders instead of living their lives like NEETs like I do?

How being a war veteran or abused kid a good reason for therapy? If those war veterans were manly and mentally resilient, they won't develop PTSD.

The ones with PTSD should be rounded up into cannon fodder suicide squads or used for minefield clearing.

>society is an illusion
>a tangible cultural amalgamation is an illusion
I agree with most of your post but this affirmation just sounds plain stupid sincerely.
I would like you to explain why you think it is an illusion.

Depressed or people who suffer from the problems you listed in OP dont feel special.
Do you think a guy who just shivers at the thought of going into public feels special in a good way or just plain pathetic ?
Do you think a person who has dyslexia feels special about their reduced capability or just feels inferior to others due to this ?
Also I would like you to define what a "weak" man is and morality.

>Do you think a guy who just shivers at the thought of going into public feels special in a good way or just plain pathetic ?
No but everyone has worry, everyone has anxiety, everyone has had similar experiences and come out with a basic standard of mental stability and don't whine and use this as an excuse for anything abnormal about themselves every chance they get, like they expect preferential treatment for something which the vast majority of society goes through and can't even be examined objectively like e.g. arthritis or high blood pressure. Instead they just get diagnosed with whatever professionals in mental health are eager to diagnose them with if they seek treatment then use it as an excuse the rest of their lives to get preferential treatment even though it isn't based on anything other than whatever symptoms they're willing to exaggerate themselves. They deserve to feel like shit for not meeting the basic standard of mental stability everyone else has after doing the same day to day and not trying to excuse themselves.
>Do you think a person who has dyslexia feels special about their reduced capability or just feels inferior to others due to this ?
Yes but I'm sure its possible for someone to get a decent degree with "dyslexia" or other things which are seen as disorders like ADHD when its really just the educational system benefiting females over males due to ability to conform and their way of learning compared to males. It would build character and it isn't debilitating like constant pain in your joints for the rest of your life etc.

Do you really think that those who are inherently psychologically weak and lacking character, being weak willed and born and raised by those who are also inherently weak deserve to live in society and even reproduce? If someone who is psychologically resilient gets a terminal illness at least they were a person worthy of respect before that and has solidarity with the rest of society.

Go get fucked by your high horse, degenerate.

Why should we keep you around? I hardly doubt you contribute to society in any special way. The only reason you’re here is that we still rely on a workforce, and trust me we’re trying to get rid of that too, then you’ll be obsolete. But it’s nice when poor people fight among themselves.

u leave the scrawny babies out on a hill when they're born
they don't live that long

sure thing muhammed

>We should leave members of society to suffer as if they've contributed nothing to our society
This is a very disposable way of about humans, and it's not a healthy approach either.

I think you've got your opinion OP from your own ego, living in denial that eventually, you will crumble in time

You are a retard
Why do we still have cancer if people with cancer die?

I may be one of these weak willed men but all of you come off as pussies. None of you are worth a fucking thing. This entire board is a cesspit of the worst human beings. All of you are malignant, twisted, and horrible. I'd like to see humanity evolve into something better and altruistic but it won't happen while there are cunts like all of you still breathing. The only thing that gives me peace is that time aside all of us are already dead.

You use the the preferential in a lot of ways but in the wrong one.
Those people that suffer from an mental illness dont get preferential treatment , drugs are not free , therapeutic sessions are not free .
They pay for their illness and your approach to just carve them out of society based on the fact that they suffer from an mental illness is psychopathic at best .
They still contribute to society by paying taxes .
Also I would like to ask you again to define what "weak" and what moral is to know on what grounds are we debating because the definitions you gave in this thread are not worth debating as I already explained that they do not receive preferential terms and they do contribute to society.

Calm your mammaries. People get depressed. Not weak minded, not weak willed. You like to share your thoughts of inadequacy with the world via overcompensating rants. Fucking irony eh?

>Yes but I'm sure its possible for someone to get a decent degree with "dyslexia" or other things which are seen as disorders like ADHD when its really just the educational system benefiting females over males due to ability to conform and their way of learning compared to males. It would build character and it isn't debilitating like constant pain in your joints for the rest of your life etc.

