Going through horrible break up

>going through horrible break up
>pretty sure one of the major reasons was my normie Stacey girlfriend discovering my tabletop books and responding with immense disapproval when she realized what it was

I’m in agony right now and I miss her so much, is it really such a big deal that I play this gay nerdy pretend shit? Especially when I love her with my whole heart and buy her anything she wants.

can you guys make me feel better with some /tg/ stuff or advice? I feel like less than nothing right now. There were other issues in the relationship but I felt like that might have been the final straw to break the camels back. She even accused me of hiding this from her and manipulated me into dating her by not being upfront

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>breaking up over some playing pretend
She never loved you


Yank your cock through your burnt out asshole you worthless fucking nigger.

nah just playin fool you aight


This. Any time you have a situation where someone demands you give up a hobby or a big part of your life for them, then they're most likely a cunt. You can find someone who actually will support you in the things you love doing.

>buy her anything she wants.
>other issues in the relationship
>accused me of hiding this from her and manipulated me into dating her by not being upfront
Not gonna lie buddy, she sounds like a complete bitch and you're better off without her

This feels like an excuse. I highly doubt anyone would react that way to such a menial hobby, specially considering that you doesnt seem to be as spergy as some of us who have tons of GMing notes and miniatures.
I'm 80% sure she doesn't actually care about it and just used it as an easy way to dump you while shifting blame somehow.

Playing D&D is about as weird as birdwatching or being on a curling team. It is not enough to break up with someone. You need to have some more respect for yourself if you're declaring your love for a woman who broke up with you ostensibly because you play a game. Even worse, she tried to manipulate you into thinking you manipulated her by not advertising this fact. Come on man, pull it together.

If she was so faithless and uncaring as to think less of you for for your hobbies, she never truly loved or deserved you. If it hadn't been this it would have been something else. Better to have the relationship explode in your face than you invest years of your life into this woman only to come home and find her fucking another man in your bed. Let the lying manipulator spit her venom, you and anyone in your life worth knowing will know the truth.
I hope you can find someone who will support you in your entirety, hobbies and all. Until then, know that I think you're a pretty great guy OP, no matter how much of a fag you are.

>breaking up this easily
>you bought her “anything she wants”
>tried to pull some 2nd grader tier manipulation bs
Dude, you are 100% better off without her. She was a leech only there for your money and beta-male attention to her. You can get over this my guy.

To add on to my earlier point, Stacies =/= wife material. There is the Omega-Chad and Alpha-Chad, Omega needs bitches like Stacy to sustain himself, Alpha rejects Stacies and finds himself a proper woman to wife and have a happy future with. Gain confidence, work out, eat healthier, read some (non-/tg/) books, see where you can go with your job and if it makes enough money to comfortably support a family (60k+ in USA can support a 4-person family fine iirc).

This may feel like the end my friend, but it’s only the beginning of your life.

>she doesn't deserve you if she doesn't accept you for who you are
This isn't true.

Relationships are a social contract. If you go into a relationship, you've gotta deal with the fact that your partner's actions reflect on you and you reflect on them. Combine this with the fact that some people still haven't adapted to nerdy hobbies, especially in typically lower class areas, and you've got to accept the truth. If people discover that your partner is fucking a nerd, it'll reflect poorly on her and perhaps even damage her social standing. This is why you disclose this sort of stuff as you're going into a relationship, rather than hide your power level until it's evident that you're a fucking dork.

>I'm a nerd.
>Ew, I won't date a nerd, get lost.
is infinitely better than
>Since we've been dating for a year, I'm a nerd.
>Oh my fucking god, why have you hidden this from me for so long? Do you know what this will do to me when people find out?

Your next partner will have a better chance of loving you for who you are if you're honest about the sort of person you are up-front. This includes mentioning your hobbies.

>Ending a relationship solely because of "what the rest of my superficial friends think?"

It's as good a reason as any to end a relationship if you're younger than thirty. Long-term relationships are for people in their thirties and forties who are ready to start families.

Lot's of people don't mention having /tg/ related hobbies until a little ways into the relationship to avoid that exact sort of prejudice.
That aside, how fragile must your ego be that you police your own behavior just because you don't want a bunch of people around you who don't know you to think less of you? Anyone worth knowing will accept you for who you are and will not care if your partner is a bit of a nerd as long as you're happy, that's what real friends are.

