so, i broke up with my boyfriend like, 2 months ago because, of my mental health, now i feel so fucking bad because, he was always there for me. he loved me and cared for me now, every boy i talk to, is not like him. i honestly dont know what to do.

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hugs i feel you i'm sorry this happened

how does he feel about you now

How long were you both dating for ? And what aspect of your mental health made you break up with him ? If he was always there for you then why would he not be able to support you even if you were having mental health issues ?

If you still want him to be part of your life i would talk to him.

i have no idea how he feels about me as of now due to me blocking him.

we were dating for 8 months, i left the mental hospital that day, and i wanted to focus on myself, i know his steam account username though, i would love for him to be back in my life but, i dont think he would like that now.

why are there so many women on tonight... wont one of you losers date me? i have low self esteem but am actually very esteemworthy unlike my fellow posters ITT and elsewhere...

If he loves you and cares about you he will , if anything he will ask you to just talk to him - about how you feel and what he needs to do to be there for you. Unblock him and talk to him, tell him you're sorry and you miss him. He will understand, i promise. I've been exactly where he is and i promise you it will be ok.

Incorporate him into your recovery!

You're just dealing with the emotional recoil of breaking up. Getting your mental health in order should be your first priority. Trying to get back together with him would be fickle. Blocking him was a bit extreme, unless you and him parted on bad terms. Unblock him and if you can get him into a convo, make it clear that you want to stay friends.

Why u even talking to other boys if u wanna focus on your mental health? God women are such whores

>2 months ago because, of my mental health
Okay, so what did you plan on doing after the breakup? I'm assuming you wanted to work on yourself? If so, why was it necessary to leave him?

OR did you breakup because you felt like your mental health issues were a burden onto him?

i added him on roblox, and i left him a message on my bio. we parted on bad terms, until he said that he hoped i could move on. call me a fucking whore, i dont give a fuck.

What the fuck is going on with your punctuation?

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my cousin was forcing me to break up with him because, of my mental health situation, i really didnt want to leave him but, when i vented to him, it seemed like he didnt care but, i fucking love him.

Nice diary post, what exactly do you need help with?

Ok first how old are you?

my age is none of your concern, i need help getting back with him.

It's just that you sound really young. And if he is calling you a whore that makes literally no sense ? How did you guys part on bad terms ? If you want to get back with him the first and only thing you need to do is talk to him.

i told him that he never cared and that he didnt want people to know that we were dating and then he called me his ex's name, i felt so bad afterwards.

Well theres some deeper roots to this problem then just you breaking up with him for your mental health.

Why do you think he's not telling people you're dating ? Also him calling you his ex's name is a very childish move and honestly would hurt me so much. Is he just very childish ? then again im going to assume that you didn't mean that he "never cared" ? Unless you did really mean that then why would you want to get back with him?

Should've thought about that before breaking up, moron.

Ding ding ding

> Why u even talking to other boys if u wanna focus on your mental health? God women are such whores

This, OP is a dirty SuperSkank. You cut him off and blocked him because you're selfish. Then you want him to take you back because you're all better now?

You are a selfish cunt. He is better off without you. You're trash.

This is quite selfish. He’s not just some item you can take off of a shelf when you need him and then toss him out on a whim. If you want what’s best for him, you’ll leave him be.

so you think it best to isolate herself? I don't think that is healthy at all so if a guy wants to talk then she should talk

if she breaks up with him & then complains the other options she choose arent giving her what she wants
its best she sorts herself out

god fucking damn it, call me selfish whatever, this is pushing ME towards fucking suicide, i was looking for help, not being called names.

well imagine how your bf felt and still feels after you betrayed him and threw him away

It's not uncommon for women to do something rash, regret it, and then try to yo-yo a guy back into her life

You're being called names because you broke up with him for *whatever reason, whether or not you were trying to work on yourself* and then you went off and went against that reason (by trying to talk and date other dudes) and then trying to get him back in your life after you went off and played around

When you break up with someone you destroy any sense of trust and security you've built with them (especially if you go off and hit up other guys).

You aren't concerned with his well being and making him happy; you just keep mentioning your feelings and how to make yourself a little bit happier.

> i was looking for help, not being called names
I'm not at all saying people should be calling you names, however, you definitely need to be called out on your toxic and manipulative behavior (which will help you someday)

well it seems to me like you want to get over him not get back with him, so the best way to do that would be to take time for yourself and then when you feel like you are ready meet someone new

>If he was always there for you then why would he not be able to support you even if you were having mental health issues ?
Ah the good o'l "you did nothing sweety fuck this guy you deserve better guuurrrll"
Seriously user, people like you deserve a flick on the nose for that level of stupidity.

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Just text him.

I asked this board a year ago about contacting a girl I dated 3 years ago. I was advised to move on and forget her since she never made any attempts to contact me.

I ended up messaging her a couple weeks ago. She's dating someone else of course now but it was a huge relief just talking to her. I'm glad I made an attempt and feel more closure now.

Go ahead and kys