I'm sick of being alone. I want a girlfriend

Are you telling me that every dude out with a gf is a chad?
I just want a fucking girl to love me and do stuff together. Is that so much to ask?

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You don't want a gf, you want a mommy to take care of all your needs.

What's wrong with a mommy gf?

Nothing. She just isn't a gf but a mom.

Wow user, you escalated that quickly for no apparent reason. Mind pointing on the doll where he touched you

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Most girls don't want to be mommies to full grown adult men. Blame the patriarchy

Nah. I was giving quality advise. Didn't even call him incel.

>I didn’t do another shitty thing on top of a shitty thing
Yea user, it’s time to look in the mirror and make the decision to stop being a shitty person

Anyway... Looking for some actual advice. I've never had a proper gf in my life. I don't know how people do it. They make it look so natural and easy, whereas to me it feels like this holy grail.

Why so cranky? I did what I could given that little of information.

This is actual advice. You are putting girls and relationships on a pedestral. But you are no toddler dependent of mommy anymore. You don't need them to be happy or anything. In fact bad relationships hurt you more than being single your whole life.

This attitude prevents you from finding a girlfriend. It makes you come as needy and not caring about the girl as a person but just about finding a decent candidate to replace mommy.Trust me, girls have a radar for this.

I'm not getting any younger. I can't afford to just wait around until I discover the meaning of life and I'm ready for a girlfriend. I know that toxic relationships are worse than being single. I don't want a gf for the sake of it but I'm a grown man who's never had one. I want to share my life with someone special and have sexy times

I get you are feeling frustrated but try to think about it for a moment. Your feelings and train of thought aren't getting you anyway right now.

It's much better if you enjoy life on your own and for it self. If you are in a lots activities and hobbys you have something interesting to tell if you meet people. See gf more as a side effect of this. It happens more without you noticing.

It is your mindset however that is holding you back. And you might have to work on some social skills here and there like picking up hints and flirting but this isn't rocket science once you have the right mindset.

Being completely serious with you when i say this.
You probably dont actually want a girlfriend.
To explain what i mean, let me give you an example.
There are fat people that browse Jow Forums making threads all day about how they WANT to lose weight.
They complain, and complain, then when you ask something like
>hey, have you started going to the gym yet? Yo, surely youve attempted a diet if youre making this thread?
Then they'll give a bullshit excuse and theyll say theyre starting tommorow. Spoiler alert: they never go or start.
These people dont want to lose weight, they havent put any effort towards it, they havent tried in any way to obtain their goal, if they really wanted it, they would stop eating, and they would start excersising because deep down they already know thats how you do it.

So my suggestion to you, is to ask yourself, do you REALLY want a girlfriend if youre not putting effort into learning how to obtain one, and how become more attractive to a mate? Or are you just posting on Jow Forums because youre bored and unhappy thinking its because of not having a gf. Even eggman, a guy almost a 0/10 found a gf, you have living proof its not a magical feat, yet you still regard it as so and continue to put no effort in towards it.
I think your problem is youre doing exactly what you want to do, but youre not satisfied with who youre turning out to be.

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How are you supposed to learn how to find a gf?

Talking to girls youre attracted to, forcing conversation.
Forcing your way into social events where you are likely to talk to more girls youre attracted to
Attempting to make yourself more attractive
Reading how other people approached their others
Supplemental reading based on relationship building
Behavioral education videos, i.e. how to read someones emotions better, how to present yourself better.
Or even just training with less attractive girls for the real thing.

Like i said, often we already know what our problem is, and dont WANT to fix it.

You could have a problem with social skills and say
>how am i supposed to force myself into social situations without any friends
The moment you say an excuse like that to anything, youve already lost, because there is a way, youre just not willing to do it.


But if you're unattractive then it makes no difference if you approach girls. At best they will just friendzone you.

An excuse. Youve lost.

Spoiler: women rarely go for looks
Self-confidence is what makes their clitoris tingling.
Well, unless you don't look after yourself and look like a stinky hobo

>forcing conversation
I already knew you were full of shit but this was your dead give away, any woman will tell you romantic feelings have to come naturally. You will just creep them out if you go out of your way to talk to some office as often as possible.

It's not an excuse. I have to accept there's a reason I've been perennially single.

Making up excuses again. Lots of ugly guys have ugly gfs and vice versa. Start thinking of women as humans with agency and not some passive piece of meat.

Number 1: thats not what i meant. Forcing conversation isnt for making her your gf you fucking retard, its for practicing for the next one so you dont fuck it up too.

Number 2: dont say im full of bullshit than type something as socially inept as this.

If you keep making this thread, I’ll keep asking,
How many girls have you asked out this year?