While the mainstream educational system may be benefitting females in a slight way due to the literary curriculum this is not an argument but a deviation from the subject.
In no way the different curriculum affects the rate of dyslexia in young males because dyslexia is not a gender specific disease so both of the genders can suffer from it.


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This is the only post in the thread that matters. Essentially, men get thrown by the wayside and ignoring their feelings because they need to just "be a stronger man" is extremely hurtful. Not all men are just 100% testosterone fueled machines and can uproot all their problems due to brimming confidence. Confidence is something you breed from an early childhood, having a devastating childhood might take a life time to fix depending on how other people approach it. Someone who has their shit together doesn't have any right to demean or tell someone else whether or not their problems are valid. This doesn't mean that all problems are equal, we tend to over exaggerate our individual problems and hoard them over others because we are naturally self-centered creatures. It's a bad mindset from the outside and the inside. You don't have to demean other people's problems to have your problems feel valid, nor do you need to speak loftily to someone because you feel you've gotten through your problems. Most of the time when it comes to men speaking to men, as like OP, men have a tendency to demean other's issues because they feel like they've risen above theirs. They completely forget what they were like when they struggled, and act like because they've risen above their issues, that they are superior to other men. This is also very natural because men are by nature competitive, but it is also a huge sign of ignorance because you basically forget all the time you struggled and instead of being empathetic towards other people, you think because you solved it anyone can, because it's all you know.

All this does is breed more competitiveness between men because they strongly want their feelings to be validated, instead other men tend to beat them down, and won't give them the validation they want, usually due to lack of empathy or competitiveness or feeling they are better than them. (1/2)

spartans did it

>Essentially, men get thrown by the wayside and ignoring their feelings because they need to just "be a stronger man" is extremely hurtful. Not all men are just 100% testosterone fueled machines and can uproot all their problems due to brimming confidence.
Faggots are irrelevant due to percentage alone. Men don't have to be "100% testosterone fueled machines and uproot all their problems due to brimming confidence" to be competent in their field and have a basic standard of mental stability shared with the rest of society. This is just the baseline, far too many men are failing even this due to a lot of what is explained here Don't you think you owe it to the following generations to give them a decent quality of men to guide them and women to nurture them?

Why not define "society" for us, then?

Essentially, men are biologically predestined to be massive pissing contest machines and will fight tooth and nail against each other to invalidate each other's feelings, successes, etcetera due to their own inadequacies.

The flipside though is that sometimes you have literal carebears who are overexaggerating their inadequacies and use it as an excuse to everything. Obviously there is two sides to this story, and each side is hurting one another in some manner. In truth, if I were to remove social media bullshit as examples and were to simply take real life examples ONLY, I would say I have probably only met a handful of men who for example, would actually be able to talk over and solve and argument between us and understand to let the ego pass and not let it get in the way of our friendship. Or just simply be able to talk to each other about our feelings and not make the other one feel bad, nor try to invalidate the other person's feelings due to ego issues or feeling like they have the upperhand because someone shows weakness. It's actually incredibly sad to think how rare a breed of person like this exists, few people in general are out there that are like this and it's sad to me.

My point is that contrary to media exaggeration, there is actually a huge void when it comes to contact between real men on a daily basis and men in general are not very good at communicating their issues between one another. It's important I think to understand that a lot of the basedboy media brainwash bullshit has a lot to do with corporate stuff and to not shun yourself away from understanding that it's actually incredibly important to talk over feelings and emotions between people and friends to have fulfilling relationships. Because men are naturally likely to be very pigheaded and stubborn, biologically and socially, they are super poor at this in general.

A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same geographical or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.

Seriously, you can google this. And history, and culture, and everything. You can also experience it physically and mentally. Did you take all the dumb-dumb pills today?

If they are smart, send them on a journey of isolated education. If they are dumb, send them to either the armed forces or a gladiator-type games (in slavery, of course).

Are you sure you're not defining a "state?"

No, fucking look it up dummy.

People and men in particular should spend less time pushing each other around and being more understanding of each other's feelings. I don't expect this to ever happen because like I said men are mostly biologically this way and this will always be the standard. Women are guilty of a lot of this too but I decided to keep the subject on men mostly. I think though that on a personal level if you can learn to be understanding of other men's problems and other people's problems in general you become a more likable person and more helpful in general to those who are around you. Learning to cool the ego and listen to other people's suffering without judging them is something everyone secretly craves. At the end of the day there is not a huge fundamental difference between the gym rat aesthetics obsessed steroid abuser and the depressed NEET in his basement who can't go outside due to his social anxiety. Both people desperately crave validation from others, but neither are exactly happy, and both struggle to love themselves.

