Boys: answer this

i am a female. a guy ik occasionally seizes the opportunity to declare how little he cares abt or notices me...but we laugh and chat together for hours every day. i have liked him for a year but kept it to myself. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN

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he wants to fuck you
asking him out

He obviously hates you. There was this girl in my class who wouldnt shut up for a 2 seconds i told her i dont want to fuck her or anything but had to kept talking to her because she was smart and i needed good grades. So i talked to her for some time. Probably broke her little heart when i was kissing my crush in front of her.

Sometimes guys just like a victim.

it means he is a fucking child who is terrified of public opinion. he feels that he needs to dump on you to keep up his fake personality. if he is a friend, then he will stand up for you and defend you. Best case scenario, he is just shallow and insecure. if you call him out on his bullshit, he will probably be a man and stand up to whoever is making him feel like he needs to put you down.

worst case scenario: he is a manipulative sociopath. a common trick of emotionally abusive people is to go hot/cold. they will be really sweet, and treat you like an angel, one moment. Then, with no warning, they will switch and be an asshole. if you call them on it, they will blame you, somehow. If you only did this, they wouldn't get mad. if you only did that, They wouldn't be embarassed in public.

Maybe your friend isn't this kind of monster, but he certainly isn't being honest with someone, somewhere. Either embrace being a doormat who will never get what she wants, or put the toes to this chump

Sorry I don't know what it feels to be liked by a girl, I cant help you.

If it's in a playful joking way he might just be making some shitty stupid jokes

He either is embarrassed to show that he likes you, or actually finds you irritating. Depends on his tone when saying it.

this is very helpful thank you lad

he's a really odd dude and he avoids outwardly expressing emotion as though he has issues with doing so. his tone could mean either of these things.

helpful but he's very intelligent...he's also objectively more socially awkward than me

please elaborate

you must be really stupid.

ask him out?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself lmao.

He wants you. Get direct. He doesn't know how.

yeahhahahah thank s


Is he a beta or something??

Train him like a monkey.

Think you got friendzoned. Throw a Hail Mary and make a move or move on. Goodluck.

Why are you shouting and saying this like it’s an obvious thing to do? Do you do what OP’s guy does? Why would she want to make a move if he is telling her he doesn’t care about her?

>t. Tard pie with tard cream on a tard plate.

You’re not wrong

i would avoid him based on that but
maybe try flirting more or saying lewder things
like maybe "I went shopping and bought a bunch of cute shirts but the bra i bought is too tight [face with stuck out tongue emoji]"

>a guy ik occasionally seizes the opportunity to declare how little he cares abt or notices me...
>we laugh and chat together for hours every day
If you actually laugh and chat together for hours every day, and he is not compelled, trapped, or forced to do so, then he likes you.
If he likes you, then "declaring how little he cares about or notices you" is an untruth. Try asking him about why he does that. If he says he's joking, seems uncomfortable, or doesn't seem to establish that he's not interested, then he likes you and is odd.

All if above is null and void if the "chatting" is exclusively done online.
That's not communication.

Who the fuck talks to anyone for hours every day?

Sounds like you are annoying.

t. No frens

doesn't matter what it means. live life in the open not in secret. by _y__y_

HI OP. Your "friend" I was what we call in the business, bitch made. He says he doesn't notice you because he an is cure shit that uses women tactics to get pussy. He wants you to overtly grab his attention so he knows for sure you like him. And then he'll move the goal post. So if you want it to work you have to wldo all the leg work. But he sounds lame so you should fine someone else imo. You should choose a chad like me what's your discord qt

I've always liked my girls a bit downtrodden. Can't really explain, that would be giving away too much.

Sounds like a match. Try to kiss him and see what happens.

negging my guy

yeah 95% of the conversation is in person. thanks mate.

Okay then, he likes you.
Whether or not he wants to get romantic or not is hard to be certain of, but the odds are heavily in your favor.

When he tells you how little he cares about you or notices you, he's:
1. Not be serious.
2. Not telling the truth for his own reasons
3. Trying to tell you something else and failing terribly

We could make guesses, but honestly, people are odd. I once had a girl just met tell me she had a boyfriend in prison as a method of trying to attract me.

You're over thinking it. Men are more honest than you think, just ask him how he really feels, and if he reaffirms that, then it's probably true.