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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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I love her. She say she does but she's acting like she doesn't.
Cutting all the contacts with her is (emotionally) difficult for me. What should I do?

Girls, if your bf's head smells like vanilla would you tell him it's disgusting?

This is such a weird worry kek.
Of course not, vanilla scented products are nice desu. Why would I mind a bf smelling like a properly groomed humanoid?

Because vanilla.. is a girlish scent?

Re-post because science demands answers.

Sometimes I notice that when I walk past a girl when I'm out in town, they notice I'm coming and either of these things happen:
-they either look down and walk by
-look at me then look away
-if its two girls, younger ones, they talk quieter and giggle
-look back and smile
-or ignore completely

that goes for girls of all kinds. I know some of these mean nothing at all, but is there indication that they might find me attractive based on any of the other ones above? its purely for my knowledge and self esteem boost lol I just want to know

you basically listed every possible reaction someone could have for walking past a stranger.

If you like the scent, man up and own it. Being an insecure twig is a lot worse than smelling like bubblegum even.

I know, and I'm asking if any of them mean anything.

When I walk past someone I find attractive I get self conscious a bit so try not to stare. Never really smile to anyone because I feel like I'm hinting something with it. But if I walked past someone I liked I would make it known to them, this sort of thing boy. Maybe girls do that things like that, I don't know

This girl always flirts with other guys more than with me when we're out. I find it insulting but she keeps doing it, and the worst thing is that I know she likes me, so why does she do that? She's got a crush for over a year now and she continues to do that. Like she always has guys coming up to her and she flirts back with them and then acts like nothing happened while I'm there watching. Then she's upset I don't want to date again. Why do girls do things like that? given she likes me, why?

Well you’re not her boyfriend so why should she care? Is she not allowed to find happiness or companionship just because you “don’t want to date again?” You don’t get to monopolize her attention just because you perceive her to have had this huge crush on you for a year. If you really hate it that much, then make her yours or stop hanging out with her and exposing yourself to such a terrible sight as a girl you don’t want flirting with guys who do want her.

she's trying to make you jealous so you'll ask her out. if you like her back then ask her. if you don't then distance yourself, girls who play games like that are usually high maintenance.

So if you're on a date with a girl, especially if she's the one that's asking you out, and you're both out at the pub and you're sitting across from one another and some guy comes over and starts chatting her up and you sit there like an idiot because she's clearly flirting with him and they're getting touchy. You defend that behavior because "you're not together so its ok"?. I thought that you go on a date with someone because you want to see where that goes or if you like each other. You don't go on a date so that both of you can flirt with other people, where is the logic in that? then she wonders why I don't want to go out again when she's done it multiple times

Why are half of you bitches engaged at the beginning of law school?
When the fuck do you planned on getting married? During the 8 hours you have to sleep?
But seriously, it’s been one week, and I’ve talk to dozens of women. They’re all married, engaged to be married, or in a serious relationship. The classes are about 50/50 gender ratio. Is there a way I can find the single women faster or should I look somewhere else?

Girls, how often do guys ask you out?

Half of these women will be divorced in 2-5 years, wouldn’t worry about it. Just keep looking around.

Female friend says about another girl that she isn't pretty and that she won't be good for me.

Get to know that girl, turns out she's lovely, a bit of a cunt, but I could see myself with her more than any other girl I've dated recently.

Why would my friend say that about her? I would've missed out I feel if I listened to her

I did it once.

How often also do you ask guys out?

She’s just looking out for you, maybe she see that cunt as a red flag. Dont think too much about it.

I think you misread it

if I could add to the question, add how attractive you think you are plus if you're introverted or extroverted.

I'm assuming attractive extroverts would get asked out the most often.

I realize that most of them most likely aren’t making the right decision, but it doesn’t make them any less off-limits.
I just didn’t expect there to be so many engaged women, and I’m wondering if there is a special trick to being able to date in this situation. How do women act when they’re single? I’ve had people tell me “you should easily be able to tell if someone is single”, but I have no clue. They all just kinda go about their business normally.

