How do I find a serious girl who wants to be a housewife? I make over $400k per year in my career...

How do I find a serious girl who wants to be a housewife? I make over $400k per year in my career, all I want is a family oriented girl.

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It might be too late for you, you didn't find someone before you started to make the high dollars.

Church, online, through friends, family or acquaintances...
She won't find you if you're not putting yourself out there.

I'm fresh out of high school and ready to be wived OP. I'm a virgin too. Please marry me.

Nigga get a live-in maid, it will be cheaper.

Why not just get a woman that works, are you intimidated by working women??

I was too busy slaving away with my education and training to find a girl, sadly. I didn't have much of a life until a couple years ago.

Well I was hoping for more specific places. Tinder and online dating sites probably not the best place to find what I'm looking for.

I'm 34. You're a bit on the young side.

I want a relationship though, and children.

Why would I want that? I don't understand. I would want her to have the capability to work in case something were to happen to me but I don't want someone that has the desire to work over taking care of her family.

>I'm 34. You're a bit on the young side.
I like older men though! I'm very submissive and loyal.

There's plenty of conservative oriented dating sites user, you just have to look for them.
Women literally work and live all around you user, go grab a coffee and your future wife might be sitting in the table next to you, go to the supermarket and she might be in the same line for the register in front of you, you might even bump into her on the street. Pick a place and do shit around there frequently. Parks, caf├ęs, malls, supermarkets, sports, gyms, outdoor areas, beaches, ...

too young to know that for sure

Go to a church. You might find a real angel there.

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I guess I'll be the one.

What do you do?

I'll let you stick your dick in all of my holes if you marry me OP.

What job and how do I get one like it?
>implying you can't romance the live-in maid and have children with her

>implying you can't romance the live-in maid and have children with her
Probably not the best idea though.

Its hard to find family oriented girls because they all fell for the independence meme, OP.

I'm right here ;)

Not OP but another older well off guy. Where are you located?

Your best bet is find a sheltered conservative girl somewhere to produce your babies.

So what's up with everyone on Jow Forums claiming they're "available" and then ignoring responsers, who then ignore responsers to them

Find a country girl. Or a lazy girl who wants to simply be a housewife.

You wont find one in college, let me tell you that.

By taking up fresh new hobbies and not demonstrating your wealth.

First go buy a random 10 year old car. Find one you think is simply a cool car. Take it to a mechanic and replace anything that might break.

Then fun shit, buy a kayak and go on group outings. Boating girls are beasts in bed. They like to get wet and know how to handle something long and hard.

Be creative and have fun.

Find a girl you fancy, get to know her, take her places and do fun shit. When you find one that just likes to spend time with you, then let her into your real life.

Find a girl that likes the you that has nothing, then she will appreciate and respect what you do have.

Too bad you're an ugly man.

What are college girls like?

If you actually made over $400k a year, you would know. But this is a typical pretend thread

>makes over 400k a year
>cant get a gf
you must be some type of special ugly?
im sorry bro, just be content with your high income and prostitutes will be your 'wifes'
maybe you can get a golddigging whore from asia who will have your kids? she'll leave with your money but at least you still have your kids? r-right?

>tfw you're working your ass off to be in OP's spot so you can get easy access to gold diggers
>tfw gold diggers don't want OP
What the fuck?
Please tell me this is bait and there are plenty gold diggers that want some of that sweet $400k/year?

im an extremely immature yet good looking early twenties man who, who wants to date me