I missed a lot not dating in my teens?

I missed a lot not dating in my teens?

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Nothing really. A bit of experience dealing with women maybe.
Nothing that you wouldnt gain in a few month of relationship with a girl.
Teenage love is a meme

you didn't dating in your teens is more about peer pressure and appearances than anything else.

You'll be awkward for your first few dates, like I was. Some girls might find it endearing. It's not too late bro.

You missed the easier shots at girls who weren't totally ruined yet

People are too immature in their teens. I avoided it on purpose.

It depends really. A few of my friends had something close to >real love and I envy that about them. But myself and others weren't so fortunate in our relationships. If I could go back I would never ask my then girlfriend out.

So it depends

Here comes the incel with his oure christian conservative fantasy.

You didn't miss out anything. Teens are unstable and superfical in their relationships. And no, it's never too let to start.

why do people talk about "missing out" on life experiences all the time? everyone has different experiences. yours aren't going to be the same as mine or as anyone elses. just look at the opportunities available to you in the future and choose your path, op. stop worrying about shit you didn't do in the past.

ehh. its not all its cracked up to be because relationships are usually pretty superficial in high school and no one is very good at dating. my first two girlfriends were awful and i almost gave up for the time being but my life would be way worse if i hadnt had my third relationship

t. son of a single mother

My parents are married like over 30 years. Try again, incel.

calm down

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Triggering incels is just too easy

incel projection

I mean you read "incel" and go all nuts. While it's the truth.

my gf will be glad to learn i'm an incel now

It's a lifestyle not related to be an actual virgin.

>Being an involutary celibate doesn't require to be celibate
ok i n c e l

ok so the incels, the idiot arguing with them, and OP are faggots. lets change the topic

i want to make boxes for storing the parts of a car that im restoring, so i have to decide between hardwood and mdf
on one side, hardboard is cheaper and stronger (thus thinner)
idk about mdf but my father made the same kind of boxes out of it when i was a young lad so im kinda biased towards it
so which one is better

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Why bring up incel memes then, Mr. Iam no incel?

Don't see much of a difference there. Given you are just using them as storage containers.

You missed out on prime teen puss but that's about it. Aside from many women being in their physical prime in high school, you also dodged the bullet of TEEN DRAMA


spotted the pedo

Honestly it's true for many men as well.

You can't deny that many people let themselves go in college and then never rebound

Ok, I was trolling there. But I don't think most people are their best before 19-21. And for some strange reason you have these early bloomers whose looks detoriate after 25. But there might be lots of smoking and shitty food involved.

teen relationships are only fruitful for two reasons: sexual exploration and determining what you dislike. otherwise, you missed out on little to nothing.

I think it's largely lifestyle, partly genetics. People that remain disciplined and make healthy choices can look amazing well into their 30s or beyond. College though messes up a lot of people because of the incredible stress and the coping mechanisms many students develop to cope

People just give up over time.

it would've been my first choice , but i cant find thin plywood (4 or 5mm)

Yeah, thats a fair point. I also notice people to give up when they reach their late 20s. Metabolism becomes a bit slower and many feel comfortable with the role of being the "dad" or "mom". Meaning some extra pounds and typical boomer clothing becomes acceptable.

I know people who started to have early sex during high school. Many were the object of envy during school but ended up fucked in the head. Not all though but quite a bit.

Ugh, dad clothes. I will never be caught dead in a polo shirt and cargo shorts. Goddamn

Me neither. Bonus points for checked cargo shirts and sneakers. People start to dress during the second half of their 20s over here. Quite horrifying in fact.

would you two idiots shut up? nobody is interested in your feelings on cargo shorts

t. cargo short wearing dad

Thanks dad

Moral of the story is... start dating before cargo shorts and velcro sandals start looking appealing, or else its all over

...but they are so comfy! Cargo shorts are the male equivalent of mum jeans.

oh yeah tell me about it and socks and sandals and fanny packs oh boy dad clothes right
and what's the deal with airline food?

you're a boring idiot

i think so I did too. I feel regret when I think about it. But there is still my twenties i plan to get a gf in less than a year hopefully. I hope it goes well i will try my best.

So how many gf's do I have to go through to get some experience? I never dated

You want some Reddit upvotes with that sir

well id say 2 is enough to have a much better idea of what youre doing as long as they both last a couple months. personally im still only in my third relationship but its been a couple years now together.
side note, its starting to fuck with me actually because i didnt believe in love or getting married but im not sure what else to call this feeling

>I missed a lot not dating in my teens?
You missed some stuff, but most of it would have been inexperienced and awful.
Dating the right person in your teens can be great, but just "dating" in your teens is just getting dating experience while also experiencing all the other teen crap.
Nothing of value was lost.

>tfw will always be skinny and baby faced, yet have a nice full beard, but I'm also fucking balding

Mixed feels, bros.

just a lot of people dumping shit on you for missing out on being awesome

>I don't think most people are their best before 19-21
Except for literally every girl ever in the history of mankind.

OP you may have missed some quality people before they got snagged and taken off the market but you would have needed to be top tier yourself (or close to it) to get them in the first place. For the rest it all comes down to circumstance, there's still plenty of quality people out there they're just a little harder to find now.

Yeah i miss those days where youre in your teen yrs and have a gf and she accidentally farts and gets all shy. You grow older and all your gfs fart like cows all day.

Sucks. Have they no shame?

Those who have experienced it will tell you that it was meh, and those that are done with it are gonna say women aren't worth your time.
Those who haven't experienced it only think about it and get more sadder about it.