Oh, i read this wrong. I’m being asked out almost on a daily basis. I never really ever get a chance to ask someone out. I feel like all my interactions with guys is to protect myself and turn them down, it’s a bit tiresome... it’s not fun.

Wow, how old are you?

Nice role play.

are these randos or people you're at least acquainted with?

Hey babies. I just wanna say "hey babies." You know who you are. .....l sound off bitches!!! That's all I have. You're safe.

Try befriend some female groups, if they’re married they will invite you to boring dinner parties. But they will also try to set you up with someone, it’s a good way to meet single women. Girls hang with girls.

Quite often

Both. It’s friends, acquaintances, co-workers, bar/cafe, outside, people you meet online during gaming or whatever. Me and my girlfriends tried dating apps for funsies and that’s a nightmare. In one day you’ll end up with 999+ likes and message inbox get full. And it’s 99,9% horrible.

And it’s not larping sadly, this is common for most femanons out there.

You think they’d invite me to anything if I’m just a single guy?
I mean it sounds like a better idea than what I’m currently doing which is just kinda introducing myself to them individually and them kinda awkwardly trying to drop the fact that they are taken.

You’re an enormous fucking pussy, you know that? Have you considered, I don’t know, inviting her to do literally anything besides the bar scene? Take her to throw rocks in one of your disgusting British rivers and drink a beer or some shit. If she’s not even worth dating, then why bother subject yourself to that and give even half a shit what she thinks of that? Why not tell the guys to fuck off becise you’re in the middle of a god damn conversation? Why don’t you just sit her down and tell her it bothers you, that you won’t continue this if she keeps it up? Then if she does, drop her like a bad habit. Any of this is better than being a little cuck boy letting some bitch lord over you then posting on Jow Forums like “humph, why do girls do this??”

You count a guy hitting you up online as asking you out?
We’re talking about a guy walking up to you, and clearly and overtly asking you out.
My female friends claim they only get asked out a few times per year. Are you truly not exaggerating? It sorta sounds like you’re some dude trolling it give the incels a panic attack.

Absolutely. Young engaged/married women are bored af. So they host a lot of parties with their student friends. Try it out, for reals. Just small talk your way into a group and go from there, normal socializing will turn to good stuff.

shit, I'm in a few different social circles and nobody has ever tried setting me up. Not even the girl that's been hellbent on helping me improve myself to find one.

in the previous post you said that this is perfectly justifiable behavior, now you're telling me it isn't and that I should've done something about it.

Or maybe, I don't know? stop dating people that treat you like shit? which is what I did. Why would I ask a girl that treats me like shit to stop treating me like shit so I could see if I like her enough to date further? clearly not so its a waste of time asking.

And why are you assuming that I'm always at the bar? we went to all kinds of places, half initiated by her, half by me, but eventually she started doing that deliberately so I just gave up on her because I can do better. Question isn't what do I do in this situation, its why do girls do that and think its attractive and then are surprised to find out it isn't. Fuck off if you're gonna be toxic

I’ll actually try that. That actually feels less stressful know that I’m not just trying to get with individual girls and that I could actually have a social input : D
Thank you, pal!

>handles me as a male friend, making dick jokes and just in general not taking my gender into account
>tells me his parents think highly of me
>proceeds to date others
>talks about life goals, which happen to perfectly align with mine

i don't want to lose this friend. i keep on ignoring my feelings towards him as i have a tendency of falling out of love soon after i start dating someone.
but... he's just too fucking perfect not to ask out.

what are my chances guys? i mean for getting the best boyfriend ever, and not losing a friend.

I’m a guy, so maybe this isn’t the perspective you’re after, but you should try finding new friends. Usually after a few weeks of hanging out with a group of people, you can get a good idea of if you’re going to find someone through that group.

