Do i even have a chance as a 32 year old ugly female virgin

i live with my parents and almost never go out

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>I’m gonna ask a question that I know the answer to
obviously no unless you’re willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel now kys

would i still be able to have a family with an ugly guy that has enough money?
i live in a third world country. i didn't get college education and i don't work
what should i do?

How do you expect any one to fuck if you never go out, do you think a guy will jump out a portal and fuck you or something?

What the fuck were you doing in your teens/20s?

>i didn't get college education and i don't work
>what should i do?
Flip burgers or work in a brothel

Since you’re a virgin you might have some value to old ugly men (50s-60s). One might even wife you up and you’ll be an ugly couple that should never breed. Short of that, your only hope is to work out and hope it optimizes your genetics enough to score a 40 year old that might want to sport fuck you.

As you are, you don’t really have a chance no.

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well i just thought some guy will propose to me eventually as it happens in my country
i spent my days watching shoujo anime, kdramas, reading webtoons
but i guess i was too ugly so i never got suitors
and now im too old
i dont think anyone will propose to someone like me at this day and age

Are you from Indonesia or Malaysia?

no. i live in the middle east.

does going out make an ugly person somehow more attractive?

Going out makes people take notice of you, guys won't talk to you if they don't know you exist.

where should i go? malls and resturants? how do i know if they are taking advantage of me to dump me later as im ugly?

Describe yourself. Height, weight, bra size?

You’re perfect, be my girlfriend please

this is the most important
also try posting on /soc/ to get harsh criticism and tips on how to look better

Post picture... wait, that doesn't matter. Or am I the only one who can't see pictures on Jow Forums no matter what platform I use?

You have no chance whatever if you never go out.

Put yourself out there in the social world. Join a club, join a team, join a gym. Take a random class (Greta Books, auto repair) at a CC. Be active in your church. Do volunteer work.

None of those things is direct man-hunting. But they put you among people where men can find you.

Do I even have a chance as a 24 year old fat and ugly male virgin? I live with my parents and never go out. I just think some girl will propose to me eventually. I spend my days watching cartoons and reading hentai comics.

How fat
Post pic

Drop your standards below where they are now until results change.

Absolutely. An ugly wife is a treasure in the home. If you can learn to cook and clean and be kind to a man, some guy will take it.


>OP gets asked for a pic
>OP has left the thread
Nice larp

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>i live with my parents and almost never go out
No, unless you date online.