If she was worried about people seriously considering her lesser for dating a nerd, as if that isn't the most trivial shit in the world, OP can probably do better than a half-feral bajou lady anyway.

Long term relationships are for everyone, regardless of age. Shit, I have a friend who I met in fucking kindergarten, he could get a call from the hospital right now in the dead of night and he'd come to make sure I was okay.

Only slave-people are shackled by such strict social norms nowadays. We as a civilization went past this point of development like 150 years ago.
I guess this behavior may vary depending on the background of OP, which may still be underdeveloped in some lower class "hispanic" and afrodescendent communities, but even among these i would say that such strict mechanicism isn't very prevalent nowadays.

Women, especially in lower class environments, are taught that their social standing is entirely dependent on the quality of partner that they're able to bag. Not on how hard-working they are, not on how passionate and intelligent they are, but on how rich and/or (preferably and) good-looking their partner is. It's socially ingrained in them. A partner's flaws means much more to a woman (and the women she surrounds herself with) than it does to a man.

>I love her with my whole heart and buy her anything she wants.
Going by what little information you provided I'm guessing the books were an excuse, not a reason. Girls often fall out of love much faster than guys, especially if the guy is being overly affectionate and eager to please. I've been there myself a few times. Nerdy types are often a little too thankful for being in a relationship and end up being clingy.

You'll be fine. Find another girl and don't keep yourself hidden from her. Remember to be your own person and not make everything about how you're this perfect nice guy who just wants to please her.

You're also forgetting white rural communities and general lower class urban communities.

Middle class white suburbia is the only part of society that's actually cool with tabletop gaming.

People will disagree with this post, but it's perfectly sensible. You'd expect a girl to tell you she was a pornstar and not spring it on you on your anniversary.

>She [...] manipulated me into dating her
You dodged a bullet there dude. I understand you feel like shit right now, but save your post and read it again in 3 months.

You are kidding, right? Rural white communities are THE places for weird hobbies, anything from train autism to collecting hundreds of models of wood-cutting tools and to literal LARPing. I have observed this phenomenon in South America, North American and Western Europe, where most people simply dismiss these things as eccentricities and proceed to judge the social value of the person by metric such as house maintenance, performance as a host and economic class.

king, pick up your head. your crown is falling

>comparing sex with strangers while being filmed with fucking DnD
Yeah, nah.

She didn't love you my dude. You're better off without her. Trust me, in a few months you'll be glad she's gone.


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From my anecdotal experience, it's the other way around. Everyone lives for the weekend, during which they drive off to the nearest bar or club to get shit-faced and then they spend the rest of their week pining for the next weekend. You can't even rent a room for tabletop gaming without a subtle sneer or a whispered 'oh my god' as you walk away. In my experience, adherence to societal norms is a big part of social acceptance in rural Caucasian communities. You're welcome to counter that with your own anecdotal evidence, but neither of us can prove the other wrong with our anecdotes.

Fair enough. The deductive method is indeed inept for this kind of analysis. Making an induction based off the known characteristics of these communities, consolitated through anthropological studies such as the level of agreeebleness and concienciouness, would be preferrable.

How's life back in 1983?

>buy her anything she wants

thats uh

thats either a sign that youre being played, or you're an extremely rich sugar daddy (in which case youre still being played, but youre in on the joke)

if you don't think of yourself as rich, youre being played

>rural Caucasian communities

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If you have to hide your interests she's not the right one for you. There are many cute nerdgirls Out there, and even more who are normies but let you have your fun. A true gf's reaction would have been "Cool, can I Join" and try hard even when it's clearly not her thing.

>Ending a relationship solely because of "what the rest of my superficial friends think?"


I dated a 4/10 for a while.

Did I dump her because she was a 4/10?

Did I dump her because my friends didn't approve?

Did my friends not approve partially because she *was* 4/10 and they thought I could do better?

These are not easy to untangle man.

Like, yeah, if you're dating a 10/10 and your friends disapprove, fuck 'em. But if it's a 10/10, there's nothing for your friends to disapprove of, so the problem doesn't come up.

You can't make sweeping generalizations across all rural areas more then you can compare new york to copenhagen. I grew up on a farm at the ass end of nowhere and I think I was the first person to introduce tabletop gaming to my entire county, but I saw very little stigmatization for it, especially compared to how much I've experienced after moving to the big city as an adult

You either live in an extremely liberal pasty white suburbia or you don't get out often enough. Maybe both. Outside of that sort of community, "people should accept you for who you are" and other such snowflakeisms don't exist.

