I'm starting college in a few weeks. And I want to wear a uniform school...

I'm starting college in a few weeks. And I want to wear a uniform school, I'm going to a local community college while living at home. The outfit I plan on wearing would consist of a black blazer, white blouse, black sweater for when it gets cold and a tartan pleated skirt with matching tie, and I'm also wearing tights and while inside of the school I'm wearing Japanese indoor school shoes.

I'm doing this because I like the look of fancy school uniforms and uwabaki are very comfortable. Plus I never got to wear this kind of outfit in high school. Is this a good or bad idea, there won't be any issues for me if I dressed like a high schooler right?

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I don't see a problem but you better get used to orbiters, creep-os, betas, jocks, plebs, perverts, nerds, pofessers, and other women harrasing you constantly

Show me a pic of you in this uniform so I can decide

Harassing me in what context, Sexual harassment or bullying?

I am for my size physically intimidating and am willing to physically confront someone if needed be. (2 years of BJJ experience does that)


Both. Sexual harrasment from guys. Bullying, gossiping, and all around catty behavior from women

But if trained in fighting, you can lay out the first person to try to fuck with you, male or female. Lets the rest know to fick off. Although the the catty behavior from women can take a psycholgical toll on you since they aren't physically attacking you

This is in college though not high school wouldn't it be different?

Social situations never change even in adulthood. It happens less, as people grow up but even me in my mid 30s would definitely give you a double-take if i were to see you out. But hey, you do you. Try it out for a couple of weeks and if you're comfortable, then go for it.

Would you ask anything or just wonder something?

(Not the other guy)

But if I were to be honest if you were in my class I'd have a boner everytime I'd see you dressed like that. Especially if you're cute, I'd know you're a weeb but I wouldn't know how to approach or interact with you on our common interests since you would be triggering one of my biggest fetishes. Of course I would keep it to myself and deal with it, just be safe since some guys don't have that self control.

(The actual other guy)
Nah, i wouldn't say anything. It would strike me as odd and out of place (especially if out in the street) but i would chalk it up as just as people being weird. There's no lack of those where i live so like i said, you do you and give it a shot & see if u like it

OP why are you so autistic
Your post is in the same vein of a guy that would wear bathrobe to school everyday. You're just asking to be socially ostracised

>tfw no gf

To be fair though, I would try to socialize and become friends with the OP since I'd at least know she's a fellow weeb.


This, if you can’t pull it off well you’ll be much more likely to get negative reactions.

I'm not going to show my face or anything, but I am fit and well groomed if you're wondering if I'm far and unkempt.

Not showing your face is fair, you look cute desu
Dressing up might give off a good impression too, although I’d be cautious about how you’ll probably stick out among others. If that doesn’t bother you it should be totally fine though
(Not the guy you replied to by the way)

Sticking out doesn't bother me. And I'm aware of how I'd be interacted with and perceived.

Thanks btw! I'm pretty much already set on doing this. Who knows not having to pick an outfit could cause me to have higher grades. *shrugs*

>tfw missed out on a cute girl
It hurts lads

Sounds good! Goodluck in college

Oh God. This is definitely a super weeaboo thing to do, especially at a community college. If youre white, youll definitely be socially ostracized for it, which you DONT want to do in community college.

Go ahead and do it, but i guarantee by your 2nd week, youll stop doing it

Why did you delete your pic? It was cute. Your feet were out of frame though so I didn't get to see your shoes. What color is your uwabaki anyways?

Meh, I'm under the impression not much socializing happens in classes outside of clubs.

I do want to make friends though. Especially female friends, so that is a concern for me if me doing this results in me getting ostracized.

Do it, do you and be yourself. If you want to dress like this and like it I don't see what the harm of it is.

Terrible, terrible idea. Do not do this. You are going to a community college. This is trying way too hard. What if someone asks you why the fuck you wear a uniform to your community college classes? Do you really think you can tell them it's some psycho-sexual authority complex shit?

Yes, do dress like a high-schooler. Then look at what adjusted adults wear and sort of emulate that.

Bro post the pic the fuck

that's what my school is like. Everyone on this board always says "meet girls at college", but barely anyone interacts with anyone else.
the clubs are basically dead every semester too.

