Why do you come to Jow Forums?

Why do you come to Jow Forums?

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To stare into the chaotic void of humanity.


I want to imform people about peptides and nootropics.

I find it pretty interesting that people in general are so disconnected that it's easier to vent in online forums, writing something with no specific someone to take the message than to just talk about it with friends or whatever.
At home people go in, lock their bedroom doors and live their private life. Outside of it, people go in about their day, talk about subjects that sometimes matters to then but most of the time just repetitive predictable shit so that they can keep their privacy.
I like to think about other people problems and compare then to people that I know, try to think about what does it show about their personalities and what have you. It's almost a hobby of mine I would say xd.
I think that reality nowadays is something so confusing for so many people that it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the perception of reality in itself is shattered and most people just live trying their hardest to believe in their own personal world.

Partially this
But mainly because it's one of the few genuine boards here. I mainly troll but it is an exercise in social behavior nonetheless. I get to see how redditors and normies respond to "real life" situations and get some (You)s in the process

My friends would rather talk about me than to me and the only advice they have to offer is "stop being sad" or "cheer up" like ok, I will just turn my mood switch to happy whenever you are around.

Because i have no one to talk to or something else to do.

What’s the dirfferwnce between a Redditor and a Normie?

Redditors almost always lean left, have strong opinions, are up to date on consumerist media, and are extremely obnoxious.
Normies occupy both sides of the political spectrum by necessity (I.e. they're Republicans if they live out in the country), is not as opinionated by default (athough they certainly can be), not necessarily completely up to date, and can be more mild.
In other words, all redditors are normies but not all normies are redditors.

To give advice to you niggas.

To give advice in areas I have some expertise in

So then what is Jow Forums?

I come here after I don't see anything entertaining on /v/ but don't feeling like browsing /ck/. I like to observe the terrible situations these anons get themselves into, but I still try to provide constructive advice when I can.

4channers lean stupid and/or hateful

To help out a bro in need, least I can do.

To laugh at incels and stupid thots. They seem to congregate here, more so incels but we get the occasional thot complaining about her boyfriend not giving her attention and incels will bash the guy and support and I find it absolutely hilarious because the guy is still going to treat her like shit and she’s going to keep sucking his dick while the incels are left with nothing after white knighting.

And I like the business advice that gets posted from time to time. This is pretty much my favorite board now, it’s like /b/, Jow Forums, Jow Forums, and /soc/ all in one without all the porn.

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Sums it up. Also to sometimes make myself feel above others in worser situations.

Your friends are useless.


Like to scout Jow Forums when I’m taking a shit. Pretty comfy

I like making people know that even if you hit rock bottom the only way to go after is up. Also i really like trying anything i can to help people who desperately look for some kind of help on here. I kinda try to be like what i would want if i were in their shoes.

Tell impressionable strangers to snort cocaine.

i like reading about user's (non) problems cus no one talks about them irl, it's like a public therapy session (yes it can go very shitty)
life is generally simple but people make it so hard

I try to do the same, it seems to help with reflecting on where your head is at and what’s happening in your own life.

Give me a cocaine tier stack

It's a nice, relatively comfy board and I like to feel I might have helped someone somehow.

You're right it really puts your own problems in perspective at the end of the day. Also it really gives me a feeling of how we really are all in this together and everyone has problems that they think will cause the end of the world.

Also i just really wish /sig/ has more traction here like it does on Jow Forums (before it gets removed).

Then why aren't you on /b/?

When I was in the hospital I felt like if I helped people I’d feel better. To some degree I was right, but for the most part I want to learn why people blame others for their lack of success. It seems to be easier to them than fixing their problems.

I don't feel like vomiting

They’ll figure out depression when shit hits the fan in their lives.

i have a fear of wasting my friends time so i never want to talk to them. plus the user side of Jow Forums helps you faggots give solid, heartless advice that is straight up but good.

Business advice? Could you give me an example...

Same, I'm afraid my friends will push me away if I display too much weakness to them.

Personally to give angry give advice since non of my irl friends want to be successful or live satisfied live. They’d rather be depressed and complain. It feels good to at least pretend to be making others better.

Tl;dr :To vent mostly.

To figure out what girls find attractive and how they show that they are attracted
Also trying to cope with my own self-hatred

I enjoy shitposting, and this board is easy to shitpost on because of all the traffic from outside the chans

Literally everything on r/AskMen and r/AskWomen is a bannable offense. Both subreddits are completely useless

To get insight on the male mind while feeding off their misery.

i can vent and it will all get lost and forgotten, meanwhile i can get some wise answers, or help someone myself, i like brainstorming on relationship-related issues.
or maybe I'm just bored

The horrible stories make me unironically want to.improve myself. Makes me want to be better and help them, and help everyone. Also I get banned on Jow Forums for 'promoting suicide' even though I only use it as a bludgeon tool to show how fallible subjective morality is...maybe i shouldn't be a nihilist bitch on Jow Forums.

Its hard to find people that will actually admit that they have flaws , and I like the communicate with such people rather than the ego facades you encounter constantly in normal interactions

honestly my friends have stopped replying to my self-hatred, which is i guess most people their problems. Mines even worse, I messed up so badly with my friend that he became even more depressed due to my nihilist bullshit. Since then I've been cutting contact, wanting to die, and slowly reconnecting with life hoping to one day become a better friend than him and make sure he's happy.
You know why I say my shit on Jow Forums and not to my brother? Because my brother will remember. Jow Forums will have forgotten about most of the things people cry and are distraught about tomorrow, your parents will remember your crying for a lifetime. Or I would. I'd break down if my son was depressed.

Sometimes Jow Forums is slow

If someone says he has a flaw. Wouldn't your first thought be, if you've realised you have a flaw, why did you not fix it?
That's what scares me jn sharing my flaws. I know my flaws, I know most of them. But I can't share them with the world, because it takes away your uniqueness, I guess, because you're suddenly only a bunch of flaws, and more importantly suddenly your unique behaviour isn't just you wanting to be yourself, it's a boy with alot of flaws who's not up there like the rest with no flaws (or rather the ones who hide their flaws)

to make threads about my problems and have no one answer them

>just talk about it with friends or whatever
they don't give a shit about my shit. also, they are a bunch of retards that can't even manage their own lives.

I want to help people. These are the easiest people to help. It does get a bit upsetting when people just want reassurances that there's nothing they can do about their situation despite advice to the contrary.

to get advice that I will never apply.

mostly shitposting..

to find hope in this shithole of a world

There's a whole shitload of suffering and sadness in life, and people need a place to anonymously talk about their feelings. People need advice, and I come here to advise; to the best of my poor power.

to laugh at "black on probation" guy
to laught at "i can't quit coffee" guy
to laugh at canada guy

It's a community I enjoy.

Maybe there is somebody that needs real help and I can lend a hand. That's nice.