>There were other issues in the relationship
>She even accused me of hiding this from her and manipulated me into dating her by not being upfront
Guarantee you the person blowing up about "hiding things" is the one guilty about hiding something...and I don't mean that she's a secret mlp fan. I'd hazard a guess she's seeing someone, and has for some time. More than likely, she's using the excuse of your big "betrayal" (that's sarcasm) of finding out you played tabletop games (the horror!) as a pretext to dump you so she could be with her "true love" but didn't have the guts to tell you.

All women are like that*

If she has social media, you would no doubt find her relationship status changed in less than a week to "in a relationship" with her new "love of her life" or some such drivel.

The point of telling you all this? Someone that shallow, who would dump you over a hobby that is very tame and doesn't prevent you from being a functional member of society (based on the fact that you actually had a girlfriend, even if she was a shrew) and you clearly have employment to live and support said hobby...among your other positive traits (which you know of).

It will take time, but do something fun to take your mind off this. Find your friends, run some fun fluff sessions, paint your stuff you haven't got around to doing yet, whatever you think will do that for you.

At some point, take stock and figure out what lessons you can learn from the relationship, good and bad. Then pick yourself up and get back out there. Find someone who does appreciate the things you're into, give you the space to have that time with your friends, or some combination of both. You may find someone to share your life with, or you may find more friends who enjoy your enthusiasm for games. Either way, it's a win.

*outliers exist, but that's another discussion

>Social contract
Ah I see you are a romantic one
I agree that you should be upfront about your interests though. Find someone that likes who you are and not who likes who you pretend you are

>accused me of hiding this from her and manipulated me into dating her by not being upfront
Sounds like she's been fucked around by someone before & is associating you with them, and even though it's trivial as fuck that reaction is the sort of thing that can give the whole relationship an air of 'what's the point'. Others are right that her response was a bit ridiculous, but there's a reason for everything people do.

Don't do what suggests though. Tell people things only when it feels right; just don't let them find out on their own (which likely exacerbated things). Took over a year (& 3 months of arguments about a secret I'd offhandedly mentioned once) for me to tell my gf the other week that I used to watch mlp - which is like the king of trivial shit that ruins lives - but has so far worked out fine. Likewise it took her a while to tell me shit like she used to be a camgirl. If you want to be with the other person & the context of finding out is having a discussion about it, then they work out.

Of course you could also just not date normies who see anything unsanctioned by their collective consciousness as something that needs a confession

Sorry not everyone is from a third world country where you have to marry the next best idiot to have social security

Mate, it's just a fact of modern romance. If you're actually getting into a real relationship and not just a one-night stand, you need to accept that your family and friends will all be judging you based on your partner, and vice versa. How people look at you is how people will look at your partner, you're suddenly viewed as a single entity by people outside of the relationship. You just gotta accept that.

On the scale of things to tell someone...
"used to watch mlp" probably a 3 (unless you obsessively collected stuff and went to conventions), in which case the points start going up a bit.

"used to be a camgirl" probably a 6-8 depending on what kind of camgirl we're talking about, and what exactly was done on camera.

Good looks will age away, the real question is whether or not the 4/10 makes you happy. If you truly love someone,it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Fuck what they think, their opinions don't matter.

Nice blog post fag

>Fuck what they think, their opinions don't matter.
To a point, the only time this comes into play is if you're seeing/interacting with them on a regular basis. Setting clear limits with them is important. They've made their point/you and yours and being a dick about it isn't good for anyone. Especially if they want to see their grandkids (if that's in the cards).

I'm not saying use them as leverage, but only an idiot would take their kids around people who were treating their spouse that way. More often than not, they'll treat the kids the same way too. There's exceptions, but don't bet on them.

Well it worked out the other way around for us. The mlp thing was a pretty big deal at first because she *really* didn't get why an adult male would watch a show for little girls, & the only reason it isn't a big deal now is because she's consoled herself that I'm not the same person as back then - not like I've convinced her that it was an unproblematic thing to do. The camming thing on the other hand was totally fine with me so long as she wasn't still doing while we're together (because your post seemed curious, it was all private shows & nothing too crazy was done. I don't understand the dudes with humiliation fetishes but that's hardly reflecting on her)


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so a retard and a whore. great

>Especially when I love her with my whole heart and buy her anything she wants.
Nigger, when will you learn?
Men date for love, Women date for status.
Never give a woman what she wants because as soon as she has everything from you she needs nothing from you and can go to another guy. also see

>because your post seemed curious
Sorry, wasn't trying to come across as prying...speaking in general terms. I've heard "camgirl" applied to everything from someone who does gaming to people who do hardcore porn depending on what people are paying. Hence the hard to pin down number...probably should have put that a bit lower for the gaming side, because there's a very small number who aren't self absorbed nuts (no insult intended), but too many of the others out there. Sounds like you landed a solid one though.