Fair enough, guys online tend to try to get to know you more before asking you out. Maybe because of the distance, idk. But you have to consider the volume and the constant stream of guys coming in. Im social, so maybe I’m more approachable than other girls, idk. I don’t want to discourage incels or anyone asking someone out. Even though I rejected a lot of guys i am still looking too. I will eventually say yes to someone.
And it’s not a brag, it really fucking suck having to turn down someone. It’s really awkward and it dosent feel good. I don’t think I’ll get used to it. I actually prefer guys doing the cold approach because so many times guys try to befriend you, so you’re emotionally invested and then they will move on because I won’t date them.

You said it yourself. You get into a fever, and sorta bail after the fever is over. Do you really want to do that with him?
Also, we have no idea what your chances are, but I assume that guys and girls can’t “just be friends”, so he may actually already feel the same.

What is the cold approach?

Asking someone out who you don't know or barely know.

I'm normally really bad about asking girls out, but the only time it wasn't awkward for me was asking out someone I barely knew.
She still turned me down, but it wasn't the normal awkward apology or dramafest I get from asking out friends. It was just quick and polite.

Impromptu asking someone out, usually a random person you don’t really know. Like the girl in line at the coffee shop etc

It sounds like you already solved your own problem then. Not all women, like people in general, are the same or behave anywhere near the same. You know that. Why would you assume this is some instrinsic thing for all females and not a series of bad dates with a trash girl? Or is this something you regularly experience with women? If that’s so, I feel terribly sad for you.
Also I think you should go back to redd1t In addition, you’re an idiot, you ignorant, limp-dick, eurotrash piece of shit cur you. Too toxic?

So asking someone out pretty much entirely based off of how they look in addition to any expressive activity, such as partaking in a hobby, which she may be doing at the time?
It is easier on the person being asked out, but you shouldn’t prefer someone doing this. If the person asking you out doesn’t know or hardly knows anything about you, they are almost certainly a player who is just in it for sex.
It seems like you should prefer someone who at least gets to know you for a week or two.

I know what your chances are... 100% anything further?

Whats the polite way to decline when a girl asks you to buy her a drink and you don't want to buy her a drink?

Buy her a drink anyhow you fucking shitstain.

What? Do girls really ask you to buy them a drink?

Dating is about getting to know someone. This is what dating is for, i know chad thing is a meme and dating apps seems to be all about fucking. But people who ask you out aren’t only just in for the sex, they want a date to see of there is a good match, to get to know someone. And trust me, the guys who likes to text/talk first “to get to know you” tend to be the ones who asks for nudes or straight up tell you they are horny or whatever.
There will always be players, but we grow up around it so we know how to deal.

Yes. Particularly when they see the ring on my finger.

Exactly, all you need to do to filter out the people just in it for the sex is to STOP FUCKING ON THE FIRST DATE.

Obvious for guys, but the girls I'm friends with never seem to understand that part.

So... whats this female orgasim about? Me wife is bringing home the bread and I think she deserves it. She acts like she's not wanting it but she wants it. How does it feel? I know thats all I needed was a good beej to keep me going when I was bringing home the bacon. How do I make her let me make her cum?

Idk, I don’t have those girlfriends. Can’t relate.

Nah I don't buy girls drinks.

chads of the thread, does hanging out with a lot of women and flirting with them reduces the chances of me getting the feels for a particular girl or will it happen anyway?


Dating is a great way to get to know someone on a deeper romantic level, but a cold approach still is too shallow for the intention of getting to know a person.
If you want to get to know a person, you befriend them. There are thousands of women that we come in contact with on the daily basis. If a guy cold approaches a woman who he hardly knows or barely knows, he is going off on appearance. He doesn’t care if there is a personality for dating potential, because he’s a player. He doesn’t care about the woman. He picked her out of a hat. He isn’t systematically getting to know random girls with the hopes of finding someone compatible.
Hopefully I’ve described the phenomena accurately without coming off the wrong way. Here’s a video that might better explain the idea, though:

do it user, dont let him get away

I get what you’re saying and those guys exist for sure. But cold approaching for a date and then going out can also be a way to befriend someone, and to get to know someone on a deeper level. Yes, we initially base our first interaction on attractiveness and first impression of personality, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We shouldn’t deny that we want to be with people we find attractive. Being attractive dosent make you a bad person, vapid or prone to be a player.

