Not gonna talk too much about it, i met a wonderful girl who i'd like to be with
We're in a long distance relationship right now
The fastest i can visit her is 3 years, and the fastest i can move in is 6 years
Is there any way it can work?
It's been 5 months so far and it seems to work well
My worst fear is that one of us can eventually break and fuck someone on the side

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ima be real with u
let's say it does work (which is a very slim chance), you then have to get to know your partner IRL and still like them after that (also a very slim chance, even for regular relationships). 5 months? that's not even half of one year, let alone three dude. have you had regular relationships before?

i'd say think about this long and hard but if you both commit to it you have a chance. i heard crazier love stories. maybe i'm biased because i'm parting ways from my gf and won't see her until like Christmas very soon so i want it all to work out as well. i wanna live in a world where love is real and possible to maintain on a distance.

I was in a ldr for a year and let me tell you, if you don't have an end goal is not going to work
3 years being online with no contact is draining, you'll suffer a lot
how come you can only visit her in three years, I'm sure plane tickets aren't that expensive bro

It won't work
Also she's fucking Chad right now.

I'm in the same situation , but i think i'm going to move in with her pretty soon. Going in at it like a trial period of how we can be and i'm looking forward to it so much. Honestly the only thing that's bringing me happiness rn.

trips ?? kek has spoken boyos maybe things will be ok

Ldr does not work. Period. I've done it, my friends have done it. I've never seen it work out once, keep in mind all ldr stuff lasted for like a year or more. You're lives are so separated you cant possibly have something that can work.

Get a job that pays enough to allow you to travel out to see them. That’s what you do.

Honestly this is solid advice, even getting a job close to her and setting up life independently for a while meeting up on the weekends or whatever would be the best strategy.

How far are you from one another?

The theoretical "chad" is me in this situation

I’m sure she’s had a past and you had a past, that helps when you’re older and looking to settle down instead of fuck everything that moves.
You need to both be mature and healthy about it, you’ll have to communicate more than usual than you would in person just to create a consistency and trust. If you struggle to carry on a long conversation day after day I can see how some guys would fail miserably at maintaining a relationship over a long distance. I find it funny when people live in neighboring states and they make it sound like there across the world from each other, it’s childish. I have to cross the Atlantic to get to my fiancé, but I’m going to be moving to her country soon after we get married in the states.
2 years and counting, we visit when we can and pool together travel cash to make it work. If you’re crazy enough do what it takes then do it, that’s the only advice I can really give.

Jesus christ? you're a European dating an american or something ?

Oh damn, I thought it is hard on me with 200km distance and rarely seeing each other. Tbh I'm not sure it can work out with such a big distance. You need to be able to feel each other sometimes at least and connect deeper.

If you were a Chad you wouldn't be that far away from your "girlfriend".

Waiting 5 years is stupid, they won’t last a year without visiting.

I got it bad with 1200km but everything is going to be ok.


Get laid
Eastern europe (me)
Latin america (her)

If he didn’t trust her why would he love her? Your logic makes it sound like you fantasize about your woman cheating on you. I do agree that the longer he makes her wait the bigger the odds get she fucks another guy. That’s if that’s all she wants, if you’re both in your 20’s then I’d say break up because there’s no chance either of them will stay loyal.

Nice. The only thing that worries me is moving since my country is not in European Union so I guess it will be hard.

>Get laid
I am, now it's your turn. Oh right, you can't cause your girlfriend lives on the other side of the earth.

Stop lying to me, you're a virgin

What does a ex Yugo want with someone from Latin America ? How did you meet?

I think you meant that for OP, not me

Op here
I am czech
That guy is someone else

Incels have become such a meme that it’s hard to tell if someone says chad as a joke or they mean it.
He means it and that’s why I don’t believe he even knows what a woman feels like.

How did you meet her? And ok Czech is significantly better imo. And are you planning on moving in with her one day ? Is her country a shit hole ?

What's wrong with being from ex Yu tho?

Says the guy who can't find a girl in less than a 10k km radius.

Internet chatroom

I can find a girl in my place, they hit on me frequently
But o love that one, i rejected a few to stay loyal already

Nothing , my family is from Slovenia so i can't really hate it. Just /balk/ is a meme a meme very close to my heart. hahah

Slovenia was not in Yugoslavia

What ? Yes it was? It just didn't play a huge part in the balkan wars and is essentially more central european. It was literally the first to secede form YU??

What do you love about her? And how do you guys conversate ? i assume english ?

Portuguese and english
Her looks, her sense of humor, her personality, her temper.. too long to talk about it

You speak portuguese ? Did you learn it for her?

She learned czech for me too

That's actually awesome man , i hope everything works out for you two! And i hope everything works out for me and my girlfriend.

Are you planning on moving to Brazil with her ?

I plan on marrying her and joining the army there too

Are you currently in the Czech army? And what would stop you guys from living in a more stable area like any part of the EU? or maybe even the US?

Her family i guess
But we'll see
Maybe i'll take her here

won't you lose your czech citizenship if you join the brazilian army
what's the point of moving to another country to be with your girl if you're going to be in the military away from her only seeing her on weekends

Well i wish you luck!

You never get to really pick who you fall deep for, but it’s the kind of thing that is beyond time and location.
I wish the best for you both and your girls.

Thanks man, We're all going to make it.

>Is there any way it can work?
It has for thousands of others.