Yep. You were a time sink for her, that's it. If she's a special kind of bitch she might've cheated on you.

Haha, nigga you clownin doe.

Short term relationships are for high school. If you’re not mentally capable of marriage during college then you have been failed by society when people were ready for childbirth at 14. Also, there is a correlation between 30+ women and retardation in newborns. Men can get by with it, but women over the age of thirty can face multiple birthing issues. Their best bets are 20-30.

Wasting your time on loveless short-term affairs is not a way to live. It doesn’t bring happiness. Especially when you think that affair is worth marriage. That’s how divorces happen.

Who hurt you user?
Not every girl is a golddigger stacey, yes they are the ones you'll see first because they want to be found by as many guys as possible, but there are definitely lots of pretty grounded girls that want nothing more than a good relationship and a happy life.

Symptoms of Defeated Male Syndrome. Or just a redditfag. Either way, neck yourself, for the good of the species.

If somebody is going to leave over something as trivial as having a hobby, one that inspires creativity and social interaction no less, move on. That kind of thinking should have been abandoned decades ago, you aren't dating a good person.

I agree with My wifes family hates me, so what, she hates them too.
If you let everyone in your life dictate on how you live yours you'll not get far. Just be authentic, then the people who agree with you become your friends and those who don't can stay the fuck away from you. There is no way to make everyone happy unless you are plain as dry bread and never do anything controversial. (Not even then, I will shun you for being boring and a worm who doesn't stand up for their own opinion)

If someone wants to date you because it's good for their social standing stay the fuck away from them. You can't buy happiness from being socially accepted


That's r9kposting if I've ever seen it.

Yeah she has to love you more than you love her. But as some playwright once said, now that you have experienced heartbreak you are now complete as a man.


A good man by the name of patrice o'neal once said those words and he never said a thing that wasn't honest or learned through adversity.

Tfw I gave up a girl that sincerely loved me for a year because moving with her might have hurt my career

Did you get back with her? What happened user?


You're better off user. Find a fa/tg/irl who will play with you and love you for who you are

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>tfw dated a girl who was into tabletop years back
>had fun playing, but the relationship was not especially functional
>eventually broke up due to a variety of reasons (she wasn't exactly neurotypical)
>find cute, normie girl who accepts my hobbies but wants nothing to do with them
>her own interests include netflix and ... pretty much just netflix
>feel myself growing more and more bored living with her, start fantasizing about having a girl I can actually do interesting stuff with
I don't know what to do. She's a good woman, but I'm afraid we'll inevitably grow apart and I don't feel like it's a good idea to get married and have kids just to stop being bored with each other.

If tg is a big part of your life and you manage not to mention it to someone you're dating for long enough you're exclusive and 'love' and they still don't know about tabletop you're a fucking clown.

I've been regularly dating for a year now and without fail tabletop comes up within a few hours worth of conversation with any of the women I've dated. It's literally the answer to the 'what do you do for fun' question.

Obviously breaking up with someone over a harmless hobby is bullshit (unless it's a closet furry) but of course once again these replies show the absolute STATE of the poor social skill of tg

all my tg bros have gfs, all mutual loving relationships, they don't play but respect hobby time. you will find another

>her own interests include netflix and ... pretty much just netflix
why are so many people like this? i try to talk to people at work about ALL SORTS of different topics, and I'll get a bite here and there for conversation, but since I don't watch Sports or Netflix I'm almost always left without anything to talk to these people about.

I dated a girl once who never did anything but work and watch TV. Seemed like she was always bored but would never do anything or try anything new and then would bitch that I didn't take her to do things and all she did was watch TV. Doesn't make any sense.

Break up. I recently met a girl who's really similar to me in personality and cute enough. I swear there's no substitute to an interesting personality, Netflix-watching 10/10s can swerve

My brother I cannot possibly understand the pain you're going through. I'm sure it hurts an unbearable amount. But here's the thing about relationships. There is no 'perfect' relationship. There's no magical relationship where both people don't fight, or hurt each other's feelings, or step on each other's toes. That always happens. The difference is that two people who truly, really love each other put those things aside, come together, and get stronger and closer for it. The shitty people dip out. If you're breaking up over something like that there's just no way the relationship could ever really work, and I'm sorry.

