What the fuck am I supposed to do about climate change...

What the fuck am I supposed to do about climate change? Everyone in the news and on social media is constantly talking about how fucked we are but literally no one has any solutions? Am I supposed to just roll up and accept inevitable death?

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No actually everyone is talking like the world is gonna end within the next few decades

They are doing that to sell oil for a higher price and electric cars, stop falling for it. Climate Change is bullshit and out of human control.

Maybe you can just turn into a fucking genius and domain the World so you can force your ideals on entire humanity. Wars would be almost Impossible, by the way

What a fucking bullshit. i don't know if you noticed, but those climate change counter arguments change a lot while the time pass.

They don't change, there's a fuckton of arguments against it, one of them being Soros paying Al Gore to shill it.
Just google it, you will find those arguments and sources that most scientists agree that climate change isn't man made and not a danger in the close future.

Literally nothing.

The online outrage is a virtue signalling fad that is here to stay for a long time.

You can't do anything. The time at which we could act on climate change has long since passed. It's time to come to terms with the fact that you WILL see the end of civilization in your lifetime. We will be the last generation of humans to walk the Earth.

There are tons of people trying to balance shit out. Private funding, science, engineering, politicians, take a pick. But fnow we’re kinda in the “too late” zone and just hope the impact won’t totally annihilate us and trying to cushion the outcome.
Personally you can try to learn how to be self sufficient and get some land north in the northern hemisphere, that will be the safest place to survive if all goes to shit.

>Retreat into artificially run habitations where machines replicate photosynthesis.
>Have to forcefully wear full body protection suits to avoid superbugs, only now it is exacerbated by the lack of immunity in younger people by lacking exposure.
>Force a change in global culture by the loss of nature, that now pissing around is not an acceptable thing, because now it's hard mode. You have to be educated and sensible to be able to do anything now. Won't be hard, but it will be worth it, to purge lingering animalistic habits.
>In several years, boomers are dying out, and people are working onto progressing out into space, because now we're used to it, living in space shouldn't be too bad, and it lightens load on earth, to allow for greater food production, space to live, and endangered species to perhaps recover.
>Become basically Quarians.
>Be far better for it.

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Makes for a good post-apocalyptic dystopian future fiction novel. In would read.

>Climate change
>Selling oil for a higher price

I really wonder if we'll learn anything at all from this hysteria when fucking nothing major happens and we in fact get more arable farmland and habitable space as the planet warms slightly, and material living standards continue to go up for everyone even as the world population continues to boom especially in Africa. Greenfaggots are insufferable misanthropes.

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I wonder what thoughts and emotions you'll have in just over a decade's time, when the planet is burning out, and the time for action has completely passed, and you will be living your life knowing the deadline at which your home will become uninhabitable is fast approaching. What will you think when society and governments are collapsing and the raiders are at your door ready to cave your skull in and steal your tins of beans? Will you regret shilling for climate change denial? Will you feel remorse?

I have a suggestion to immediately reduce your carbon consumption to zero.

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What point are you trying to make, redditor?

sucks when i get to say “i told you so” its going to be bittersweet. But I will take some comfort in your misery.

This really is the most normie board on Jow Forums

There's nothing you can realistically do. The powers that are causing this mess have more power than all of us put together. Recycling cans and riding a bike means nothing in the grand scheme of things. So accepting it as a very real possibility is the best option we have. At least then we can make peace with our demise.

Hahaha imagine being this propagandized. Who cares? We were all gonna die anyway faggot. Have extra kids, maybe your blood makes it.

My point is that you should fuck off to Jow Forums if your memory is so bad that you think the current heat that you experience locally is the same as you experienced 10 years ago

We won’t die from it. Whoever told you that is retarded. The earth is going to cool back down again, it just takes time. These people think their data is completely accurate without having the life span to actually test their claims.
Earth can roll with whatever it’s put though even a nuclear winter. It was here before humans and it’ll be around and habitable long after we’re gone as a species.

I was just hearing willie brown on kcbs gearing up for the circlejerk in sf and saying that democrats need to stfu about it unless they know what they're talking about and it isn't going to be a major running issue. You are beating a dead horse. Politics is giving up on climate.

You wish the world was ending, so everyone could be a stressed out as you.

That is a very weak fallacy when you can use even crude analysis to estimate grow levels. Your argument is akin to 'well we don't know if a shotgun will kill you if you target your vital organs but I won't say anything till you can confirm it'.

Doesn't matter if it happens tomorrow or when the sun explodes, your type of neanderthal thinking is what makes the world one giant niggerville.

>hurr durr climate change won't affect me so i'll just throw my Mcdonald's bag out the window on the highway and turn every vicinity i pass through into a landfill!

Man, don't be a dummy.

4% Neanderthal here. IQ is in the top 1%.

People love to catastrophize, the world is always just about to “end” no matter what the problem is. it’s a way to make your boring existence somewhat interesting. If you look back, they use to call it global cooling in the 60’s.
I’m all for getting rid of fossil fuels but there’s so many wealthy people who rely on our oil consumption. Nothing is going to get done to fully stop co2 from rising until money is eliminated from society. As long as there’s a dollar to be made on creating pollution, nothing will change.