What sucks even more is that girls are actually attracted to players like that and reject nice men like me who would only be loyal to them, and would cherish them...

you're either going after shitty girls who aren't worth your time or you're not getting rejected just because you're nice

People are attractive to all sort of things, i think people should live as they want to.
It’s good that you’re nice and loyal, and appreciate a relationship... but in reality this is a baseline. It’s what you expect of anyone in your life.

Too bad girls don't appreciate it though. And I feel like it wouldn't be ethical to start being an asshole now too, just to be accepted by females and maybe finally gain the access to their slits.

>friend's ex and I have great chemistry
>friend said he'll stop being friends with me if I date her because he wouldn't want to be around her
>friend stops talking to me few months later
>his ex still possibly wants to date me but I don't feel justified
Would I be an asshole dating her now that he technically isn't my friend anymore since he stopped talking to me? he's not around and thats what he said he'll do if we were to date, so right now all thats missing is that we're not dating. But I still feel like I'm doing a shitty thing despite all that. At the same time it feels like "it was meant to be", that sort of thing. I don't even know why he stopped talking to me. Her and I do seem to be extremely like minded and he wasn't very good to her apparently, very toxic and very hard to talk to. She was surprised that you can actually openly talk to someone when she met me. That's not to say I resent my friend, or ex-friend now? now I'm lost. I don't hate him but I don't think we can be friends again, he ignored me like this in the past for years and I don't have the energy for it now. If I hated him I'd still feel shitty about doing something like that. Help?

That’s a selfish thought. I am nice therefore i should get recognition and attention for it. That’s entitlement.

>female friends resent me for not being codependent

How do i deal with this

How long has he stop talking with you?

The reality of the situation is that they don't know how you'll really act.
Some are retarded enough to think they can fix obvious pieces of shit, but you're still a complete unknown.

and some are just cunts. I even had one say "I bet you think you're a nice guy until you don't get your way" when I've never gone around preaching the "but I'm a nice guy" bullshit or pushing those memes.

Take this project, I guqrantee it will change your life for the better. Be an asshole, seriously get in the character for a couple of months. Say no when you want, hit on girls you like with no remorse, ask for whatever you want. Get rid completely of any sense of shame. Don't help people if you don't want to, if someones not paying enough attention to you then walk away. Don't wait for anyone, don't do nice things for others if they don't ask. Put your comfort above all else. The learning experience is amazing, but it will take time getting into this mindset, you wont wake up tomorrow a complete asshole but start making small changes. If youre having a hard time understanding what you're supposed to do as an asshole at times, watch a few movies with jerk characters in them. Obviously don't copy it into reality because film and life are two different things completely, but you'll get a clue and some ideas. Best of luck, and remember good things don't come to good people, good things come to people who take them by assertiveness.

the first time in school, he stopped for a year. Then after school his girl apparently made him cut ties with me so he ignored me for 2 years despite me visiting him regularly every other week or so (I was away in college so I was out of town), he never visited or reached out to me. Then he got with this girl in question and he wanted me back in his life. Now she's gone and he has a new girl, eventually he stopped talking to me. It's been 3 months now maybe? couple of months ago he stopped talking but just for a week and then acted like it didn't happen so I confronted him about it and told him to stop that and not do it again, he said he understands. He doesn't apparently

>his girl apparently made him cut ties with me so he ignored me for 2 years

There you go. This entirely breaks the bro code.

if he ever finds out I dated her lets say, and I bring up that in an argument. He'll twist the truth and try to convince me it never happened and he's a very good liar so I don't think I'll know how to reply to that. I have a feeling he'll spread some bullshit rumors about me too. From what I know, but its only a suspicion that I have. Him and his friend once sabotaged my chances with this girl because they spread a story about us and apparently I was to blame for it. Someone started that rumor and him and his friend were the only people clued in that I liked her so I wouldn't be surprised. Its a sticky situation here.