But keep your chin up. If you can get a girl for some amount of time that means you're a moderately good looking guy. You just need to have some you-time, relax and take it at your own pace. And one day in the future you'll meet another girl who really likes you for who you actually are, and you can be happy together sharing your hobbies.

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>She even accused me of hiding this from her and manipulated me into dating her by not being upfront

Fuck that bitch. Drop her and never look back.

Fu-king this

The only advice I can give is to accept statement as fact
Don't date stacies you naïve bastard, you make me feel bad for you.

Depends on if you are okay with being alone. You don't have any certanty when you will meet someone again, so don't break with her just to come running back crying if you don't find something better.
The best couples I know share a some hobbies at least, is important to be with someone who you feel can share stuff, but also it means giving as much as you ask for.
Be sure about how you feel, because if you break up and then regret it she has no reason to take you back or even like you.

Thot apologist

Block her number, remove her from your friends list and throw any written letter from her on the fire/in the trash. It is better to remove a mangled appendage than let gangrene set in. If she wants to live without you and valued you so little then let her live without you, you have lost nothing but a parasite.

I nominate this post for the most correct post of 2019.

>(she wasn't exactly neurotypical)
>actually using words like neurotypical
>No picture attatched when despite posting >tfw
So how was your first summer?

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Women are whores my man.

Disregard bitches and do things you love.

The 'year' part was referring to our relationship. We literally started arguing about moving a couple weeks before a nice anniversary dinner she'd planned for us, and eventually we broke up just a couple days before we would have reached a year. Now its been two months since I've talked to her; for a while she missed me and wanted to get back together, but now she hates me for breaking her heart - maybe rightfully so


Give her a taster session and see if you can get her into the hobby.

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You used the word neurotypical twice as many times as the guy you are responding to. Maybe you are the true villain here.

>meet qt girl who into me because she thinks im smart
>she finds out i play tabletop and is worried about it
>offer to let her come play and she tries
>literally can't comprehend basic concepts like adding an attack bonus
>cant get over "ew it feels so weird playing pretend"
>out of nowhere straight up asks me to stop hanging out with my friends and we can go meet her friends to go hang out at the beach
>call my friends, tell them no game that night but stand by
>drive girl to the beach, tell her to go on ahead and ill catch up
>get in the car and go drive back home and hang out with friends
>thot comes home and finds her shit on the lawn
get thee gone thot, bros before hoes any day.

go back to Jow Forums

This. Rural people make thier own fun. RPGs is an easy way to do that.

>>she doesn't deserve you if she doesn't accept you for who you are
>This isn't true.

So she does deserve him if she doesn't accept him for who he is?

>be me
>work starbucks as barista
>always friendly always well recieved get good tips
>hot girl comes in one day
>seen her before but todays different
>she walks right past her stacie friends and comes up to me
>asks me no holes barred if i want to go out on a date with her
>tells me she thinks i look cute
>blush, tell her that i'm a girl
>she leans in and says that she'll do whatever and whenever, no questions asked
>she nods, pressing her jabhungalongatangos up against me
>start laughing, say, "Okay, well in that case, you can..."
>rip off my mask and reveal that i'm reinhardt from overwatch



what exactly do you want from us steve? Do you want to know that there are hot dorky girls who are into nerd stuff? There are, I married one. Do you want us to help you feel better about having dorky fantasies? Look at Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Steven Spielberg, George Lucus, etc. These guys were dorks too and they shaped culture and achieved fame and fortune. most everyone has nerdy thoughts, its called imagination. Do you want us to berate your ex-girl? No need, she does her own thing and now you can do yours. You are free.

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yep, that's the test

fpbp. I'm sorry you have to go through this OP, but at least she's showing her true colours. You dodged a bullet early on instead of spending even more of your life with such a fake, shallow bitch. Go play some roleplaying games with your bros, disregard hos. You'll find someone who genuinely loves you and wants to be a PART of your hobbies one day, just be more careful and look for red flags in future girlfriends/boyfriends so you don't get your heart broken again. You're worth more than that, you deserve to be treated well. We love you. I roll to hug you through the screen

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am allergic to puppi and dog u fucker thanks :(