>look mom, I can put different words into people's mouths!

>the world must end when I die, because I don’t want people to live happy full lives when I’m gone

So since it's a futile attempt to do anything, why do anything at all? Do you not see you're doing the bidding of the very people you blame for ensuring that fossil fuels remain popular.
It's not easy to ditch habits, and it's certainly far easier to remain silent rather than changing, but how hard is it for you to recycle, especially when it's free in nearly every developed nation? That's just laziness or illiteracy if you're unable to read where the packet goes.
Small things like this are meant to be the slow down, the changes that give humanity more breathing space to make an adjustment. It's a serious topic to debate, in nearly all fields.

I didn't need to be an economist to tell you that humans prefer the easier, more individual choices, regardless of the consequence. The world is shockingly conditioned to be right wing (socially, not politically), and it desperately needs to snap out of it

Recycling is a meme, it’s complete bullshit. Look into it more and you’ll understand why I stopped giving a fuck.
Things need to change, I’m not arguing for humanity to stand still and never fix this problem. But there’s no solution yet, you can scramble for ways to lower your footprint but that won’t stop China from polluting the sea and air. A nuclear war is pretty much the best option to stop global pollution, let that sink in for a moment before you go with your gut reaction. Humanity doesn’t fucking matter.

Interesting to watch videos of kids from the 60s. Schoolchildren back then seemed depressed as fuck about the future too, except they thought it would be nuclear war that would kill us all.


>What the fuck am I supposed to do about climate change?
Do your best to prepare for it. First of all you need to figure out how it will affect you, that depends a lot on where you live. You can buy a house on higher elevation so it doesn't get flooded or build a moat around your house if there are forest fires where you live.
Climate does seem to be changing slowly, it doesn't really matter if the change is human made or natural, we can't stop it anyway.

See how we've approached this? That you've stated your efforts are wasted, defeating yourself before even making an effort to see the implications of your comment. You're believing that this is all for nothing, but if that's the case, are you intending to have no kids? Coincidentally, that leads to less of potential pollution damage.

I used to think exactly like you, gorging on fast food, throwing every single thing in the bin, never getting involved with life. I would literally order Chinese food and linger in my chair, living off NEETbux as a true Englishman.
Recycling is such a small change, and probably doesn't even offset my actual pollution, but it's small steps that work off. My family began recycling, then I pushed for recycling at work, then I started trading my stuff for other stuff. People are maniacal about clutter, to the extent I snagged some chairs that needed to be recoated.

You gain nothing when you parrot about the demise of the planet, people get sick of the same proclamation of the issue and actually did something.

No one's telling you to start ride sharing, but maybe you can bring your own bag when you go for the next shopping trip

>all these Americans and Europeans trying to teach Brazillians how to preserve nature
>how to preserve nature
>Americans and europeans

Holy shit can you all just mind your own business? If the English colonized Brazil the forest would be long gone, the same way their forests and wild life are long long gone.

Fuck it. I'm down for it.

It all comes down to "pay your taxes and stop asking questions", OP.

If you actually want to help the environment then campaign for gen IV nuclear power.

- no cruise ship holidays, no long distance flying
- try to use the car as little as possible
- buy food with as little packaging as possible, doesn't matter whether it's plastic or paper, the west hardly recycles, that's why tons of our stuff were usually dumped in South East Asia for decades
- if you want to eat animal products, see that you can buy them right from a family farm, not industrial meat from the supermarket
- buy fairtrade products
- don't leave the water running, or charging your phone all night, don't leave the lights on or the TV running uselessly etc

That's pretty much it. The biggest changes have to come from our superpower economic overlords though, which will never happen, which is why the planet is fucked no matter what you do really.The efforts of a million vegans are easily outdone by international flights and the fishing industry alone. Or the military.

It's the other way around, dumbass. Fertile farmland is decreasing rapidly, the dry summers in Europe the last year and this one have taken tolls on the crops, hay prices exploded the last year forcing farmers to decrease their amount of lifestock because they can't afford to feed them through the winter months. Hell, long droughts were a factor in the tensions in Syria, too.

This. Whites (Europeans and diaspora) are smart enough to see the value in nature *afterr* they've destroyed it whereas non-whites are too dumb to destroy nature in the first place

>American spelling
I'm glad you read the Spiked article crying about it. Notice you're the only one who's mentioned it. The smog in Singapore is pretty bad too, but I figure you don't need to virtue signal much on here
This has been debated every since the museum fire with prized artifacts being burned, then we had the Notre Dame fire and we shut up about it

Non-whites can destroy *culture* which is a lesser or more fragile force than *nature*. Only Europeans and some brands of mechanistic Asians can exploit nature to the point that it collapses on itself

Stop watching the news is what you’re supposed to do.

You're going in circles mate. Do you think that Europeans should support Brazil over the fire?

No. At this point, everything should burn so we can start over. And any American trying to "help" is only doing so so they can establish a beachhead for their company which will then, sometime in the future, exploit the very nature they "preserved" a few years prior.
Brazilians should figure it out on their own.

Whatever you do, OP, stop making this stupid fucking thread every single week