Yes, it's a lot to ask, considering you're a literal 4%er bottom of the barrel tier man in all things that matter

The whole idea of you accepting it instead of fighting back agaonst it and not seeking ways around it is exactly what im talking about when i ask if youre sure you WANT a gf.
When you want something, you dont give up so eaay.

>in a sudden turn of events, patriarchy is to blame for the horde of worthless, pussified, dateless men
Nice, had my keks for the week, have a good night

I haven't asked anyone out. That's not how it works. People these days either hook up on tinder or they mutually get together.

Youre making a thread about not being able to get a gf.
Then telling people that you know how it works

You should make that into a tattoo.

They are not mutually exclusive. I can know the science behind dating whilst being unsuccessful at it

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Using intentional fag words.

those are literally first steps into asking a girl out thats exactly how it works. Are there still different ways? yes

Well first you need to build a rapport with a girl. I don't know how to do that. I've never had a girl show me that kind of interest.

The truth that every "I can't get a gf" post needs

Every girl I've gone out with started with me asking them out.

Doesn't have to be in person either. You can ask them out over social media if you're more than acquaintances.

>or they mutually get together

What does this mean? Both parties simultaneously agree to go out? That's not how it works. Someone needs to initiate contact.

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Every single time I've followed that advice it has ended badly and with me feeling like an asshole.

Shit you know. Wouldn't come here and start with this chad bullshit and this self pitty.

Im not joking as much as you think about the tatoo. Hust let yourself be known. Not "be yourself ." Dont be a puss.

Kek, this.
Following the advice here made me look like a desperate creep for pussy several times, almost got my ass beat because of this too when one of the girls invited a 6'5 guy to the training with her after I tried talking to her.

Because it doesn't work like it. You clear groud first. You know the eye contact-smile-approach-flirt-make-date-game. These are different steps and you don't start with the flirt-part or date-part.

>ou don't start with the flirt-part or date-part
But I didn't.

question: why did you post that picture

It's not the truth it's bullshit.
It's all luck. Luck that you have the right genetics and social conditioning to attract the opposite sex.

You sounded like this. Because otherwise this doesn't tend to happen. Worst thing is they ignore you an give you an evil stare. But this doesn't mean shit as you barely know them.

God so many excuse making pussies here.

You are putting women on a pedestral again. They face the same issues like physical appearence or awakwardness. What keeps you from dating is your attitude and worst come to worse your body odor, horrible haircut etc.

I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to do. I take care of myself, work out, dress well. I might as well be invisible to women though. They know guys like me are ten a penny and hold out for chads

If there are no knock out points like this it's either about you, bad luck or wrong place you are looking for women.

Chances are however it is about you and your attitude. It makes you ignore the women who dig you and go for the ones who don't care about you. Or you drive them away because you come off as desperate and not caring about how you click.

It really isn't that diffcult. Women have the same issues, want to get laid too and feel bad about themselves. They aren't all stacy and becky. Get over that stereotypes.

I can't tell you without further background information anyway.

This is my advice from a fellow incel user. So I don't think it will actually help, but I will spill my guts anyway.
Just make sure to look as good as you can and be healthy OP, so you feel good about yourself and feel good in your own skin. Also set out your goals and work for them.
As for girls, ever heard of the frase: fuck bitches, make money? its nigger for: leave women be and try to make a living and become independent.
You need to let women go OP. Let them be, but remain open and interested towards them. You see OP, we are living in a simulation, and falling in love is not a choice, it happens. I fell in love with a girl once, and that seemed like it was meant to be. There are things you can control to some degree: your health, looks, financial situation and the places and people you see and meet and how you interact with them. But for the most you cannot control how these people are and how history will unfold. You are just part of it and you should just be patient and wait for things to happen while actively socialising and participating in society. Dont be resentful for your bad luck with women OP, you are not the only one, trust me, and its not your fault.

So he'd be more likely to respond, and i could converse with him about his problems.
Basically a subset of the advice I gave him, I did something to increase the likleyhood that i would get the result I wanted, and it worked.

just know we all have the same issues regarding insecurity, but there are girls who actively seek out anxious and shy men. approach witty and intelligent women.

>just know we all have the same issues regarding insecurity, but there are girls who actively seek out anxious and shy men. approach witty and intelligent women.

This is a fucking lie.

If you want a girl strictly for her to do things for you then you'll be lonely even if you find someone. You need to first become content on being single and happy with yourself.