I made a post about this but gonna repost it here coz I want more opinions:
Girl sais she can't make it when I suggested going out a 2nd time, later that night this convo happens:
>Her:Did you go out today after all?
>Me:Was out for coffees from 2 to 9 and now my team is playing
>Her: Oh I see
30 minutes pass and I didn't find a reason to respond anyways so I was just watching the game. She replied again
>By the way thank you very much for [The computer help] blah blah blah

What the f* is going on?
She knows my intentions. The way I hit on girs is straightforward saying that I am interested to get to know them better and that I like them.

She has cancelled first date and 2nd was this? What do? this scene happened 2 days ago.


Just make sure you are not going through all this trouble for nothing and don't make her wait just because you are hesitant. It's obvious that you want her, don't overthink it. He is already dating someone else and he has been negligent to you.

No offence, but you seem very young with this rumors and what not mindset. She broke up with him, it happen a while ago. I don't see any issues. You didn't cheat him out of the relationship.

Thoughts on man boobs?

She likes you and is afraid you didn't want her anymore which you are reinforcing by ignoring her.

if a girl initiates physical touch, hugging and whatnot, is it safe to say she likes me?

ask her out and find out.

Girls, do you have fears for your future? If so, what are those fears?

>girl always replies with short responses
>sometimes takes forever to respond
>but always follows it up with a question
How do I interpret this?

To end up living alone.

Don't normally come here so I apologize if my question is better suited to a thread on its own. This question is directed at other dudes since my experience in this department is lacking.

Small background.
>new semester starts
>qt girl from overseas sits next to me
>slowly warms up to me during the week as we joke and laugh before, during, and a tiny bit after class
>only other guy at our table asks me the next day if I'm talking with her/interested in her
>say of course, its obvious
>he's flirting and attempting to put the moves on her now
>her English isn't great so she reciprocates because she thinks he's being polite but otherwise responses are lukewarm

I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to approach this. I'm not gonna fight over her or anything, nor confront him about it because why would I? My question is, do I escalate and turn this into an eventual rat race or let bygones be bygones and just keep going at my pace?

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Keep going at your normal pace, desperation is a turnoff.

Aight thanks m8, I guess the answer is pretty obvious. I think I'm just mildly annoyed that this dude is attempting right after he asks me.

what do girls REALLY look for in guys?

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Hey girl! Get your ass up in this question. I think I know she wants it, but she doesn't know.

If you completely missed teenage hug-kiss-sex phase, how long does it take to learn it from scratch being 25+ yo grown-up? Is it painful to be that old but still learning?

I had someone do the same and her response was to flirt with me in front of him.
Granted in hindsight that was a red flag that she was a cunt.

Just skip it.

I posted this is the previous thread but it died out so.
There's this co-worker I really like, she's fun to talk to and we've been texting the whole week. We were supposed to hang out tomorrow, but she got sick today and didn't come in. She has to go work tomorrow, so we won't be hanging out. I know she needs to be the one who should propose another time, but I really want to make it happen this weekend since we're both busy after this for quite some time. Should I ask if she wants to go Sunday? We've been texting all day but she hasn't mentioned anything about it

Skip it for what?

The issue is in this case the girl is shy, timid, and can't understand that well. In fact she probably doesn't even realize I'm also flirting with her, but she engages me more since I've been slowly teaching her English and helping her with understanding our teacher.

just because she doesn't understand english well doesn't mean she doesn't understand flirting

Girls, would you consider dating a guy with a dangerous job?

For sex. Nobody really wants to kiss or hug you.

nice quads, faggot