Anyways I ended up writing more than I thought I would, not sure if anyone is actually going to read this nor care, if you did thanks.

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You're really taking this to heart, ain't ya bud?

I feel like this is less biological and more culturally determined. I don't want to just say jews and niggers but there has been a serious change in social attitudes recently. Glorification of sex drugs and violence will do that.

lmao who cares. I tackle every hurdle with everything I have so I can blow every expectation out of the water. When I do something, I aim to surpass my previous limits, no matter what it is.

It seems like a lot of people go through life content to never feel challenged

I absolutely do. No reason to stress over things

Why bother posting this at all other than to convince yourself

Wow, it's almost like you grew up with trivial challenges in order to develop such a mindset. What a strong man.

I have anxiety and it's not just "durr hurr you a pussy" and something you can just get over/fake
I mean you think I do this for fun? Randomly feeling sick in some way even when nothing's stressing you out and your health is fine, is totally fun!

>Everyone has anxiety
No fucking shit, the issue is that it goes above normal levels. Say you are nervous for a job interview, and you are on a scale of 1-10 , about at 6 say, that's the normal human level. Well, guess what, we feel it at 11 like we are going to die.

Yeah but if the individual is so important then why are we trying to get society to coddle them into not killing themselves?
Checkmate lolbertarian

Doesn't work like that. Gymbros, soldiers and thugs are ridden with constant fear to lose their manliness. Just tease them and see how they feel threatend.

Libertarians just need to go off and find an uninhabited island somewhere and start their own country and leave the rest of us alone.

Well, it's not whitebois who consume rap and create a market for it. It's mostly based on culture as many men don't behave like they live in some western movie.

It’s called the USA

No. They need to go to a truly free place. E.g. the civil war torn parts of Lybia. Because there is like no government to control you. Or join organized crime on a street level, no evil government either.

These things already happen which is why men feel unable to talk about it. You can suck it up and pretend like you're fine but it doesn't work you get worse, it just finds other avenues of expression. The fact it's becoming less taboo to talk about mental illness is a step in the right direction.

>>Jow Forums
get back in there nigger, we're not done with you.

This. You can smell the weakness in OP.

Sadly, I live there, North Carolina specifically. Not always the best but it's not the worst state I guess in a general overall sense.

>it's not just "durr hurr you a pussy"
But it is. My heart beats explosively while ordering food. I turn tail from friends in grocery store. I don't wanna look my mom in the eye. But I order the food. I catch friends at the next corner. I looked mom in the eye and told that cunt not to talk to me. Never backed down from a fight. All because I refused to be a puss. I live ten years past medical predictions. Inside I'm freaking like a toddler. Outside, I handle my shit. Don't be a pussy should be every man's mantra.

I have bouts of pretty bad depression and anxiety, but still manage to mostly function due to being raped as a child. Am I weak willed for simply being human and having a normal, natural response to such an event?

>but still manage to mostly function due to being raped as a child.
This is an acceptable reason to be the way you are today yes, the rest of society would probably sympathise with you.

>Don't be a pussy should be every man's mantra.
said the pussy on a taiwanese basket weaver board

I smash puss like you. Have a beer.

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Ironic, considering that OP clearly sufferers from an anxiety disorder
Most highly successful perfectionists have anxiety disorders. Many famous people kill themselves over their mental illness.
Often anxiety gives something back, making you alert, cunning, and driven in some ways. I have generalized anxiety disorder and it drove me down a path where I was getting laid a lot and doing drugs, and easily transitioned to married with kids because it was easy to keep women's interest
But eventually you lose your fucking mind or just drag out life in misery and die
So, are men weak? I dunno. I don't think OP has even been in a fist fight. Most convicted felons have mental health problems. OP would probably pee his pants hanging out with my old friends
So don't listen to him

Dude, you can fix all of that. Holy shit. You do not have to live that way. If you aren't a pussy then fucking man up and go to a therapist. The real cowardly thing is wasting your life because you can't spend a minute feeling vulnerable in order to fix your mental illness. 6 months of therapy vs 80 years of suffering, you pick

Jow Forums idiot: "this globohomo zog world is a insane and diseased nightmare!"

also Jow Forums idiot: "these weaklings need to die, anyone that can't handle this is subhuman! Unlike myself who is clearly a happy and functional adult"

Why are those words in quotes? They're very real things.

