What would be the correct way to react to your gf getting stolen in front of your very eyes?

What would be the correct way to react to your gf getting stolen in front of your very eyes?


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punch the motherfucker

I feel bad for the Chinese guy and I am white and look better than that guy so

Blow your brains out all over the girl

Punch the girl.

I once made out with a girl while she was holding his hand and all he could do was ask politely "please stop" about 3 minutes in.

In retrospect I feel like a douchebag, but it was funny at the time.

Just be White strikes again

I think the bugman was just some dude who had latched onto her. That or her pimp

Life’s hard for Guangzhou Guy

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The very moment she talks to him and you try to talk to her and she ignores you. Or anything showing that she's more interested in him than in you, I'd push her away, call her a whore and walk away. Don't look back, you've lost exactly nothing.


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was he really her bf?

seemed more like he is probably the beta orbiter in her friendship group who went into panic mode trying to "save" her.

but yeah either way as soon as she starts flirting and getting touchy feely then fuck that just walk away, maybe go home and consider the relationship dead. don't know what the fuck the dude was thinking holding her hand while she was flirting with the guy. wtf....

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Jesus Christ incels at it again. This doesn't happen in real life. The girl is a horrible bitch if you were engaged. And if you aren't dating she is free to date other men. She isn't your property because you are being "nice".

Might still be dick move if you went out for a casual get together but you get the general idea.

I would wait patiently for the gentlemen to be done doing his business with my girlfriend and if she decides to go with him there’s nothing I can do because she is her own person and her choice to do so

In fact I would ask if I could stay around. Especially if the gentleman were a black guy.

I would have hit you, the other guy was a pussy.

Yea. Haha! Just let her go. Just let her... vanish...

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I'm aware. Thing was, she was a total babe and he was a pretty ugly schlub, so it was the best he was EVER going to get. He just let her do her thing because at the end of the day he was still getting to bang her, I guess. He'll never be with a girl that hot again.

It’s not worth the emotional abuse just to fuck a hot girl. It’s pathetic behaviour to stand by while a bitch does something like that.

Probably take her key to the apartment and keep her shit as collateral for time and money spent on the wasted endeavor

Then she she gets free likes on insta when she talks about
>all the traumatic shit
Shes been through, even more guys hit her up pandering to her, she gets free stuff because muh hardships, and gets treated special for the rest of her life.
She'll probably like that youre dead too