What's the best place to go to on a first date

What's the best place to go to on a first date.
We are both pretty young I'm 18 shes 17

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Jail. She is still a child you sick freak

Coffee and a walk afterward. Preferably to somewhere with a good view so you can kiss.

bitches love sushi

yes, this is pretty good too

Imagine being American.
Imagine being old.
What matters is having fun, it doesn't matter where you go.
The mall, a restaurant, downtown; are all valid choices, just don't take her on a movie date because you won't get to talk and have to sit next to each other in silence for hours.

>>Imagine being old.

Hey man, it worked for me when I was that age. That's how I got my first gf

If you're into sports I always like doing that. Gives you a chance to dominate too! Or just go for a walk at a park make sure you get to talk about each other's lives a lot find out if you're compatible

It sounds way too boring and generic man.
In my opinion going out to eat something at a specialty café is better.

I thought a movie would be good because I freeze the fuck up around her and we could go to the movie then have something to talk about afterward the only problem is there are no food places or fun things to do around my movie theater. we could walk down the street abit to the mall but thats down the highway and across the road or the beach which we would both have to drive our own cars to get too

op here again i am also waiting for another "sign thats she really into me" we had a formal dancing thing were we were paired because we had no partners when we had to sqap partners i said you can dance with a better dancer now and she said i dont want to dance with anyone else and ever since she is super quiet around me and her friends giggle.

Going to the movies as a first date is bad because the majority of the date is spent not communicating while sitting next to someone you don't necessarily know. It'd be much better if you hanged out before the movie if you do want to go through with that idea.
The beach or the mall sound like better ideas but if they're not too far apart you could spend some time at the mall and then go to the movies.
The beach might be too much skin for her though, consider doing that in another date.
>another "sign thats she really into me"
She's clearly into you, don't pussy out user.

man it's just that it fucking freaks me out even being near her. I just go blank i had a whole plan to talk about her and my plans for next year and i just sat there like a retard looking at my feet and occasionally smiling

Museum. Something modern with a temporary ticketed installation.

Unironically this is how I got my girlfriend.

Yah, you're just being an inexperienced retard, the shyness will go away eventually or else no one would be able to do anything with anyone they liked.
You've got to bite the bullet and ask her out, being nervous won't help so just have fun.


Imagine being such a broke virgin that you must learn a second language to make virtual friends.

what did he mean by this

If you could speak English, you would know.

you do realize alot of countries speak english

what do you both like? do that.

otherwise, pick a location or event that is moderately engaging. if you pick something totally engaging, like a movie, then you will have spent the entire time not interacting. you may as well have brought your dog. if you pick something that is not engaging, like walking around your neighborhood, then you had better have Master-level conversation skills.

try something like a zoo, or a very nice mall. Dinner in a really cool club or restaurant always works for me. meeting up in some cool downtown-type area is great. someplace with a mix of shops, restaurants, bars, and scenery. that way you have a wide variety of options. you can sit and people watch and talk. you can eat. if you can't think of anything, you can visit a shop and comment on the stuff. You can find a dark space to make out, or stay in the bright light and out of trouble.

Easy mode: Barnes & Noble

OK so here is the plan I'm going to invite her to go to the movies with two of my friends who are a couple she friends with them too. We watch the movie than they go off and do there own thing and ill just if she wants to go to the shops and hangout

16 years old is consent in my state fuckhead

Of course. It is the language of the future. But it isn't user's

Explain how is English looks pretty good

That sounds solid as long as you tell them beforehand that they're supposed to fuck off afterwards.
Age of consent over here is 14. *tips european fedora*

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This post resembles English. No comprende.