So, if you were to develop a negative neurological subconscious reaction to unwanted stimuli - one you would not see coming nor control when it happened, you'd remove yourself as weak chaff too right?

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Here's a new challenge for you - be a decent human being.

Dave batista has that shit too.. so tell him he is weak you fucking pussy. Hope your mother dies tonight

Considering how worthless you appear to be I hope you'll be the first to blow your brains out and free society from your useless existence. Don't worry I'll do it too, right after you, I promise.

I think younger generations of men are completely fucked honestly

basically this. Most actual 'though guys' you'd never ever want any sort of shit with aren't your 'manly man', they're batshit insane psychos who'd stab a man for shits and giggles. Honestly if the human world was solely about brute strength, the psychos would easily rule the world, but psychos are really bad at hiding in plain sight, so thatd be incredibly obvious...

>Being this much of a brainlet by trying to equate "society" to "state" when the concept he should be using is "nation"
Go out and get drunk mate

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They are. You can't really blame them at this point. Jow Forums is wrong about about most of it but they realize something is wrong with life in much of the western world. I think social isolation is the biggest factor, second to ever-ratcheting economic stress on everyone who isn't rich

>mood changed a bit
>OMG I think I have a DEPRESSION!!!

Your words shall be considered.

Cognitive dissonance.

Also this time period is the decline of mankind.

So those 2 things.

I think you should kill yourself. It would show your strength as a leader of "weak" men. You will have accomplished much more than you can now.

The irony with your posts is you seem to understand the state as an oppressive force yet you still try to defend society and justify your stupid beliefs. Hard times do not breed strong men they just kill men. If you think killing tons of men is a great thing your soul is truly lost. You have become consumed by your shadow you are not strong you are weak, a slave to your unconscious.

And look where they are now...

This is a bait thread

Lol you are a fool. You do not understand anything you think you do. it is not a matter of manming up it is a matter of negotiating with your unconscious and finding wholeness. For thousands of years men lived by your words and the final outcome was millions of millions of deaths. You want to relive that? No you do not you think you do becaause you assume your strength is all your own. It is not you are merely a lucky person.

how do you mean the literary curriculum benefits females?

Man you tagged the wrong person and you are wrong. Strength is ALL that there is and the rest is pretend bullcrap. I do not care who thinks that they have dominion over me. I own my freedom and there are fer who could take it from me. Let come what may. They will be destroyed.

We're cool bro.

No you do not own it you have not found real strength yet. You encountered your shadow self but you have not grown yet. Your beliefs are not strong they come from weakness and fear.

Have you considered that there might be a reason why you aren't in charge of society ;)

Because they could be better. Not just more content with themselves, but offering more to the rest of us as a fully engaged member of society.

Fear is a sin user! I own everything I have paid for and all that I have stolen. If you want what is mine, take it from me.

I don't want anything of yours. I just want you to realize the shadow within you. Social darwinism is not a strong philosophy it is weak based around succumbing to the shadow.

A shadow is less than wind. A shadow isn't equal to vibrations in the air. I have no regard for shadows. They can stay in the dark.

>Because they could be better. Not just more content with themselves, but offering more to the rest of us as a fully engaged member of society.
They could also be allowed to cripple perfectly healthy offspring due to complete passivity and allowing an overbearing, castrating, controlling and feminising mother to raise a future adult male and give him a weak foundation, inability to make his own decisions or take risks and be predisposed to meme illnesses such as anxiety or depression.

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Yes and the same can happen with a horrible abusive father. You are a fool if you think only women and femininity have negative aspects.

Because that is not human at all.
That is the mindset of a fucking insect, tobe human is understand vulnerability and empathy, that is how we functioned and thrived as a species.
Feeling socially weak and pain from exclusion is more than natural, it's how it was supposed to be. As a flawed warning system for when you are damaging the group up.
Empathy is a self inflicted pain designed to save you from your own selfish needs.