You will get weird looks if nobody else is wearing a uniform. Please do not embarrass yourself and wear a weeaboo uniform to school

OK fine.

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Japanese school uniforms are incredibly aesthetic, but even then I think if I saw a woman always wearing the same outfit I'd think she was weird. But as long as you don't look or smell homeless then you do you. It's college after all, nobody's going to be bullying you or starting rumors in the locker room or something

And it looks just fine on you.

... When that picture was taken I was wearing red, but I also have uwabaki in all white, along with blue and green variations. I'm planning on wearing each of them at school for each semester.

This is them on me, and yes I've been out in public dressed like this. But I only switch to my indoor shoes when I'm at a library to read or study... Which happens to be where I usually go when I dress like this. (I've been learning and studying Japanese)

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I have something like 5 spare blouses and 4 skirts. I'm going to keep myself well maintained and groomed.

And thanks!


while it looks good it's out of place

I like them, but I think sailor fuku would be a too out there as far as wearing a uniform somewhere you don't need to. The indoor shoes alone are pushing it as is desu, but I like them too much to not wear them. And I'm feeling gutsy.

As for seasonal changes, as I said I'll add a sweater when it gets cold and switch to thicker tights. In spring I'll ditch the blazer and go with just the blouse, possibly even ditching the tie for my "spring uniform", and wear sheer pantyhose or thin tights.

People will talk about you, nobody will probably speak to you because they would assume you're unhinged or incredibly socially awkward in some way. You likely won't be approached, but I can imagine an autist summoning up the courage because the girl of his dreams wears a Jap uniform. If you really like it that much why don't you make multiple outfits inspired by that look? There's endless variations of them among schools, so instead make it Japanese student inspo
>dark blazer
>always matching tie
>shirts and blouses
>but always different colors

If you dress like that, instead of being the completely weird weaboo girl that everyone would rather avoid, you'd be that pretty fashionable slightly-less-weird weaboo who has an interesting quirk but hey, it looks good. And uwabaki are so incongruous with American culture that I'd recommend against it.

That would be defeating the purpose wouldn't it?

Yeah, it would be more a signature look rather than an actual uniform. But I think the former would be much, much better received in society than the latter, as well as cooler that you can still express your own individuality through a template you like. It's up to you how much you care about what others think.

Definitely, developing a style around that theme is definitely possible and it's something I'd enjoy creating.

You know that actually is a good idea the more I think about it.

You know that actually is a good idea the more I think about it.

Social interaction depends on context and attitude. Go to a social sciences college or art school dressed like that and people would not give a damn and just use it as a piece for conversation. Since is a community college people are not going to be so open about it, so all depends on your attitude. If you’re going to be sheepish, buried in your desk and never raising your voice then people are going to have a field day with you, recognizing you for easy prey. But if you’re opinionated, actively engage in discussions in class and with a strong personality then people will have to come to terms that you wear whatever the fuck you choose to wear.

And remember, no matter what people are going to think of you as “the strange girl in the japanese uniform” so it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to own that description or to allow them to define you. It’s fundamental to ask yourself “why I’m wearing this?” and to feel comfortable with your own answer. Of course, some people are still going to haze/harass/badmouth you but hey, you’re wearing a fucking school uniform to community college. Own your decision, take the heat and enjoy being yourself!

Nope. Community college is super more lax. Everyone chats during class. My current friend group is made up of classmates i met at community college several years ago

Making friends at cc is easier than high school.

Trust me, you dont want to be socially ostracized just because you want to live your weeaboo uniform dream for a week

I'm not a push over and do plan on being engaging in class, I mean I am OK with people just seeing me as that weird girl who just wears a uniform for no reason. I mean there are people out there who just have a weird style of dress correct?

It could just be seen as another style like Goth or something.

Wait you've actually gone out in public dressed like this?

OP is a male. I'd ask you everyday if you'd like to taste my rice balls

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.... Yes I made that pretty clear.

OP, you dressing this way is is completely inoffensive and harmless. If it makes you feel good and you aren't bothered by what anyone else thinks, then all other input is irrelevant.