>This attitude prevents you from finding a girlfriend. It makes you come as needy and not caring about the girl as a person
This is actually true. Not sure on the Mommy crap, but this is true.
To get a girlfriend, you must meet the person she is.
How do you meet people?
>enjoy life on your own and for it self. If you are in a lots activities and hobbys
I recommend activities that get you interacting with people. You might not meet your future gf that way, but if you interact with enough people and they see you as an okay guy, then they might know a person who happens to be a girl.
This is how life works.

Alternatively, go to bars, hit on drunk chicks until you have drunk sex, and if she likes both you and the sex, you might keep doing it. Less healthy, but it will get the job done.

>But if you're unattractive then it makes no difference if you approach girls. At best they will just friendzone you.
>I have to accept there's a reason I've been perennially single.
And you've decided that it's your physical appearance and you can never overcome that obstacle.
The truth is that women very often overlook physical attractiveness if there is another draw.
Also, no matter how physically unattractive you are, you can look better and be better.
Giving up on your physical appearance is giving up.

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bang your friends mom.

A shitty girlfriend will make you feel even more alone. Be very much picky, user

All girls have a fucking boyfriend. He's the biggest dick in the world. The way you get girls is by stealing them away. Now you were once the predator, you're the prey. Now defend your girl against the constant onslaught of dudes trying to get her pussy. Every girl ever is going to have dudes trying to tell her that he's a better dude than you. Your goal in life is to try and convince this chick that these dudes are jokers and you're the best dude ever.

However, if you find yourself constatnly defending yourself, your chick is plaing you.

This. Unconditional love does not exist outside your mom, you have to earn love and maintain it, and you earn it by being a person worthy of love, whatever that means to you.

To put it differently, when I'm considering dating a man, I have to evaluate whether their negatives are worth the potential benefits. Do I want someone who has no idea how to get a girlfriend? After all, if you don't know how to get a girlfriend, you probably don't know how to keep a girlfriend, which means it'll be a lot of guesswork and failure on your part until you learn how to manage it, if you do. I have to decide if I'm going to emotionally, romantically, and sexually invest in you and only you indefinitely. If you have no fucking idea what you're doing, if you don't know what you want or what you can give me, if you're sad all the time about not being worthy of love, then I'm not confident in your abilities to provide what I need in a relationship.

Relationships are a lot of work. If you don't want to put in the work to ask me out, how on earth are you going to be able to put in the work to make me feel like I matter beyond filling your own selfish needs? Think about it.

Yeah it is too much. A lot to be honest.

Asking for a person to donate their most valuable resource, time and lifetime, to you is a PRETTY big deal. You won't get anything if you don't put the effort in yourself.

Yea, fuck this evaluation shit. I just wanted to get to know someone for who they are

If you want to be footloose and free, go for it. Talk to women, see what happens, go with the flow without a plan, tons of men do it well. Still have to talk to girls, and you're still gonna get sized up by said girls before they date you.

Women's judge men, and most men's purpose is to be better than they are. Why play this game when it's not love or being happy

Every person in this thread is a fucking autismo.

Just go talk to girls and understand that it's a numbers game and that not every girl will like you.

Not interesting to them? Start doing things on your own that would normally be done with other people, like seeing movies, hiking, travelling, etc. Pick a sport, get a hobby, get in shape, join a local recreational group.

The best thing I can tell you is to be positive, listen to positive people and surround yourself with other interesting people. Be the guy you wish you were when trying to get laid.


Even if you're not interesting, just be positive and girls will like you.

Not good looking? Work on it. Everyone has an aesthetic that fits them. Hit the gym, get a good cut and most importantly wear clothes that fit you well.

Look at it this way.
To get a girlfriend, you need to have friends that are girls. How? The same way you make friends that are guys.
You get to know your friends, so chances are sooner or later maybe a you and a particular girl have a special connection.

This is coming from someone who's never had an issue getting women and had to willingly take breaks to get my life straight because there were always lots around.

I just try to be the best person I can be and I always try to put my life and family before women. That's the other tip I forgot to mention

>Everyone heres autistic but me, let me sum up the whole thread in one post though and tell you its my advice, that makes it not autistic
Oh boy.

This as fuck.


Apparently my best aesthetic is looking unfriendly

>talk to girls
>they have nothing interesting to talk about
>talk to guys
>everythinng is cool
Maybe I should be gay then I wouldnt be so alone.

It might be that you're attracted to the look of girls who you don't find interesting to talk to.
The best contents aren't always in the shiniest package. If a girl looks great, it's usually because she focuses a lot of her attention on that, which might make her less interesting for you to talk to.
Fortunately, women aren't a homogeneous hivemind. They're people. Every single person is a unique fucked up ball of insecurities, emotion, and baggage who you may or may not find interesting.

Or, yeah, you might just be gay.

You made this thread a blast to hang around in.